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  1. Yup, if you insert into 600 km altitude you will need to get the spacing and orbital period exactly right or your satellites will drift behind the planet with respect each other and even then you'll often get obscured by mountains. This is a mistake I first made when starting out with remote tech. I put too much trust into the solution of the equations without adjusting for practical experience. 700 km altitude gives you much more phase error to work with, and allows you to spot angular drift over time and correct it before you lose contact between sats.
  2. Ok, the preparations for the Duna mission continue! Some pics from the launch pad: Tallest rocket I've ever launched! Luckily the mk2 cargo bays are quite rigid. Just enough space to fit in an Ike lander and two remote sats. Also contains the main solar arrays and the expedition's primary RCS tankage and all the life support supplies for the mission. And a mobile lab for good measure. I'll be sending six kerbals, so Jeb is currently sitting on more than 5000 days of life support! Two of these! An orange tank and a half to LKO plus docking attachments. The first stage boosters are rescaled S-1Bs to give enough boost. Then a poodle engine to position in accurate LKO. The first one ran out of power before it could dock, but I did manage to align it north before that happened. The second version included a solar pannel and docked successfully: Unfortunately the were orbiting about 120' behind the service module and exhausted their RCS catching up. The service module piloted by Jeb from the Ike lander completed the docking manoeuvre: And so just one more launch to make: This contains the engines and attaches to the front of the service module. It'll also be ferrying Bill, Bob, Merfield, and two others who I forget the names of to the mothership. Merfield's the pilot on this one. Probably a little under-engined, so it may take several burns on successive orbits to complete the transfer burn!
  3. Who needs n-body physics to use the Mün's SoI for a trajectory change? I think that's very clever!
  4. I built a training bus to take six Kerbals to Minmus for a flag planting. It had enough DV to easily escape Kerbin afterwards, so I thought I'd just poke into a solar orbit for the xp and return, never having done so before. I couldn't get back and my Kerbals died after 50 days when their life support ran out. My last save was in LKO.
  5. Today I went to space, collected a whole load of useful science, and forgot to plant the flag that was the purpose of the trip in the first place.
  6. I prefer Rapid Unplanned Disassembly, but that's just a mater of taste.
  7. Today I built a plane that can cruise at mach 4 and 25-30km to do temperature scans on the other side of Kerbin and return. (Using FAR). I also used the mission to attempt my first suborbital flight, but the single LV909 didn't have enough thrust to get me past 52km. Ended up being slower than cruising at mach 4. On the plus side, this is the first mission where I didn't lose control at high speed/ altitude. I accepted a load more münar/minmar temperature scan/ Sat contracts, and my first Kerbin space station contract. This makes me nervous, because I'll need to learn a whole bunch of stuff about docking, and life support for that many Kerbals is easily screwed up...
  8. A compass would still be nice. There's no good reason you couldn't have one of those!
  9. Oscillation is caused by an under-damped response. Basically your feedback is too great for the desired input. For the winglets, try placing them closer to the centre of mass as this will reduce their torque. If placed directly over the CoM they should basically have minimal effect. Another cause of oscillation is the rocket flexing. If your control surfaces are pointing at a different direction to your SAS module, that's not good either. That can also be mitigated by placing control surfaces and reaction wheels closer to the CoM, or by using more struts. I try and aim for one or two calibre stability with my rocket designs - CoL 1-2 diameters behind the CoM.
  10. The last few days I completed a couple of Mün flybys in preparation for a landing. I set up a pair of long-range comms relays targeting the Mün, figuring that if they're in 180' phase, one will always be able to see the Mün. Somehow in testing I failed to notice that they only had enough battery for 75% of an umbral transit, and as they were in an equatorial orbit this meant they'd only have a 95% up-time. So I put an identical pair of sats in Münar orbit, intended to provide a surface relay link to the majority of the surface. Because they were in a higher orbit, the umbral transit takes longer, so those only have a 90% up time. I also forgot that a Sat behind the Mün from kerbin's perspective would be completely ineffective. But as a craft on the surface would still only have to wait 20 mins or so to transmit, I let all these errors go. Then I launched Mün-goer 3, which Jeb landed perfectly in the target zone. However, he forgot to turn the engine off and it fell over as I fumbled it. But no worries, because he was pointing up towards the lip of a crater, and I managed to get space borne again. But then I tried to by-eye the controls rather than use the nav ball. The pointy bit did not point upwards and Jeb did not go to space again. And it wouldn't let me revert, so I quickloaded. To before I'd put up the long-range relays. Drat. On the plus side, Jeb is alive, and I get to fix the issues with my Sat networks. (3 in inclined orbits with 2x the batteries on a triple-launcher using an inverted tri-adaptor).
  11. So I've been thinking of a potential fix for this. The sats have enough dv to incline their orbits to make the eclipse a few times per month rather than once per orbit. Other than that, it's either replacement or some other means. Would the Kerbal Attachment System allow me to ship up a few extra batteries and attach them if I could make a rendezvous? Is that how that works?
  12. Today I created a Mün uplink with two Sats in kerbin orbit targeting the Mün which itself had two Sats targetting Kerbin. Unfortunately turns out it only has a 90% up-time because 2x z-200s wasn't enough battery power by half for the umbral passages.
