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  1. I have yet to see someone post an attempt. Lets keep this a challenge and not a discussion thread. Interesting things nonetheless. Especially my ability to read minds.
  2. Pretty sweet. Haven't seen this. Also, he didn't make it into orbit. And if that is not a challenge, try devising some way to orbit the Mun, land, then return to Kerbin just with sepratrons.
  3. As it says. Lets see some posts of who can make it into orbit, or do anything else more extreme, using only sepratrons.
  4. The biggest thing...when you are within 10km (I think), your pro/retrograde becomes relative to the target. burn retro until you are at 0 orbit, relative to the target (it will show 0 m/s) and then aim at the circlular red target, burn, burn retro as you close in...rinse - repeat.
  5. I'll see about moving it. Maybe it is because I don't bring compost, but I bring everything else in full (excluding CO2 and other waste product).
  6. If this is in the wrong area, sorry. Still having trouble with that.
  7. So simple issue but for some reason I am still lost. I have read the forums and I thought I understood the tutorials. However, the tutorials seem to be a little aged and do not discuss some of the remade installations. Maybe I am wrong? How do I make the OKS or MKS self-sustaining? What are the necessities. Watching life support, the kerbals still have a depletable water, oxygen, and food supply with a full equipped OKS. I have kerbals in there but I was not able to turn anything on (it already says "active" on the individual consoles which wasn't made clear in the tutorial since it seems to be an update from the older activate/deactivate). Thanks guys! Discussion, pointing me in the right direction, etc. anything goes.
  8. You read my mind. Exactly what i did. Totally milked it so I could get those celestial satellites out there...but it was less fun than multiple planet contracts. That was my only concern.
  9. Sorry if this is not the right area. I just want to see if I'm doing something wrong? I had done about 5 mun landing/science/flag missions, and then I got a Duna mission. I am flying there but while I travel I am doing more contracts. Still more mun landings. No Minmus or any others. Anyone else having this issue? Think it'll change after Duna?
  10. Good. I like the confirmation. That's how I felt, but just seemed like so much fuel. Then again, it is a hefty pod.
  11. So I am on of those guys that love mods, but only to add to the character of the game and make it more difficult. I run things like TAC, Remote Tech, Deadly Reentry, etc. When I run things like Near Future Tech, I take out the not yet realized propulsion, etc. While I use things like Universal Storage, US items cost incredible amounts comparably so the added convenience, and often weight, justify the alternate version, hence they do not fail my "cheating" test. So based on that, there is the quicky... Are the Thor and Odin landers in NovaPunch cheating? With the heatshield in the Thor, you get nice thrusters and decent fuel, especially considering the weight. Wondering if I should delete those.
  12. Simple enough but this is a huge one... Make "Apply" have a force revert to previous settings in 15 seconds if not accepted after application. Make "Accept" be the final accept. Maybe even force someone to apply first? This is a big deal because multi-screen gamers, like me, or even people trying to hook on a secondary monitor, etc., may run into issues where the screen cuts off the accept/apply buttons after setting a new parameter. This makes us have to reboot, and sometimes even reinstall the game. I have even see the windowed mode have the bottom buttons cut off by the start menu purely because it is slightly too long. Of course you can minimize the start bar, but then begs the question - Why have both apply and accept if not for this reason?
  13. So when building, I cannot attach the science parts to a ship. The green dots go away, but the part stays in my hand. Added, once I tried attaching the part, the part that I try to attach the science to can no longer accept attachments of any kind; like it is disabled as a part. Ideas? Below is the Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6zcafbpnqdlx0o/output_log.txt?dl=0 -------------------------- If it helps, every Dmagic part has a duplicate in game, but I can't find the duplicate file. Looking... SOLVED!!! - Looks like duplicate parts interfere (obviously) but I found it. Sorry to post but I do so I can get answers sooner than later since I can't solve them all. Thanks for understanding homies!
  14. Hell of a nice help here! Thank you so much man. I will dissect the log info to understand this kind of thing for the future, but you got it right on! Contracts working and I'm loading the mods. Thank you again, and everyone else!
  15. Thank you so much for the help. I appreciate the effort. It seems easy enough to get into understanding the logs but I'm terrible so this is welcome.
  16. Correction on an earlier posting. I had an issue where Active would make contracts disappear, but if Active is the only mod, the contracts are fine. Wonder if this changes things...But its weird that contracts, alone, would be affected, anyways? What do you think I can do? - - - Updated - - - Active Team - For a file having the same issue with multiple mods, click here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/96581-No-Contracts-Texture-ram-mods There is an output log attached and a description of the issue.
  17. Posting link below. Did not think about it, sorry. I will place it above, too, for quick reference. https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6zcafbpnqdlx0o/output_log.txt?dl=0
  18. So testing further, I tried ONLY using those mods and everything is fine... Maybe its a ram issue because when I have enough mods its still the normal crash. But this goes against the whole idea of even using ActiveText. -------------- So it has to be one of the only mods to be installed to allow me contracts.
  19. Hey just posting fast since I work soon but I can update later if needed. Contracts in the contract building do not show up when I boot the game with the .25 versions of either Texture Replacer Active Texture Management I am also running: Near future solar Near future construction TAC Kerbal alarm clock Kerbal joint replacement Mission controller Part catalog Precise node Procedural wings Procedural fairings Contracts window Final frontier DMagic Orbital Engineer Redux Mechjeb (minimal) This is in 32 bit since those mods aren't supporting 64. I have tested these others and the contracts show up; things are fine. It is the two texture replacement mods that cause issue. I let the Active team know but just posting here for any possible expedition. Thanks guys! ---------------- Output Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k6zcafbpnqdlx0o/output_log.txt?dl=0
  20. rbray89 It looks like this mod makes it so contracts do not show up in career mode. It is the same with "texture replacer" mod, if this helps at all. Ideas? Check out my post in the help forum for more info.: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/96581-No-Contracts-Texture-ram-mods?p=1472001#post1472001 I have tested the other mods but maybe this is similar to issues others are facing? I don't know enough about the software used to program a lot of this, so sorry for the lack of information.
  21. I forgot how to play the game in easy mode (without this and similar mods) So I have that sting in my nethers. Super stoked!
  22. Really short answer but I want to give a tip versus a guide...Makes discovering the possibilities more fun. ...Solid Fuel... it's the bee's knees. Most stuff you are doing in career mode is low orbit. If you make up for all costs there, you can spend wildly exploring other planets. Think shuttle with recoverable gas tank and solids. Do multiple tests in one flight. WaBAM!
  23. Didn't read all input so sorry if this is a repeat. YES to this idea. However, it would be perfect to implement coordination with that mod that forces you to take a set amount of days to build a rocket. Why? - Because with more workers, the faster the build, etc. It may also consider courage/stupidity on workers for the same effect, similar to TAC life support (I think?).
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