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  1. Ik heb percies hetzelfde dat het spelen minder werd maar sinds 0.22 nietmeer. En heeeel er bedank voor die twee links, die maken het no eens leuker ook!
  2. The astronaut center What's that gonna be? Just a faccility where you can see your Kerbals or really that you can gonna train them and such?
  3. @hammer: That's a gigantic plane! But I'm sorry, not follow the rules, so no official entry.
  4. Finally! No more hours of trying to download the new version. Thanx!
  5. After Neil's step on the moon, here's the next step of human expoleration. Or the not sirious one: In your face dad! I told you I would walk on Mars sometime!
  6. Well I think we found the first exoplanet we will visit on our first interplannetairie flight (I'm talking about humans btw, not kerbals ).
  7. Here my 3th entry: I cann't make it bigger, my computer cann't handel to big planes .
  8. The challenge is: Build the biggest airplane (that can land). And there are rules, if I will remove them, the whole leaderbord will be not right.
  9. Wonderfull iva! My crew will now be driving to there rocket!
  10. @Hammer Bridges: Nice, you have a place on the leaderbord. @foamyesque: Not follow the rules, please read the rules first. @TouhouTorpedo: Nice plane, only not big enough for the leaderbords.
  11. Wow that was fast, in 5 minutes, amazing service . Thanx!
  12. First, congratulations with your 500th post. 7/10 I don't really know you, but I see your avatar pretty much in the forums.
  13. 6/10 I was laughing a lot when I saw your artwork, that's why I know you.
  14. 1. Earth gone. 2. Small human collonies with all the technoligy taken from earth. 3. No US anymore (the collonies will be just one group, humans). 4. Humans landed at Callisto with a small colony. 5. Founded life that's not earth.
  15. Welcome back Capt'n Skunky!
  16. More good news! Sava will be the new texturer of Eagle Industries. Congratulations Sava.
  17. Ik heb wel een mooie voor je: The development of my second mod pack (ProjectKonstellation): http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/13637-(WIP)-constellation-program-kevinlacht-s-development-blog Nee grapje ( al hoewel ). Probeer iets creatiefs, ik zou om eerlijk te zijn echt niks weten.
  18. Sine 0.17 the finished parts are broken, but over a week I will have all the time to fix these, so at that time I will try to take some pictures. Also, whe have a new texturer, he will also make things like landers and those things. I hope I have answered your questions.
  19. Looks like a race between you and yogiu with his curiosity rover, wondering who's gonna win . Nice model!
  20. Wow, really nice new projects, I'm a big fan of you works already since the mem 1.0
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