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  1. Ich lade dann bald meine gebautren Raketen hoch. Sind schon sehr gut.
  2. I also thought so, when i see the Pic of the engine!!
  3. I said him a should make a penel where you can control the thrust off all ships at the same time! Here´s the answer: H0gdr1v3r Re:KSP Docking Mod Hi Mario, great idea! I'll try to make it work. 13.09.12
  4. An update from Harvester today would be a little step for the community to know what is going on at Squad. His last update was at the 27th August. @Devteam: Don´t see our Information update opinions to critical, please. We are just waiting!
  5. But a snapshot is not so much work "a pic a week" would be enough
  6. It´s awesome Nova, C7 and the rest of the Team!! @Nova: You should show new things/pics in a blog so it´s easier to find them!!
  7. What does it exactly mean, what he say ? Let´s see when the dev team, say something new/cool, like awesome coll parts!?
  8. The Kerbal Shadow looks a bit like a Lego Minifigure ?! So, Nova hasn´t said if it is new stock.
  9. Have i understand it correct: Are you making a placeable Camera??
  10. I know that he colour things which are ready. It´s only a remind.
  11. May it sound a bit irritating, but Harvester should actualise the List of Features. Sice the 15. he made dev blogs, which is really great to see new Features!! I love Wernher von Kerman, because this is a hommage for the German rocket scientist. And the memorial for neil Armstrong is really great.
  12. Hier ist mein erster Raketen Spotlight: http://youtu.be/1BJEu2hiDMg Sagt wie ihr es findet, aber am Anfang da ist was falsch gelaufen!
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