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  1. Nope, Civilian Population ads kerbals. This mod is just parts from CivPop without it's functionality.
  2. The code was written by @nodrog6 a long time ago, I only make sure it's compatible with latest KSP. Merged your PR.
  3. Yeah, I looked to PR code, but was not successfull in rotating rover properly, so I decided to leave things to KSP. Maybe you'll have better luck with it.
  4. I quicksave even before recovering a vessel landed on Kerbin, cause KSP loves to bring surprises... not pleasant ones
  5. I think this can be fixed by removig the code that corrects rover position above the ground, thus rover position and orientation will be managed by KSP again. This thing better be done optional IMO.
  6. Yep, and if you enable the option that enables G-force limit to kerbals they'll suffer too. This happens because speed changes dramatically from almost zero to speed of light and KSP thinks that acceleration was huge. I dunno if I can change something about it, so I recommend disabling all acceleration related options. And that's definitely needs to be checked, graphical effects are for sure disabled if you're in map view or flight view, but I did not check IVA though.
  7. Hi, man! Next time this happens upload your save file to Google Drive or Dropbox and PM me or @maja the link to it, so one of us can analyze the problem.
  8. Yeah, I'm aware of Targetron, but IMO Haystack is more functional in some cases, matter of taste.
  9. Yeah, when I first encountered Kartographer it was da best, cause it had all I needed in one place. However as time passes by, many other mods with same and improved functionality appear. As I mentioned it just now in Haystack Continued thread: There're lot of things that may be improved in Kartographer, but I dunno when I'll have the time to do all the things I want to improve. Anyway your wish is noted as I find this feature really handy too.
  10. We already have too many "continued"s We also have "revived"s, "revisited"s and even one "retextured". So I do not see any need for one more "continued continued". That's why new Kartographer thread is not "continued", but just Kartographer. At the times Kartographer was dead, Haystack proved to be really handy replacement to Kartographer's "Vessel Select", now as I overtook Kartographer support I see all disadvantages of Vessel Select compared to Haystack. And I'm facing dilemma: either improve Vessel Select or just stick with recompiled Haystack.
  11. Try Precise Maneuver mod. It allows to increase patched conics number on the fly.
  12. Yeah, a little bit modded version of 93 game...just a little And some games do not even start in single core processors (google for Mass Effect single core patches), but who cares, we're in KSP. I use default values that come with "vanilla" game. Thanks for advice, will try that. But now it's time for Quantum Break
  13. We're not discussing desktop vs laptop, we're discussing KSP vs performance From 2 core to 4 core, yeah, just a tiny one
  14. OMG, Quantum Break is only $20 on Steam, looks like experiment is gonna be delayed
  15. Lol, it's only two days out of shop, it has HQ processor (google it) and not M GPU (google it). It's runs DOOM® at ultra with 60 fps without cooling stand and "blowing" . So it's not hardware that I'm concerned about. Yeah, I performed propulsive Duna landing back in the days when there even was now maneuver planning (added in 0.18) and I remember that trying to quickload crashed the game constantly, now it's not, well quite an improvement Yeeeeah, I'll conduct an experiment. Here's my career save .loadmeta: saveMD5 = 31aa33bae5342fca826f38a87130412a vesselCount = 33 UT = 1492190.6594925229 gameMode = CAREER gameNull = False gameCompatible = True funds = 30756953.844446316 science = 1772 reputationPercent = 86 ongoingContracts = 32 saveMD5 = 31aa33bae5342fca826f38a87130412a Overall 33 ships, this unclude 1 ship on it's way to Duna, Kerbin Space Station, Mun Space Station, Minmus Space Station, Munar Base (dozen of vessels landed nearby), Minmus Base (dozen of vessels landed nearby), few vessels in Mun-Kerbin and Minmus-Kerbin transits. I'll start a new career game (so contract system and R&D will not be idle) on a clean (just right out of steam) unmodded game, with the only mod installed: ShowFPS, to track performance. Goal: mimic my career save in a number of vessels and their placement, but on a completely unmodded game.
  16. That's what I'm talking about! Even absolutely vanilla game starts to slowdown as soon as you have dozen of flights in progress. Start new save, launch a vessel, everything is bright and shiny. Play a little, reach "10 flights in progress" mark, things are getting slower. Play more, reach "20 flights in progress" mark, land four 20-30 part vessels in the same spot and.... 13 FPS... have fun. I played vanilla game for a few days long time ago (even no KER or MJ for deltaV readouts) and always encountered performance issues. Back at that days I thought it's caused by potato laptop. I was wrong.
  17. Exactly! 25% increased CPU speed = 25% increased framerate? Are you serious? Yeah yeah, I've played version 1.0.5 that crashed every five minutes and performed like "HEEEY! Look! My year 2003 PC is able to start Crysis" Aha, we had a performance boost in version 1.2 caused by Unity upgrade I remember that too. Aaaaah, now I seeee, that all nasty mods are the cause of 120 FPS in VAB... Or maybe it's VSync and 120 Hz monitor refresh rate... I'm confused
  18. For those who were asking "Why this mod does not do background resource processing?"
  19. HP Probook: Core i5-4200M 2.5 GHz, 8 gigs of RAM, Intel HD 4000 KSP 1.3.1 with 185 mods installed, Munar base with dozen of vessels landed: 10 FPS and 38% physical ratio. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ASUS ROG Strix: Core i7-7700HQ 2.8 Ghz, 16 gigs of RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070: Same setup, same number of mods, same save file, same scene: 13 FPS, 50% physical ratio. Why? Whyyyy? WHYYYYY? Why this game has zero optimization?
  20. Hey, man! Glad to see you're working on porting your suit pack to TRR. I love it a lot, I still use original TR with my KSP 1.3.1 and I used ImageMagick to convert textures from your pack to DDS. Looks like this degradation is caused by DDS compression: original: versus compressed: I think not much can be done with it, as TR (and TRR) will convert original PNG to DDS anyway. Edit: it's not that noticable in the game however
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