  13. I'm unsure what your question is? Your mod works. It should not take 300 days to go to the Mun.
  14. My issue isn't coming down gently- it's staying upright once I'm there!
  15. Mün-goer 2 successfully completed my first flyover of a target zone, but I burnt too much fuel manoeuvring to try and line up the target EVA zones with the flyover. I was foiled by the Mün's rotation. A first landing will need to be left to Mün-goer 3 I think. I think before Mün-goer 3 I'll expand my satellite network so I can hit all four EVA sites in one go by transmitting back. I also think Mün-goer 3 will be my first test run of Tac Life Support, which sounds like it's on the verge of .90 release.
  16. I'd always been doing the violent disintegration technique. Being able to do it from the tracker will save me a lot of dv from not having to loft the fuel required for a 're-entry!
  17. I was a little tight on funds, so Mün-goer 1 tried to get too much done and didn't have enough dv for a landing and return. Rather than strand Jeb on the Mün, I turned it into a flyby which still recovered a lot of science and funds.
  18. Remote Tech is one of my favourite mods, and I rarely play without it. But it is a level of difficulty that's not for everyone. Deadly re-entry on the other hand... I find it hard to believe that would be too difficult for newbies to grasp. Just about EVERYONE knows that re-entry requires a heatshield. And the thing is - even unshielded parts can survive re-entry if the angle is shallow enough.
  19. Mods: FAR Deadly re-entry Kerbal Engineer Redux Remote Tech Procedural Fairings Today I placed my first several satellite contracts and saved up enough money to purchase the first upgrade for every building. I have every 45 science node unlocked, as well as Heavy Rocketry, Advanced Flight Control and Electrics from the 90 tier. I'm ready to go to The Mun, but first I decided to build a 3-pod training ship to get all my kerbals orbited around Kerbin and up to the first tier in two batches. I had to revert once after, having successfully re-entered and landed on kerbin, one of my kerbals tripped over and died whilst on EVA in Kerbin's grasslands. >.< Next stop, The Mun!
  20. We were in alpha. We are now in beta. Unfortunately incompatibility occasionally comes with the territory.
  21. Nope. I'm a long way away from nodes. My solution was to use a manned launcher to place 2 unmanned relays in a 100km orbit and then send them up to 710km 120deg apart on RCS as and when connection allowed. (710km gives me more leeway for angular position than 600km and keeps 700km clear in case I want it for something later). I didn't have enough dv to send a mk1 capsule to 710km and back on 30 parts inc payload. A third relay completes the triangle by getting to 710km without Jeb's help. They're now in almost perfect orbits, max +/- 30m and inclination down to 0.0003deg, within 0.1deg of correct orbital phase. Slightly undercut my probes-first approach, but oh well.
  22. Today I will not go to space because I forgot that my first Remote Tech probe will be over the horizon before it's planned LKO circularization burn. Unplanned re-entry resulted.
  23. Over the weekend I started a new .90 moderate career. Mod installed: FAR Deadly re-entry Kerbal Engineer Redux Remote Tech Procedural Fairings ScanSAT Chatterer Sounding Rockets I started off with a four-capsule tumbler to explore KSC and unlock the first couple of tech nodes. I then used some sounding rockets to grab atmospheric and low-space science, and after upgrading the launch pad I sent Jeb up in a manned mission for a first orbit. Next I sent up a two-pod craft that JUST had enough dv and electric charge to effect a rescue rendezvous. I used the science gained to unlock the steerable winglets and batteries. At this point I thought I'd got all the low-hanging science available, and unadvisably took two satellite contracts. I was prepared to manually fly a Stayputnik, but turns out that not having solar panels is a serious impediment to an unmanned craft, even with a trio of the first batteries on board. Further complicating things was Remote Tech. It's difficult to circularise your orbit when the horizon breaks your comms link. That was a slightly unplanned re-entry... And a manned launcher was too heavy to loft to the required orbit and return, even for Jeb. Luckily I had enough funds to upgrade Mission Control, so I got around my contract lock-out and remembered that I hadn't returned any high-orbit science. So I sent up a manned suborbital and that gave me enough to unlock the first solar panels and RCS thrusters. I still didn't have enough funds to upgrade the VAB, and I'm not getting to either of those contract orbits with a manned launch, so that means setting up a relay network for my unmanned probes. The delay meant my relays were Octoprobes rather than Stayputniks, which helped a lot. They each had four RCS thruster blocks, four solar panels, a communication 16 and the first circular battery. The mk1 probe had a single spherical monoprop tank. The mk2 had 2 monoprop tanks after I realised it would need to manoeuvre relative to the mk1. The mk3 was much the same as the mk2, but with a slightly optimised weight distribution. The mk1 and mk2 were placed in a circular orbit by the manned launcher at 100km, and then used their RCS to boost up to a 710km orbit. Jeb de-orbited the manned launcher safely each time. 710km is a little above the minimum of 600km for line of sight to give me a little more leeway during the initial positioning. Also, one/two monoprop tanks was a little more than required to reach this orbit, but I like to de-orbit as much as possible and the surplus have me the capability if these relays ever get replaced with something more capable. After they were both placed in a circular orbit 120' apart, I launched the mk3 with the same launcher, but without the manned pod. This meant I could stick the launcher on a suborbital flight to 710km and have the relay ciecularize at Apoapsis. The advantage of this was that the uncontrolled launcher de-orbited itself, which it wouldn't have done if I'd done a usual civilization burn at 100km. After a little bit of fiddling, my relay network is completed! This evening I'll be able to go for my first satellite contract. It's a retrograde orbit inclined 176' at an altitude of 2.1Mm.
  24. Tbh, I see why they went with manned starts as the default for new players. It's more fun to accidentally kill Kerbals. But purists certainly have a point regarding unmanned starts. Perhaps an alternate tech tree could be a toggleable difficulty option.
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