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  1. [quote name='A35K']The first 2, not happening anytime soon. I don't think there'll be a pilotless passenger aircraft until ALL cars and trains and buses are driverless. [/QUOTE] Flying is a LOT easier for a computer compared to driving inside a city. You don't have to take on account anything except flying (something that auto-pilots already do without any problem) and take-off / landing that are already made autonomous in many ways. It's just matter of "doing it" not a technical problem.
  2. [quote name='Findthepin1']So there's this game called EVE Online. It has remarkably asymmetrical spaceships and some of their Earthlike planets are over half the radius of Jupiter. Anyway, the game's universe has over 5000 star systems. They seem realistically enough spread out. I don't understand how they are able to store all that information, for every meter of every planet in 5000 solar systems, plus everything on them and everything in space. It would probably take up tens of terabytes at the very least, or petabytes at the most. Likely, they don't have that kind of capability. What am I missing?[/QUOTE] Hello, I have played EvE online for something like 10 years, and i have a pretty good knowledge on how games are made (used to be a game developer before selling my soul to enterprise business). Storing information about the EvE Online universe is a LOT simpler and less data intensive then for example a huge game map like Fallout 4, the reason is very simple and relies on these 2 concepts: - You just scale the "frame of reference" of your coordinates, for example you don't need to measure the distance between 2 planets in 2 different solar systems, you just need to know where are the planets inside their "frame of reference" in this case the solar system itself. You don't need to know their position "precisely" at all, you just need a rough estimation on where you will render them on the user client. This concept adapts to the whole EvE Universe, you just take in account the current "frame of reference" and you just ignore anything else because you don't need those distant things to interact with eachoter. - The planets are very nice but they are not "unique" at all :) years ago they were just a good amount of "textures" for planets, now i think they have generated the textures to make them look different but there is nothing like "every meter of every planet in 5000 solar systems" you just need to input a bit of "variation" and you are fine :) Anyway the "static data" (including a lot of positional information) of the EvE Online universe are available at this url: [url]http://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/eve-universe-static-data-export/[/url] and it's just a few mb :D Have fun :)
  3. Hello ToukieToucan, Send me a PM with your skype or email address. I'll gladly spend a few hours helping your out with your project, it's complex but not as much as you think. PS: Storing the images is a very bad idea, you would need a huge storage. I would simply generate them on the fly from an hash.
  4. Sincerely, if we end up making reactionless engines able to pull off a decent thrust most of what we know about our life will change and not only on space travel... it all depends on how much thrust/weight ratio and energy requirements we will talk about. I hope this will be confirmed since even a "decent" thrust would allow fast exploration of our solar system for a fraction of the current cost.
  5. We have evolved on a planet with 1g so, for now, we know this is the "best" value for our organism.. sadly i'm skeptical that we will be able to easily adapt outside of our planet... took us billions of years to end up adapted to it... unless we heavily genetically engineer people i think life elsewhere will be a big ordeal.
  6. If reactionless drives become a reality like it sounds these days we could be able to easily achieve incredible speeds over long acceleration times and most of what now is "unpratical" will become "easy", then if we end up with a working alcubierre drive it open room for human exploration of the universe. Let's hope we can see something so incredibly amazing within our life span
  7. A civilization 1000 light years away will not be able to see a lot of light pollution since they will see our planet as it was 1000 years ago. Often we forget that we "scream" technology from a century or so, anything outside of 100 light years don't know it yet. Anyway, the rest is 100% correct, in a few decades we should be able to clearly understand if a planet have life similar to what we know, the main problem is that we don't know if all life is like the one on our planet so we could ignore results of other kind of life.
  8. Hello, Where i work (IT department of a pretty big worldwide insurance company) we use AES encryption for most of our stuff, recently the security office decided to move on from 256 bit keys since, eventually, they could be broken with enough "effort" in a few years from now and to start using 1024 bit keys that should last for a bit. Enigma "today" is a joke, for 2 reasons: 1) the key is too simple for avoiding a mere brute force attack to succeed; 2) the algorythm behind it is not "matematically proven", i mean, if you know how it works it's very easy to break it.
