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  1. Nope, there's no 'medsouz' folder anywhere in my GameData. I've downloaded Ground Control from SpaceDock (it had KK bundled with it) and installed it manually, nothing changed. I've downloaded separate KK package from SpaceDock and everything remains the same. I also noticed an interesing issue: when KK is installed, if you accept some contract in mission control, the list of available contracts remains the same(no update of the list), unless you click on active contracts and then back to available. Logically there's no connection of KK with mission control, but if I delete KK, mission control screen works fine. Really wierd issue that makes you think that contract was not accepted...
  2. I use CKAN to manage modules Double clicking Kerbin does not give any result, clicking KK button does not display station filter as it was usually.
  3. I've installed KS Ground Control and I cannot see any of ground stations at all. KK interface does not appear too. KSP version is 1.1.1228, any ideas?
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