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  1. Jet engines run on fuel alone; it's the rocket engines that need the oxidizer that's only in them tanks. The problem is the fuel flow - connecting the tank to the engines with a fuel pipe should fix it.
  2. Ah, you can always rely on Monty Python.
  3. Rock. I'm actually listening to some now.
  4. I watched the first half; not the second half. Also, wow. How many pages have been deleted in that DDoS attack..?
  5. It handles pretty well; although that's only from 2-ish minutes of flying. I spent more time trying to fly the four-engined predecessor, which seems to have problems with lower thrust levels. EDIT: Started a successor to it following the same design principal. Don't plan on pressing that green button with a rocket on it anytime soon...
  6. Granted, but she doesn't recognise the difference between a tooth inside the mouth and one outside, so takes them all. I wish for cake.
  7. Anyway... After seeing the size of some of the entries here, I don't know why I even tried; but this is my largest plane - Eyclasa;
  8. I don't think there's any reason to bother trying to pass it onto the leaderboards... Is a large plane, though.
  9. The Alti-meter breaks a lot when dealing with heavy lag. I don't know why, but I've observed it happening a lot.
  10. The above account by the name of zzguy has been banned for his excessive use of quotations in a singular ban notice.
  11. 5/10 Seeing you around a lot. Got a bit confused due to your new signature, though.
  12. So not as big a reaction as you hoped, I guess...
  13. Such a similar name to a very famous KSP lets player...
  14. I wonder what sort of a reaction you got. EDIT: I've got to say, I really like the art style of that first image, Cardgame.
  15. Unlimited Wishes The Ability to manipulate time A sort of code to stop my unlimited wishes occurring any time
  16. Surprised about how few people have actually mentioned Red Dwarf - especially seeing as Series X is currently going on. Fully advise anyone here who lives in Britain to catch Dave at 9pm on Thursday or Dave Ja Vu at 10pm, and watch it.
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