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  1. It seems unlikely that they'll work on integrating the CUDA branch of PhysX over the integrated CPU-only branch of PhysX as this would only benefit PC players, and then only those with suitable nvidia cards Could get HAVOK though?
  2. I thought KSP's loading was slow because some part of it was only ticking over on a per-frame basis (I forget how asset ingest is tied to Unity frame/ticks), plus nothing happens in parallel with the loading, and you have to load almost everything right at the start. So even with the fastest HD/SSD/NVME drives in the world, you stop seeing any loading speed improvements as soon as your drive can supply info faster than KSP can ingest it I highly doubt KSP2 will use the same kind of loading (probably move to Unity asset bundles), but will it use DirectStorageAPI (the PC equivalent of
  3. Will higher level engineers use less 'stuff' from kits to repair parts (i.e. a low level engineer uses up a whole kit to repair a wheel, but a L5 engineer can repair 2 wheels with the same amount of duct-tape repair kit)?
  4. Will this be manually triggerable using Advanced Tweakables? If not, could it please be.
  5. When Porkjets SPP was integrated into the game in 0.25 (I think?)
  6. Light changes? Is KSP's lighting [system, and associated modules] being updated (now possible because of the new single camera system I'm guessing)?
  7. Maybe hide a kiddy pool and an umbrella up there
  8. Possibly via a directory like Flags are currently, i.e. drop a correct (size/aspect/format) image in .../KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/Squad/Flags/ and it appears in-game .../KerbalSpaceProgram/GameData/Squad/Suits/ perhaps?
  9. Philae needs tiny claws! *pinchy pinchy*
  10. Would it be possible for the Jool clouds to get some depth? I mean, the new look way is way better than the legacy immobile green but a bit of shadow/height on the cloud features would really give it something extra
  11. Hi Dr Nate, Thanks for keeping us in the loop with clear communication Look forward to hearing what you and the team have been up to again soon Cheers, NMB.
  12. If they stick with PhysX they might drop in the APEX Destruction extension (unless that's baked in now like APEX Cloth was?) Blast library, with the release date now being 2021 we should see at least PhysX 4.1 because Unity 2019.3 is out already with it. Perhaps they'll go for DOTS + HAVOK and we'll get stateful physics (I hope it does), then using the Cloth module on-top for body deformation becomes a possibility So maybe?
  13. A basic split of fuel types should work, since you're going to have multiple fuel types later on KSP2 should introduce them throughout the game on to get players used to the idea (and also that you need to bring the right fuel for the chosen propulsion/engine/s) A super simplified Hypergol & LF (RP-1) & Cryo (LH2) with Ox staying the same throughout may work. Perhaps being LOx and applicable everywhere, which is a bit of a stretch but would cover basically everything up to almost current era with some research progression. Maybe you want to go a step further and give Hypergol
  14. Take the time to make it the best it can be I mean, don't Duke Nukem your timeline But do make the game you're proud to have your name on ..also please inject the next KSP2 dev video straight into my veins, the last one has almost worn off
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