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  1. Do you use latest BDDB? I tried it out and Geiger Counter did not cause any troubles to me. And I was able to unlock quite a part of TT with science only from KSC
  2. It's in your game folder and where's the game folder depends on your setup. The file itself is called KSP.log. Start the game, in SC click KEI icon, quit the game and grab it.
  3. Awwwwyeeeaah! My new ASUS ROG STRIX will beat #$@% out of this game! Bye bye MacBook
  4. Version 1.1.1 Fixed Vessel Select not clearing control lock on scene change Some layout improvements in Celestial Body Data Changed button layout in Maneuver Editor a little bit Some code cleanup in TimeControl class Some layout fixing in TimeControl class Fixed control locks not being removed on interface hide (F2) Fixed autohide feature with Blizzy's Toolbar Selected celestial is highlighted in Celestial Body Data list Some code cleanup in App Launcher Celestial Body Data is now compatible with Galactic Neighborhood Switched to KSP dateTimeFormatter Modified number formatting Added orbital speed in Celestial Body Data
  5. Hmmm looks like I'll have to include MM patch with my Warp Drive mod to move Valentine further away from Kerbol as it's too close to OPM now. PS: Warp Drive was created specifically for travelling to Valentine
  6. I'm not sure about version 1.3.0 as I never run it EL had some troubles that day, so maybe something is wrong with EL itself. There're defenitely some troubles I encounter myself from time to time. I recommend you upgrading to 1.3.1 to be sure that everything is up to date. As for mods: CKAN now has an option to install mods that are "incompatible" with current KSP version. That's what I did when I was transitioning from 1.2.2 to 1.3.1. And I'll tell you one thing: I have 185 mods installed, so I was at bigger risk
  7. Do you have Cupola module on your craft? Surveing requires pilot sitting inside cupola module, that's EL mechanics.
  8. It's partless if you use sometghin like Malemute, Karibou, Buffalo, ARES, Puma or FUR. These rover cabs get BV module with the magic of MM patching. Read the How To or Hey man! That's too complicated! How do I build rover that just rides??? of the OP, everything explained there.
  9. Tried in MacOS High Sierra (which uses OGL) and everything seems fine. Any screens or logs?
  10. I'll add Blizzy's toolbar support, you'll be able to enable and disable button anytime you want.
  11. A year ago @satnet granted me permissions to: But during events in my life I barely had time to maintain my own mods, but Here I am, on the road again...© Original thread is here. Originally created by @satnet this mod is a pretty solid set of utilities that make your flight much easier. Utilities Warp To Gives you precise control over the "Warp To" capability. You can warp to any point in the future. It will detect maneuvers and SOI transitions and add buttons to warp straight to them. This works in the map view, tracking station, and in flight. This is a great way to get to transfer windows or warp to a maneuver that needs more than 1 minute of lead time. This is particularly useful in the tracking station where you have no limit on timewarp, but don't have an easy way to warp to a specific point in time. Vessel Select Gives you a list of vessels ordered by proximity. You can target or switch to any vessel in the list. This includes flags, asteroids, and debris (the latter two are suppressed unless you want them). You can clear the current target of your vessel. This utility also allows you to "Unleash the Kraken" on you current vessel. It will destroy a random part on your vessel until it is gone. This is a far more satisfying way of clearing debris than terminating it in the tracking station. Celestial Body Data Lists all celestial bodies in hierarchical order Provides full information about celestial body and it's orbit Allows to focus view and target the body Maneuver Editor Gives you full control over your maneuver nodes. Precisely control the time and delta-V of your maneuvers. Store your maneuvers, try something else, and if it doesn't work restore the original set. It also includes a subset of the "Warp To" functionality to quickly warp to a maneuver (-1 min, -10 min, and -1 hr for varied TWRs). I created this when I had an orbit that refused to give me a selection point on the current orbit and it grew from there. I've tried other maneuver editors, but I kept coming back to this one for one reason or another (mostly the ability to create a new node when the orbit click method is finicky and time controls in human friendly scales). Download Space Dock License All rights reserved Source GitHub Changelog:
  12. UICore is now indexed by CKAN thanks to @politas. I've updated .netkan file, so Overdrive dependency on UICore will be managed by CKAN now. Keep rocking
  13. You may use this parts anyway you wish It's called Orbital Colony because it contains parts of CivPop that were designed to be orbital. I think surface parts will go as separate mod, so you'll get "surface" parts separately.
  14. Hey, Kartographer fans! I bet you did not expect this, but here comes a NEW version 1.1.0 (Lost in the Wilds): Removed all internal styling Focus Select removed as it's functionality superseeded by Flight Plan and new tool Celestial Body Data Added Celestial Body Data: targeting, focusing, data, orbital data Fixed input locking on all tools to prevent clickthroughs Updated Blizzy's Toolbar Wrapper Changed Blizzy's Toolbar button behavior (autohide feature still does not work with Toolbar button) Toolbar may be switched on the fly Some code refactoring Next/Prev buttons swapped in Maneuver Editor Replaced toolbar icon with new one from flaticon.com All mods are hidden on gamepause or F2 Grab it here PS: I hope no one needs installation instructions
  15. Hmmm, can you please provide an example of #3? I'll try testing it.
  16. Sounds reasonable. I was thinking about creating manufacturers tab, similar to KPBS's one. But looks like it requires some coding. And I want to keep this mod free of any dependencies (or rather code) except stock, so that it can be easily used with any KSP version. Hmmm, maybe approach #1? Actually I'm confused Approach #3 is the most attractive one, but if it's complex and not reliable, then we have to avoid it. OTOH difficulties are always good, as overwhelming 'em leads to perfection
  17. Actually I tried to master CCK with no luck at all, I wanted to add Colonization category. I really like approach #2 cause I don't like mess in Utilities tab.
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