  9. Hello, All the features of CleverBobCat module were introduced in stock KSP over the years, the "wheels" part have a behaviour and works in a way slightly different from the stock one and many plugins/mods still use that so i consider it a priority to keep functional as much as i can, for Lights or other features that are provided by the plugin... well... i think the stock way of making them work is better and has no difference from the workaround of the plugin. So i will not try to fix those lights
  10. I don't think soyuz use anything from CleverBobCat so i don't think i can help you.
  11. Seems like you were wrong as long as squad does not make changes that need an extensive re-work i'll try to keep the dll updated. Updated version for 0.23: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/cleverbobcat-0-18/ Feedback if something is broken.
  12. Hello, I have updated the DLL, i did some "quick" testing but i don't guarantee 100% functionality. Download link is the same on spaceport: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/cleverbobcat-0-18/
  13. Hello, Virtualgenius did a big effort for getting in touch with me and thanks to him i noticed the need for an update. I'll work on it and i hope to release the DLL within the week end.
  14. Wich is the link? EDIT: Found it https://www.dropbox.com/s/pi2e461fhten503/CJ%20Co-8B.craft
  15. I can't find the Co-8a download link the one a few page back is not working, anyone got it?
  16. The main problem i can forecast: Something goes very, very wrong and we have a multiplier of 4 in people that will die over TV. Is this something we really need? Sorry but for how much i'd like the humans to colonize mars i think we are not yet ready for it..
  17. I just completed my third 0.20 Mun mission, this time with a 2 seated rover attached to the Lander, the rocket is "apollo style" with munar randevous, just fly it like a saturn 5 and will work with some margin of error, if you don't like the first stage just replace it with a more "saturnish" one. Please note the ship is stock except for MechJeb 2. http://www.filedropper.com/kerpollomki
  18. Well, after squad introduced "stock" wheels i think CleverBobCat and the old "tosh" wheels is not needed anymore, anyway, as long as i see other mods using it i'll try to keep it working, sincerely i think everyone should just abandon it but legacy stuff sometimes is fun
  19. Well, the current CleverBobCat download include a GameData folder ready to be copied in KSP folder, if you just need the DLL take it out and include it in your mod folder/plugins, otherwise just stick it in ksp/plugins folder and will works.
  20. Hello, Even if this mod is actually nearly useless due to stock wheels i updated CleverBobCat dll and example parts for those legacy mods who use them, after all 30k downloads worth an update It was updated to "new folder standard" of 0.20 (inside GameData), but obviously can be included in KSP_Win/Plugins folders too and will works. Download link is the same in spaceport: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/cleverbobcat-0-18/ Cya!
  21. CleverBobCat mod was updated to KSP 0.20, as i heared the legacy parts of this package use it i did what i could to update it asap, dl link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/cleverbobcat-0-18/
  22. There is any chance the "module" names are now Case Sensitive in part.cfg? My CleverBobCat plugin was dead until i fixed the cfg's updating the module names with correct camelcase as the modules names in C#, otherwise i must have done something i don't know that fixed it
  23. After plenty of testing i managed to build up a good looking launcher able to bring to LKE about 50 tonns. There are 3 stages: 1) 5x Large engines taking fuel from 6x lateral tanks (up to 3/4 km) 2) 3x Large engines taking fuel from 3x tanks each engine (up to 15/20km 3) 1x Large engine with 3 tanks. I did extensive testing using asparagus staging but the 3x engine burn for longer time seems to be more effective at delivering the payload. During the end of stage 2 the TW ratio become very impressive, reaching about 3, be sure your payload can handle it or throttle down. In the screenshoots you can see the launcher with just a 3m capsule on top of it, craft file attached too, no mods required.
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