Auk X: Unauthorized Minmus landing

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So I'm completely and utterly new at this and I don't have any impressive multi-part, assembled-on-orbit battleships to show off yet, but this early-game, one-Kerbal Minmus trip ended up being pretty satisfying so I thought I'd share it.

Backstory: Auk X was originally meant to be the first landing on Minmus, but on an earlier mission some idiot in the VAB stacked a fairing and a de-coupler in the wrong order, preventing Jebediah from orbiting the Mun (he did accomplish a distant flyby, coming back by free-return trajectory) and bumping everything back a mission. Anyway, Roley Kerman, the pilot for Auk X, was understandably disappointed at being relegated from "first Kerbal on another world" to the slightly less cool "first Kerbal to orbit Minmus."

This is what happened:

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I normally do pretty much all my orbital maneuvering with MechJeb, so it was satisfying to do a fully manual rendezvous, without autopilot or maneuver nodes, and get it right on the first try.

Just for the record, the main balance-changing mods on this mission were FAR, Deadly Reentry, TAC Life Support, MechJeb, ISP Difficulty Slider, Dangit, Construction Time, and a number of part mods (on this flight mostly KW Rocketry and Procedural Fairings).

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