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  1. So uhh. Wingman AI is broken. It just flies up at full throttle only when it is right next to it does it just slam on the brakes and turn off engine. That is some pretty bad AI/PID's that just only use 100 and 0. I really dont understand the logic in this. Just put one plane in straight line and observed for over an hour. It just runs full speed gets within 50 m and loops around until it breaks off and tries again (spread was set at many different levels from 200-50 with same exact result). It is just two whiplash engines and would work fine if the AI did not only use 1.00 and 0.00 values. It is not as though it has a hard time controlling the plane indicating wrong values for steering and pitch. Unless there is some other magical setting that dampens the use of "full throttle" to "slaming on the brakes" I dont see a fix. AI should just get within 500 meters match speed and increase velocity by a small amount and hold it until within desired range of other aircraft in which it would hold formation. Why does it come at the flight lead at over 75 m/s faster than what the flight lead has been holding for over 20 minutes??? Please help me configure if there is a change-able setting for this or if this is a bug.
  2. OMG its Beardy!!!! I too reciprocate his feelings on the updates of this mod.
  3. Can you update the CKAN for your mod to utilize SpaceDock not KerbalStuff now please
  4. are you going to add a github or post to curse because your mod is a dependency for some mods and kerbalstuff is RIP for everz. Why you did not have a github in the first place. are you going to add a github or post to curse because your mod is a dependency for some mods and kerbalstuff is RIP for everz. Why you did not have a github in the first place. -UPDATE: I found your github why dont you have it linked? fix it please on CKAN too, much appreciated
  5. Could you maybe add configs for TAC Life Support? I would do it myself but it with all the updating going on I would have to do it again every time stuff updated.
  6. Im getting none of the TAC LS parts in my VAB , anyone else? The core still works. Just no parts
  7. Lack, any chance of integrating RasterPropMonitor for the IVA's? That's the only thing missing. Other than that, good job.
  8. I have firespitteCore but dont have the firespitterMod because it was causing a freeze before hand. without both of them it loads fine but it would mess up all my saves.
  9. Just updated to the latest version you put out with ckan, getting stuck on loading screen again at SXT. Also tons of bugs in hangar/VAB with Launching vessels but that's probably another mod I have installed. Anyone else getting these anomalies? Edit: It seems to be the efan/SXTeFan
  10. It says download disabled for this file. - - - Updated - - - It says download is dibbled for this file. ??????
  11. This is one of the most .... mods I have every used no mod is more fustrating then this ,there isn't even a sequencing function for it!, it switches around the values all the time and using it with symmetry is impossible. Like ... it is lucky it is the only mod that does this function or no one would use it. Unless you want to use it for non symmetric things ,even then it is buggy as hell, then it would be OKAY.
  12. How Would I get the Kerbol system to orbit a black hole. I have seen It done before but does It require me to mod the actual game files or would it be as simple as changing the configs in the Kopernicus file?
  13. I heard some people talking about getting the star systems mod up and running for 1.0
  14. I was wondering If it was possible to make something (like a sun) orbit nothing so I can make separate solar systems while still having the kerbol system. It would be cool because It would be fun to have separate solar systems to go to like we had in .90 - - - Updated - - - If that is not possible I could maybe make all the systems orbit a black hole
  15. looks sick, love all your work man. You are really busting your ass and I can see you're a bit of a perfectionist
  16. Great Work By the way, but how do you build stuff in space with the construction module? I have the mod needed I thought you just bring it into space with some rocket parts and build, but i tried that and no menu or anything came up ,as I thought it would, to select what I wanted to build. Do I still need to bring up a lunch pad or workshop?
  17. It doesn't work for me. how do you get it to work?
  18. It doesn't work is there a magic button I have to press?if so you should put it in the download. Did you say in the change log that * doesn't work anymore. and do I put it all in game data?
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