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  1. Did some crew resupply to my space station
  2. That was amazing! Now to sit in anticipation until the next installment
  3. Dont you mean Kongo? Also, Woot MOAR!!! Good to know you're still alive!
  4. Trust me, I know what it feels like. Waiting for the Zoomer to be reviewed was agony...
  5. Oh, I like this. Have you thought about trying to integrate multiplayer mods so people could start parties on KSP discords and invite others to join them?
  6. I thought kerbals kept "kats". Aren't cats mythical creatures from a fairy tale, the brothers krimm or something like that?
  7. You think I do? Have you seen any of my designs? they're literally made of lolly sticks, duct tape and some hot glue...
  8. This still alive? Just checkin' EDIT: the evidence is compelling... I got a like!
  9. It WAS a joke entry. Not surprised it got disqualified. EDIT: Do I still get extra points for originality?
  10. Pfft, just buy a Perbro Aerospace Zoomer Island Hopper. You can still go round Kerbin twice and do some cool stunts. Definitely not an advertising attempt to persuade the company to buy some more island hopper varients.
  11. Oh wow, that was quick! How the f**k did you get it round Kerbin twice??? And I only tested landing on water, I didn't know it could get off again. 1/6 throttle can be reached at 15km altitude by using a higher throttle to get up to speed then reducing it so that you are holding your speed, but only just.
  12. I built my zoomer as a cheap alternative to the Screchcraft Starship or whatever it was called, and am still waiting for it to be reviewed. Hint Hint
  13. Well, loading 16 (!) kerbals onto the back of a mallard with ladders went surprisingly well. They even have space to fall...
  14. Hmm, I'll have to stop practising flying my new SSTO for a bit and try this. HMB
  15. My entry, The Kerbero V. It is my first cargo SSTO and is capable of putting small satellites or ion probes into an LKO. It makes a gliding approach back to the KSC from orbit, and often does not need to use it's engines after re-entry until it taxis back to a hangar on the ground. https://imgur.com/a/TgRUv And yes, 1.4. How many others so far?
  16. Wait, Kerbin City is still a thing? I thought that was ditched long ago, back in the 0.90 days!
  17. Am I the only one getting notes of 'Biggles'? Nope, I'm getting it too Also, [Insert hype here]
  18. I'm really starting to wonder if people have forgotten about my little supersonic Zoomer
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