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  1. Does this also have an update to PQS surface-generation system to take advantage of computational acceleration (i.e. using command buffers as suggested a long while ago by Mu), or is it higher fidelity of the surfaces by using larger textures feeding into the existing system, or is the update graphical in nature only (i.e. better skin/mesh/textures over surfaces of comparable complexity to what is presently available)? Maybe that isn't quite phrased right, but it would be cool to have a DevBlog going into the underlying details (technological/process) of the update if possible
  2. How about the ability to establish new Launch Sites in general? Could require these to have vehicle requirements in career mode, i.e. need a certain tonnage of vehicles at the site with power generation, so many Kerbals, ISRU etc
  3. Ah boo, I was hoping that the advanced tweakables feature to put some engines on/off the RCS control which was talked about in like 1.2 was finally arriving. It was like the Puff, Spark and Terrier, gated on the tech-tree, could probably include the Cub from Making History on that list now too
  4. I feel like I've missed something here, what functionality has been added to RCS? Is it just the new shader which allows emissives etc with moduleRCS or was there something else?
  5. Why not split the altimeter cluster into snap-together widgets? Have the current setup as the default, but allow players to enable/disable each separate element and arrange to their taste
  6. The launch site positioning in general seems like it's begging for customization option (the system could start with the defaults for the present KSC, Island, Woomerang etc included as the defaults) Being able to build structures and position them on planetary bodies would be nice, even being able to lay flat concrete foundations Could need certain seed resources (mining gear and other supplies) to be flown out to the site to set up extra ones in career mode
  7. Would it be possible to reshape the nozzles to get the pinch of a throat convergence you'd normally expect to see preceding the expansion bell part each nozzle instead of the step/shoulder shape? I get that it's a small part and that's probably splitting hairs but that part of the shape always bothered me for some reason
  8. Will there be a set size (i.e. 128x128 px) or will we be able to set the quality (including as RD pointed out before, disabling it)
  9. Is it ironic that there's doubt about having enough energy to change the direction of the thread Does that make it... dT or dM
  10. Is your new asset pipeline being made with an eye to PBR/PBS in the future? Take advantage of the Unity standard shader, get reflections etc etc, or does this still not really play nice with KSP's unique camera setup?
  11. Are there any performance improvements Squad is looking to include in the 1.6 update, or areas which are being investigated due to things like features in Unity 2017 which the prior Unity versions didn't support etc?
  12. As more of a 1.6 part rework thing, could the fairing bases also receive some attention please? The prior FL tank rework removed the 'lips' or exterior-bead (or whatever you want to call them) at each end, while the fairing bases still have that mid-band bulge out from their side/size
  13. In a sort of related vein, will KSP's graphics API support roll upwards as well at some point? DX11 has been out for ~10 years at this point and DX11-HLSL is incredibly similar the PSSL on the PS4 (XB1 uses DX) meaning shader work could be shared between the PC-PS4-XB1 platforms with ease
  14. Could we get some more info on the new shader? (options/niche etc?) I'm assuming it's the one being used to showcase the new look for the HECS-II core
  15. How about orange stripes on the veteran suits instead of the red/blue, since that is now associated with veterancy?