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  1. cheers thx for the reply and yeah it did get of topic it back on im wondering if there is any news on the compatability with ir and atm? any progress or going to be...
  2. im having trouble with this mod atm i cant atach a magnet to ir just the standard stuff and it freezez as iff my whole part is a sub then i cant delete it in sph..any one know of a solution or wht i did wrong...btw all the mods are updated so no it hasn't changed lol
  3. Also having probs with the grabber even kas stuff with it aswell?
  4. I actually have had this problem befor i forget what it was lol i also fixed it.....damn
  5. so i don't need atm but i do have like 40 mods? will doing the dds thing intead solve the texture iss with ir stuff?
  6. Now i know this has been mentioned a few posts ago but i am having trouble deciphering what needs to be fixed im not simple i just get overwhelmed with all the different comments on what to do, so i have also had a issue with the infernal robotics...it was working great when i installed the old one then i instaled the core package worked fine nothing strange, then i installed the utility pack and expansion and noiw the parts are black, i tried uninstalling those mods refresh then they turn to yellow lol and also worth a mention i also have atm so what is the correct way of saving my file becaus ei just built a shuttle with the whole if settup and its mint so help would be greatly appreciated...also sorry bout punctuation...
  7. I love it mate great details...bit of a pps hogger but my com isnt that great and there is alot of stuff goin on in the iva soim not surprised it looks sweet...
  8. First off i love the iva cockpit very cool but am i installing wrong but are the part tectures(not iva) meant to be plainish or silver...also not having a go or trying to be an ass i was just wondering or do i have to have certain settings....and all the parts are great...
  9. Cheers for the mention mate glad i could assist in with some tips.....this is just the start of the possibilities...
  10. goldenpsp....i did read thank you and what i can gather its more of a varied answer then straight forward so i asked a question....simple no need to be rude about it.
  11. I so need this mod.....i love it one of the best
  12. does this mod work? or is it getting updated soon
  13. hey man how do i get my acheivments back from the older version ? or do you just hgave to start over
  14. um do the ribbons get given automatically? i dont know if its working or not
  15. No go for it working sorry mate....i really love this mod...hooefully you get a chance to look in to it
  16. In regards to this quote um having the same problem how do i fix it exactly?
  17. hey so i just installed plugin but the little triangle thing wont show up but it is a fresh install of ksp? am i missing sumthing or do i need to have some app thatbrequiring this toolbar first
  18. is this mod still viable with most of the plug ins beingout dated and ended?
  19. dont know wat im doing wrong bit the eva's dont work or the kerbals dont show up for the cockpits and dont work
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