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  1. Hi, thanks for the craft file.

    Here's mine:


    It's tuned, so I suggest replace the AI flight computer for a neutral fight.

    I have to go to sleep now, I will do some simulations tomorrow and keep you posted.

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    2. Kuansenhama


      Dang, those Ghosts are good fighters. I simmed two 2v2 fights and you won both of em without losses. (First fight dragged on awhile, and was pretty intense, second fight you killed my jets right off the bat.)

      I'll bet I could optimize that design a little, though. If I were to take some of the fuel out they might be more nimble. (Might also upset the COL/COM) and make them unstable. I'll see what I can do.

    3. Triop


      So far, Ghost is the only fighter I have at the moment that has a chance. All my fighters are guns only, so I have to get used getting back to missiles, great fun though.

      I replaced the flight computer of the ArrowHead and my planes, using original settings for sims.

      ArrowHead still beats most fighters...

      You can be my wingman anytime :cool:

      Going to try some smaller fighters now.



    4. Triop




      Working on it...

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