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  1. Il get a screenshot, sec. But do you need a minimum of 6 kerbals in the shuttle/control center?
  2. So the idea is simple...take a shuttle to launch each satellite. But to make the discussion wholly rewarding, assume the worse is 100% of the time: 1) Shuttle and satellites launch as one ship and detach, becoming probes. 2) Satellites are not in range of KSC with omni antenna. 3) Satellites are not in direct contact, via dish, with KSC. (Yes, they can be during a portion of their orbit, but I want to tackle the issue of setting them up when on the other side of the planet and without an intermediary link between KSC and the soon to be deployed satellite) The problem I am having is, I assume, with the remote guidance unit. I attached one to the shuttle because the tutorial's language regarding remote control of probes using the unit is not directly clear; mentioning you could have six kerbals. The satellite, prior to detachment, cannot link, via dish, to the shuttle since it is part of the same craft. I have already tried setting it to "active ship" or whatever but that does not supplement directly targeting the shuttle. And once you disconnect the satellite, nothing can control it and command it (see below concerning omni antenna issues) so I cannot then target the shuttle and vice versa. Because of this, dish link to the shuttle cannot be made. To overcome this, I attempted to have an omni link between the two. Both the satellite and the shuttle have antenna in range of each other that do not require manual linkage to be acquired. However, even if I extend the antenna prior to detachment, no linkage occurs. I still cannot control the satellite. Further, Remote Tech 2, in the map view, shows the existence of a possible link via omni between the two in gray, but not colored (yellow, etc.). Therefore, omni link cannot be established. So what can we do? I want to drop off satellites with a shuttle that in turn controls those satellites via proximity connection and NOT from KSC.Of course, I can make it so I control one at a time from KSC and fix the issues, but this allows better implementation and direct addressing of the issue, overall. Can we do this?
  3. Not an experienced Linux user nor do I have it. From what I know of it, my comp has too much hardware to benefit from linux over windows, so idk.
  4. Understandable but too bad. I hope its fixed soon (an understandably once it is done). Got 16g ram to feed my 20+ addons. - - - Updated - - - Lol I love that. Would be interesting writing the terms of agreement for it though but I like the idea. Hell, they already bought the game.
  5. So demanding! God get a grip! Ripping on Squad like that.
  6. I think most of us are aware these are the reasons behind lots of online indecent acts. But the real problem is that people feel the actual drive to do it. Punishment is great...but that is what I hate about those people. They need punishment to stop. They aren't deterred, and no one is stopping them. Maybe its maturity, and I am really not trying to jab too hard at this, but I feel absolutely no reason to post negative things. In fact, I feel terrible at even considering it or considering why someone would feel compelled to do it. What we are doing is empowering them. Just ignore them. I do, its easy. Almost none of them followup on their posts or reply to responses. They just want to get the initial one and troll. Kids are predictable.
  7. Exactly where I am on that, as well. Unfortunate people feel the need to turn on their computer, log into the forums, and take the time expel a unrealistic and truly non-existent anger. Pretty absurd people get a rise out of making defamatory comments.
  8. I feel ya. Way stoked on that. But you pointed out the most important thing.... What we all want in this game is on its way. Whether its in .25 or .85. I will say this and hopefully you all agree. There is a reason this team is programming it and not something like Activision...Because we want a good product and not just an old, reskinned game selling for $60 and happily being bought because console kids won't try new, actually good games that sell for less. (Yes...Call of Duty jab because it is terrible) Squad, you rock. You are building a game we actually want and not one you tell us to want.
  9. This team is rocking. Honestly, so many posters have not taken the time to even assume what goes into programming something like this. It isn't simple VB "If ..., then ..." It takes a long time, and code can disrupt code, etc.
  10. A lot of the helpful posts are correct. Destructable buildings is one of the easiest things to implement in the long line of code they wish to introduce concerning collision and actuated effects, such as what Firespitter does for mods and cargo bay doors. You bought an early access game. Help them grow it rather than give them reason to employ more people to quell the unnecessary rage growing in the forums.
  11. I think the worst part are the people who complain here are the same people who say they cannot make it into orbit with mechjeb, etc. This is by no means an insult directed at people legitimately having trouble. All the luck too you; figuring all that out is the fun part of the game. But what I posted is what I have seen. If you know you are not included in that group, then you are correct to think so. For most, if not all of you, try to enjoy what there is and even master it if you wish. Enjoy addons that do a hell of a good job implementing months of labor. This is why the team is working on the core of the game...Addons add a lot that would take, themselves, months to implement. Play them if you really want more.
  12. I wholly agree. Criticism is used to build future promotions, creation, implementation, and overall gameplay. If it wasn't, this forum wouldn't be here in many aspects. But it is direct, insulting criticism, such as "I can't believe you did buildings" that really show no benefit. Why can't you believe that? What could they have done otherwise? I see a lot of posts here complaining; that they should have fixed existing issues (might I remind you this is approaching .25...not 1.25). Yet not one of them mentioned any of those issues individually, or even as a collection. That would be proper. Just scared this crowd is turning into the League of Legends community where anger is dished constantly with no gain or understanding yet surprisingly promoted by all the other ignorant posters supporting negative feedback (I hesitate to use the word, "feedback").
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