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  1. Here is my log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n09wnfeeiuxnvmb/output_log.txt?dl=0 my mods installed are MechJeb, Kerbal Engineer, and Waypoints Manager. *Update - loaded up KSP to see if I could get to craft from the launchpad menu and I can, they just don't show up in the VAB load menu. also I checked the contracts archives and could not find the contracts that were active prior to update. They were exploration missions one of Gilly and the other was either Jool or Eve.
  2. So, apparently there was an update. Yeah guess I hadn't been viewing the forums or missed an email or two, but I do know I need to install new kernel engineer and reload mech jeb and waypoints. But why did I lose all my contracts I had in active and all my ships in VAB?
  3. Had contract to recover object from kerbin orbit, sent up my usual with grabber attachment and by there and it's a turbofan engine and no matter what speed or angle I could not grab the damn thing. Sent up new grabber with cargo ramp enclosed around it still no grab. Engine exploded when fired up engines to see if s return with it lose.
  4. Well I over the past few weeks, 5-6 KSP years built an orbital Mün station into a redirected asteroid. Took a bunch of ships mainly to redirect asteroid and flip or it of asteroid. I'm very proud of myself in this one.
  5. I gotcha sucka http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750713789
  6. You know that was my first thing I tested on Kerbin but I couldn't get it to grab.
  7. Holly schnikies do I have a tough one going on. There's a mk 1 command pod on surface and it's not on a level surface either it's a 9.8degree slope so. I'm have a doozy of a time grabbing from above. I'm thinking of landing a cargo container and ramp near by and using a near by rover to push pod into container and take off get lunar orbit very gradually so as not to destroy pod then send grabber for it. Any other ideas that could work better?
  8. Thanks all a for the answers j did like the last reply suggested last night after posting and drove along it until I could cross.
  9. So today was driving on Minmus and came across this glitch on Minmus which is higher than the terrain I am driving on. Once I get to it and hit it or attempt to climb rover is either ejected significantly hieght. A reboot did not fix. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/447365653988728741/9AA6FF60F3A7AAA7EA742D1E73476FD8A5D21971/
  10. Wow, it's been month since my last confession..I mean update on my space program. Did some mining on Mun, pretty simple actually. This setup worked way better than expect, I though it was gonna take me forever to get the ore for my Contract, but I landed in a rather rich crater. Now for the Main mission for Duna, I've been planning for this for months, testing different designs, and my docking skills and rendezvous. First I sent up the empty fuel tanks and engines that will take crew to Duna. Next step after picking crew was to fuel up ship, with just the liquid fuel and very little oxidizers for lander. Now to Rendezvous and dock... First Try on target I'm so proud. Now to send up the lander and return module. Again first try. Detached drone fuel barge and set it to crash to Kerbin which I now kinda regret doing as I could have used it later for other missions. I'll be probably doing my burn tonight or tomorrow for trip to Duna. On a side personal note, I've been able to do all this work recently because I was recently laid off and been at home a lot, hoping for them to call me back soon for work.
  11. Tourist arrived at Duna circularized, then went on and orbited Ike to fulfill that contract as well. and returned home. next on my list is to finish my Duna Exploration Mission
  12. Sent my first manned ship to Duna, just a tourist contract, lesson learned though is remove oxidizer from tank that nukes will be feeding off of. Hopefully I'll have enough fuel to get home with. Not as bad as it looks, just the decouplers popping. Time for my 10 min burn and on to Duna. Goodbye KSC...
  13. So, I was finally able to get onto KSP this weekend for a post 1.1 gameplay with everything(KER, waypoint manager) working. Sent a little Minmus Science Rover up, pretty well balanced, seeing as how odd shaped it is, but I gave extra fuel just for the purpose of fighting the damn thing. The only thing I really fought was the map view of 1.1 all my trajectories AP and PE, as well as craft icons, and planets were offset from the lines. So restarting seemed to fix that. i can't wait to utilize the new features of the right mouse button on the parts, i've seen some great new controls in there. Anyway Rover got there landed and completed needed Contract and my descent stage barely used any fuel, so will utilize it again after I completely explore minmus with science rover which my storage container contains all my science parts available.
