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  1. [quote name='GDJ']I shudder to think of the logistics of landing a 100 tonne aircraft on a dirt runway less than 1/3 of it's minimum required length.[/QUOTE] mmm, we do have thrust reverters. If I have got time later this day I will try it XD
  2. he didn't state, it had to be peer reviewed... anyway, I'm surprised no one has tried it with mk3 parts yet
  3. you can do that trick if you just throw the mods in seperately and let the squad folder be. The chance all the mods will work though is nihil. Kerbal Alarm Clock, for example, did still work for me
  4. great tip, I always just slap some on and hope it works
  5. Good job Claw! in the meanwhile am I still stuck at Eve, I do have to say it takes quite a long time if your rover drives 20 m/s and can't handle physics warp XD, Oh well, have to kill time till my long planned mission for 1.1 anyway.
  6. hmm, interesting idea. I don't see problems, however, I also don't see advantages. As they are in the body anyway you can't see them, so visuals doesn't seem like the target. They don't provide intake, do they?
  7. Well, I came back from a small walk at the North Pole of Eve, to find my rover floating in the air. Luckily a quicksave and quickload fixed the problem!
  8. And I failed my objective; finish another circumnavigation in October.. I think it has to do with the body I chose to circumnavigate, Eve is quite big and my rover quite slow. Thereby I'm quite busy with important stuff. anyway, I am around one fourth of the circumnavigation, more news will follow!
  9. Spaceplaneaddict, Hyperedit is as far as I know not allowed under any circumstance except for testing. May I ask you how many parts your rover has? If you can't design a launcher which can get you there in once you should do it in multiple launches. Launch the transfer vehicle first, then rendezvous and dock the rover on the transfer vehicle. You can even send the transfer vehicle up without fuel to save mass and thus parts. hope this helps
  10. haha, great screenshots, interesting that so many are on Eve
  11. So I was just driving around on Eve and found this: I knew they existed, however I had never seen one before. So I made the screenshot afer which I thought we needed a topic to show off these pictures. I do want to say it is totally NOT meant as critique (don't know about what, but a disclaimer is always safe ), I just think it can cause some pretty fun pictures. So post some floating rock pictures!
  12. Thanks haha now let's see if I can manage to do another circumnavigation in sticky Octobre XD btw, I have got one stupid plan for when 1.1 comes out, not 1.05, but 1.1
  13. I'll first make sure to grab fengist's attention XD Fengist The water circumnavigation of Kerbin is done. I thought I was further away from the end, and that I had more screenshots (apperently the more screenshots I have, the more time it takes for me to get into the mood of uploading to imgur). I'm not making a separate topic again, as not many people seem to read it in the section, this is more the target group. Anyway here it is: That's it, this should be master mariner.
  14. as I did some circumnavigations, I think I am allowed to share my opinion: I agree that the craft must have been airborne for quite some time, however I also vaguely understand why it was, maybe as it went so fast, but maybe as you can safely go faster while airborne. Hope this helps in your decision, Fengist. Furthermore, I am around 2/3 around Kerbin for my master mariner badge. I had some delay as I have been a bit ill, it will probablybe online before monday.
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