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Found 7 results

  1. Latest Release GitHub repo RTFM! The game that inspired the mod. BARIS is highly customizable to suit your play style. Be sure to read up on what you can do before voicing concerns. “The deorbit motor’s fuel tank just sprung a leak,” Janchell said. Both she and Valentina had been crewing MOLE-2 for the past 78 days. The leaking tank simply added to the collection of failures plaguing the ailing station that had nearly exceeded its design life twice over. “Between that, the Brumby’s dead RCS, and a busted gyro, not to mention the cargo craft’s leaking monopropellant tank and busted comms, I think it’s time to call it.” “Looks like we’re not going to beat Jeb and Bob’s orbital record,” Valentina lamented. “Agreed,” Janchell said, “but look at all the science we’ve gathered! So much data to analyze when we get home.” “I think if we transfer fuel to the cargo ship’s tanks, we can store it there until our orbit lines up with the space center. Then transfer fuel back in and use it.” “No objections here, boss,” Janchell agreed. Valentina floated up to the Brumby re-entry capsule and powered it up. “Flight, MOLE-2,” Valentina radioed. “Time to come home. Station is falling apart. We’ll aim for the space center but no promises, a lot is breaking down up here.” “We copy, MOLE,” Gene radioed back, “we’ll see you in a few hours.” Wish you had a reason to replace your old space stations? Have you mastered launches so well that you need a new challenge? Want a monkey wrench thrown into your game play every now and then? Then BARIS is for you! Design Goals Building A Rocket Isn't Simple (BARIS) is designed to add more challenge to the game by making part functionality break- engines can fail, tanks can leak, and so on. The early game can be rough just like early spaceflight was in our world. The intent is for players to take the time to build up the part quality and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), either through flight experience, the Test Bench, or both. Don't expect to be able to fly off into interplanetary space at the start; that's something you have to build up to. But the more times you launch or test, the more reliable your parts will become. Kermanned spacecraft have the advantage over unkermanned probes and can effect repairs. Yes, the real-world has very high reliability ratings for space probes, but in KSP, since we use the same parts for both kermanned and unkermanned vehicles, a very high reliability will make the game boring. Thus, it's best to design redundancy in your probes and deactivate any part not in use- they'll last longer that way. For long journeys, put your vehicles into hibernation mode- turn off engines, RCS, SAS, drills, any ISRU converters, lock your fuel tank resourcess, and so on. This is similar to how Soyuz spacecraft hibernate to extend their service life after reaching the ISS. Deactivated parts won't break, but their MTBF ratings still degrade, albeit at a much slower pace. Finally, BARIS's default settings might not appeal to everyone, but you can change settings to suit your own play styles, either through the Difficulty settings, the Constants file, or both. Be sure to check both places for customizing BARIS before discussing your challenges on the forums. BARIS is compatible with Kerbal Construction Time and Kerbal Alarm Clock. Recommended Mods It's Too Hard! You have a number of options to make things easier on your vessels: Lower the Difficulty Modifier. Disable the option for part types to fail for parts that you think are too mission critical to fail. Lower the number of Reliability checks per day. Don't allow parts to explode during launch failures or during post-launch activities. Lower the number of flights it takes to gain flight experience. Conduct static fire tests and/or use the Test Bench to gain flight experience. Disable the option for parts to wear out. Disable the option for launch failures. Disable the need for skilled repair kerbals, the need for Equipment, and/or the need for an EVA to conduct repairs. Edit the values in the Constants.cfg file and/or the MM_BARIS.cfg file. Acknowledgements Module Manager by Sarbian Event Card Images By Squad: BrainDrain, CorporateSponsorship, FluShots, HazzardPay, ManufacturingDefects, Protests, SafetyInspections, SpeedChallenge, WorkerStrike AstronautOnVacation image by Malaclypse Special thanks to @JadeOfMaar, @minepagan, @Daelkyr, @rock3tman, @CobaltWolf, @TheRagingIrishman, @ISE, @steedcrugeon @Pak and many others for their feedback and play testing. Thanks guys! License
  2. Deprecated - Oh Scrap is now maintained by zer0kerbal here: Oh Scrap! (formerly UPFM) Poor Val, she's not having a good day. There she was on her way back from orbit, and this happened: You see, I forgot to take her shiny new ship for a test flight before sending it to space, so the reaction wheels failed. Then her oxygen started venting into space. So she quickly burned retrograde and started her re-entry. Except that as she came into land, the parachute failed too. Like I said, not a good day. Sound exciting? Then why don't you install Oh Scrap! today. Features Part Failures: Parachutes, Engines, Gimbals, Resources, Batteries, Reaction Wheels, Control Surfaces - all these failures can make your day turn out like Vals. (all can be disabled or enabled through the difficulty settings menu) Failures follow the bathtub curve - brand new untested parts are more likely to fail than pre-tested models. If you re-use a part too many times though, it will reach the end of it's shelf-life and be more prone to failure. Subsequent "new models" of parts become more reliable than their earlier counterparts. Ie, a part you've just researched is more likely to fail than a part that has been tried and tested many times - even if it's brand new. Repairs - some parts can be repaired remotely, some need an EVA. You always have a better chance of repairing a part on EVA Dependencies and Recommendations This mod uses ScrapYard to keep track of how many times a part has been built/recovered so that is a hard dependency. (obtained separately) Module Manager is required if you want the mod to actually do anything. (obtained separately) I've designed this with Kerbal Construction Time in mind, so would recommend that mod (make sure you use the latest dev version) If you plan to actually re-use your parts (and have them fail), you'll probably want StageRecovery too (see Kerbal Construction Time link) Eye candy of a really awesome Static Test that someone set up on facebook (used with permission): Special Thanks @magico13 both for ScrapYard, and helping me with all my questions issues while making this. The maintainers/authors of DangIt - most of this would never have happened without looking at your code to figure out how to make stuff work. DOWNLOAD: CHECK YOU HAVE SCRAPYARD AND MODULE MANAGER INSTALLED FIRST Download Here License: MIT A note to CKAN USERS:
  3. India got the bright idea the other day to shoot down one of its satellites to prove it is a “space power” (getting a probe to Mars should be enough to prove that, and they already did so in 2014). They picked a satellite in a low enough orbit so no debris would cross paths with the ISS and risk the possibility of an impact. Just take one guess about how well that went. https://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-space-junk-india-destroying-missile-threaten-international-space-station-terrible-thing-2019-4 Debris too small to be tracked were thrown into orbits exceeding the station’s apogee, and now the ISS has a 44% chance of an impact with one of them, or 24 other fragments exceeding 10 cm (4 in) across, within the next ten days. To make matters worse, six astronauts are currently on board, and these fragments could end up creating an even bigger mess in LEO.
  4. The problem sits in the kernel architecture and can be found in almost all Intel chips of the last decade. Operating systems are being patched as we speak but the performance drop can be anything between 5 to 30%! https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/01/02/intel_cpu_design_flaw/
  5. So, I landed my meek ship on Minmus, on a bit of a slope but it looked like it was going to be fine. I got out, naturally, and started planting a flag when... The flag plaque had nothing to do with what was happening, I was completely oblivious until a moment before taking this screenshot.
  6. Well I have no cover nor expectations for this game to have much players. I guess I'll start then. 0/10 really? no pictures? meh
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