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  1. I do not The user below me is secretly a spider
  2. that's cool and all, but why even buy the dlc if you can just do essentially the same thing with mods
  3. It's modeled after the He 111 which looks similar but much different So far nobody has modeled a true B-29 or B-25 cockpit yet
  4. A B-29 or B-25 style cockpit for, uh, normal passenger flights
  5. This was because KasperVld wasn't able to contact Roscosmos to put their flag in the game with their permission, which he was able to do with NASA and ESA. It has nothing to do with anything political.
  6. hmm...you're playing stock KSP without ven's and without a different skybox? or is it something else?
  7. the COM for jet engines is offset to because there's also a (hidden) turbine in front of the nozzles which weighs quite a bit, which also in effect helps with making planes.
  8. how are you doing your gravity turn? if you're going to 10km or so and turning 45 degrees, then there's pretty much nothing you can do to stop it from flipping over. you have to do a real gravity turn in order to not flip over. wait until you get up to about 100 m/s or so, then just barely pitch your rocket towards the horizon in the heading you want to go (5 or so degrees should be enough). then maintain prograde as closely as possible and keep slowly pitching down (but make sure to not stray too much off the prograde vector or you'll make your ascent less efficient and you'll risk flipping over) so you're at about 50-40 degrees or so above the horizon at ~10km and you should be only a few degrees over the horizon by the time your apoapsis gets to your target altitude.
  9. how'd you delete your saves and ships by just changing up your mods? they're in completely different folders, it shouldn't be even possible. did you take out a mod and got a "Ship Invalid" message on load?
  10. Who cares. Don't give them attention, you're just giving them what they want and increasing their view counter.
  11. They all run on gasoline + rocket fuel, except maybe the 48-77 runs on diesel
  12. oh yes, a rocket and satellite whose engineers painstakingly worked on and prayed for success failed catastrophically and exploded, and it's just so fantastically kerbal, and the joke is just so totally original, fresh, and funny
  13. Jokes are supposed to be funny. And I'm not even going to bother to waste my energy to quote your post.
  14. Do you know what a joke is or are you incapable of understanding it?
  15. Reposting this from the previous page for visibility
  16. I still haven't even downloaded 1.1 or any of the prereleases. I've just stayed with 64-bit 1.0.5.
  17. It doesn't say this anywhere. What are you talking about?
  18. Scatterer and especially EVE are fairly GPU and CPU heavy, so try removing one or both of them and see how your FPS fares.
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