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  1. Added you on SpaceDock. And updated license in original repo https://github.com/Real-Gecko/KSP-SimpleLogistics/blob/master/LICENSE.md Eventhough CC BY-NC-SA-4.0 permits to rename SW https://tldrlegal.com/license/creative-commons-attribution-noncommercial-sharealike-4.0-international-(cc-by-nc-sa-4.0) I would ask you not to. Just let it be as it is Good luck!
  2. Recently @linuxgurugamer wrote me a message asking about overtaking this mod. I granted him access on SpaceDock. The thread can be closed. @linuxgurugamer will create new one.
  3. @linuxgurugamer wishes to overtake Orbital Colony mod. Access to SpaceDock granted. Have fun!
  4. There's math in the OP. I recommend testing rover on runway first to make sure you have everything you need.
  5. Show UI button is provided by Simple Construction addon, so if it's supported by current version of KSP everything has to be fine, as this mod does not add any functionality by it's own.
  6. I'm not the author, I was just supporting it for a very long time Anyway anyone willing to continue support?
  7. I think this thread better be closed so discussion will move to new one to avoid confusion.
  8. This happened a lot in 1.3 with orbital lines too, under certain angle drawn orbits start to wobble and jump across the screen. IMO this "feature" is unfixable on mod level.
  9. You can donate to current maintainer who is @maja, if he wants so
  10. Patches created by me and shipped with BV are mentioned in the OP, and patch for FUR is shipped with FUR mod itselft (not created by me), so not listed in OP.
  11. @PART[roverBody] { MODULE { name = BonVoyageModule } }
  12. Exactly. Just use some parts to make work easier, especially when it comes to A* pathfinding People can do whatever they want in KSP, they even have HyperEdit for this For me all this "realism" part was just my whim: rockets fly like real - rovers ride like real Maybe a simple text input?
  13. There were numerous request for this feature, but I never had time to put my hands on that. For me the most problematic part was the integration with all those boat packs, as BV is designed to feel "realistic", that's why there's so much power consumption, average speed, wheels status calculations. With boats it's a bit problematic IMO. You can take this mod as a base and try to create your own, I think it's better to be a separate mod (Bon Cruise??? ). Steps you described are quite obvious, however I don't know how you will design average speed and power consumption part for boats, to maintain "realism"
  14. I used @SpaceTiger`s Automated Science Sampler for gathering all available science and resetting experiments. Clicking thousand times to meausure temperature is quite boring, and who you gonna call wants to be bored by KSP
  15. Disable part and kerbals G-Force limits. There's a proposed solution for this issue. I think @FreeThinker will deal with it in no time
  16. Mod is now overtaken by @Mrcarrot, I think he'll adopt your proposal. And yeah, expect the new thread soon.
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