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  1. Look mom no edits.

    So functionality Very social Much IPS 4 Wow

    1. Kryten


      This isn't the forum... it's basically an expanded version of the userpage messages from the old system, you couldn't edit those either

  2. "Increased functionality": If I click the notification popups they are not marked as seen in the notification list. 


    1. -dead-


      I just get redirect loops no forums at all at all -- very much reduced functionality here. Kraken city.


  4. Don't know. Maybe it's because I play with these things on Blender, but the noise and Voronoi fractures are too noticeable. Is it just me?
  5. I'm pretty sure you had applied an Edge Split modifier before. That modifier doubles the edges that are supposed to be sharp to make them appear like that. When you removed doubles, you removed those edges, and your model started looking wrong.
  6. No, you're wrong. The scramjet by itself only has a TWR of 2. Do you think there's a universal dummy weight to test engines' TWR?
  7. You do realise that a scramjet has a TWR of 2, no? That's less than what our NERVA has... The "OP-ness" is the one you want.EDIT: FFS, more than 5000 kN of thrust, come on, I don't think your scramjet weighs 250 tons. EDIT2: So you lower the threshold speed yet you don't lower the max speed, good one OP.
  8. As if we didn't have enough OP engines, now there is a "scramjet"...
  9. Could you explain me how you do it? PLEASE!
  10. Not to discourage anyone, but I can assure that the X-37 is a complex model, with organic shapes, that poses many problems regarding the topology. As it seems that what I posted before was not constructive criticism, here it goes. Seeing that he doesn't know how to model (or at least he didn't want to show anyone your abilities), I don't recomend him even dedicating one hour to it, but if he does, please inform me. EDIT: FYI, Conformal Drop Tanks don't exist. By definition, a Conformal Fuel Tanks by definition can't be dropped.
  11. Come on, I want the engines and the landing gear SO MUCH! Gotta go fast!
  12. Oh, and don't forget that in a nuclear engine the hottest part is the nozzle throat.
  13. A good thing I recommend you to do is to learn about how rocket engines work, the power cycles, and so. Once done that, think about how you would design it by yourself so it looks "different" but making it so it would still work.
  14. Exactly, the zeroing out the coordinates is what you should do always. Another recomendation, but more subjective, is to use at least Blender. Sure, it will be difficult to start, but man, workflow is blazing fast, not to mention all the features it has. But the best part is the community. Being free, it means that there will be a tutorial for almost everything you can think about, and that gives it an edge over other software. But if you want to change, this is the moment. Later on it will be almost impossible, so think about that. That being said, if you follow my advice, or if you just want to try it out, hit me here on the forums and I will guide you.
  15. I know, but we are talking about simple parts. That is WAY too much.
  16. Yeah, that has happened to me. Don't worry, just get the coordinates (of the node) on Unitiy or the 3D program of your choice and plug them into the .cfg file.
  17. Too high poly. Did you sub-surf it before posting, or is it the model you'll use?
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