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[0.90] Lazor System v35 (Dec 17)


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not sure if this is what you are all looking for in a docking cam but AlbertVDS posted a preview of a new Hullcam version in the works

Yes, I just started using this mod (currently in combination with the Clamp-O-Tron APAS mod, yields a docking camera) ... a worthy addition, especially when the new version comes out!

Sorry tg626. Nothing personal.

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3 hours ago, Bobum McBobum said:

I really like this mod and it should be fun. I have been accidentally launching rockets and when I am done I can only the stars and cannot do anything but rotate view or exit the account.

I didn't completely understand what you said there.  However, you shouldn't use this mod except on KSP 0.90, which is long past.  It will not work correctly on later KSP versions.

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Hi @Romfarer


A while ago during a Squadcast you'd mentioned relaxing the license of the Lazor System so that someone could take over maintenance for it, or even find someone to transfer it to (providing you could find someone suitable).

Are these options still on the table?

I understand that you're pretty busy with 1.2 development right now so no rush, but if you have a moment to consider the options it would be great.


Best regards,


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1 hour ago, XenithShade said:


His source code for the lazor system is included it the .90 release. I intend on taking a look at it this week in an attempt to fix it. I'm assuming it's mostly the N+ cameras that's causing the issues. 

This mod + his weapons mod was literally how I spent hundreds of hours playing this game.

The issue is the license type, Romfarer released Lazor system under CC3.0-A-NC-ND, the -ND is No Derivatives

From the Creative Commons site; NoDerivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material.

Which is why I asked about relaxing the licence, as the -ND clause of the current license prevents any prospective maintaining author from releasing any updated work to others (including the community at large)

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