  14. Started off this wet week in Houston with sending out my first probe to Duna to collect science from space around it, sent it up and had made my maneuver that showed everything good for a capture with Duna a little over a year, got there and I no longer had a capture, ended up using fuel that was meant to circularize my orbit for a new maneuver to capture, bye bye fuel. Also, this was my first mission to utilize ion engines, never again, didn't help at all to circularize orbit, thankfully the partial capture of Duna counted for 'space above Duna' for contract, Achieved, lock probe towards planet and full throttle the ions to see what happens when it runs out of fuel where it's head, currently out of system, good riddance. bye bye mr. useless... Next, its time to bring home some experienced kerbanaunt scientist from da mun, and send them to Minmus for a science expedition, built a Mun Taxi controlled by a probe with pretty colors. Go pretty close with Taxi tanks in part to the trajectory looking like I had a normal capture, until I arrived and it show the trajectory going through the Mun, so again I had to use fuel meant for circularizing orbit and adjusting to land near Base for extraction to adjust trajectory and circularize orbit and partially descend trajectory, used some of landing and escape fuel to get trajectory to as close as possible to base (9 km). Thankfully base has a guest base that is on wheels with a few empty seats for such case, drove them to top of nearest highlands plateau and loaded up the most experienced scientists and away we went, now to design new Minmus science rover, and a new mun lander to dock with the base I recently drove to meet taxi, so I can get Tourists off of it, since the can't eva. I seriously think Tourists EVAing should be something squad revisits. Shot of lighting on payload of Taxi coming in for a nighttime landing. Time to scuddle on to Mun taxi evac site. Loading up and launch home. the above pic shows the base fully deployed correctly and now I can actually eva everyone except the tourist, now that crawlers are removed. Home safe.
  15. Full filling a contract to move some junk to a different orbit, whilst experimenting with asparagus(yeah I spelt it right) staging.
  16. Landed this... 96 Miles from this... So I had to do a lot (2 weeks) of this... Also found out that I couldn't eva cause apparently my other two hatchs are blocked, don't look blocked to me. So i sent this to attach to it and expand base for contract and fun stuff, since the main base I was set not entirely on level ground and wouldn't align docking ports. No pic of new bases attached, Baby duties come first. Cheers
  17. Why is the game telling me these door that are not obstructed, that the hatch is blocked? I've moved my crew to the unobstructed hatchs container.
  18. Last night, decided I wanted to start rounding up my original kerbals, can only see on the rosters Jeb and Bill for some reason, i do have career set to respawn them, guess I'll check persistent file for them or something. Anyway I began with Bill whom is in orbit on a station that should have been researching science, but is basically floating in space with an orange tank full of fuel. So I built a probe controlled rocket with 2 hitchhikers and a lander can so i'd have enough room for any extras, which turns out I needed the space(haha) because I saw a new contract for rescuing a guy from a very low orbit of Kerbin, peri-74k, ap-84k, that was fun, now I'm waiting on a good intercept for Bill and crew pickup.
  19. Launched and Landed main piece of my Mun Base Tango Foxtrot, then proceeded to land the second piece 16k away from it, at least it has wheels right. Did some Science on Kerbin at the North Pole then flew and dropped rover (has chutes) to just north of dessert to collect science. Didn't realize you can't switch between crafts while one is flying and the other is parachuting and landing/ed in atmosphere and attempted to switch back to craft that dropped the cargo and it wasn't there, switched to admin. building and they were dead. WTF. anyways I got my science and went back to driving piece 2 to piece 1 on mun. attached kind funky like. It fit normally on Kerbin but not on mun. Might of adjusted something on accident in the VAB. Got it to work with tipping over piece where port went under 1's port, tilted 1 and pitched 2 back to flip up 1 and attach, contract complete. Still have 3 more pieces for this. Wheelie on the Mun
  20. Does it have to grab or can it carry it in a 2.5m cargo bay?
  21. I'd like to suggest if not already done so, that have the Wheels be able to adjust the torque output so as to not flip backwards, sure I could simply kill my rear motors, but I would like to be able to adjust how much torque is being applied to ground, this would also come with a possible good economic plus, where the wheels would not draw too much power if you had the torque down on the wheels. I'd also like to suggest being able to adjust the length/height of landing legs, say for if you need a vehicle to line with a docking port, that's lower thank your, where you'd in current situation would go back and recreate the parts that wouldn't line up, here you could just bump down the length/height of the legs and ports would connect.
  22. Started Designing a new Mun Base that will modular and hopefully mobile when I'm finished with her. Here is the first piece I'm sending up and will be in a holding orbit until all peices are in orbit and I've found out where I want to set up shop. I chose this as my first piece due to its odd shape and size. It took me a few launches to get it into second atmosphere let alone orbit, due to weight distribution and drag. Ended up with multiple different variations lifter to get up there stable. Sweet shot of separation In Orbit of Mun!!!.
  23. Been While since i've posted, been doing little bitty science runs, and test runs for a my first interplanetary, and designing best rover/buggies on mun and minnmus. Had to send another rover/buggie to mun, cause one flipped, and was doing the whole observe things contract, where you observe one spot, no anomaly here, and game would give you a new location to run too, so I sent a rover to make it easier on me. So I made one a little easier to drive that wouldn't flip as easy. Managed to upright this one and continue on after making a bunch of adjustments to steering, brake torque, and motors to use. Wish you could control the power/torque to the wheels on top of using the brake torque. Ended up in a few craters within craters which was a nail bitter. but finished the contract finally. Then sent a satellite up for contract, I may have over powered the launch platform, but once sal helped me figure out what was going on with my s3 14400 tank not letting me attach engines to, I couldn't help but use them. And landed on minmus for a couple contract completions at once, no launch shots.
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