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  1. I agree that's an issue. But as do not recompile EL dll the only way I can add icons is by placing them to EL folder. If you experience trouble you may delete folder with icons manually. The mod is just a set of MM patches. So you can always create a set of patches for MKS. I personally never even tried it as it adds too much parts to the game. Yeah, I personally use KPBS and SC plays nicely with it. But that's all the matter of taste. If you can provide a set of patches for MKS compatibility I can add them into the mod. But I have more crazy idea: *drumroll* The "Simple MKS" mod I'll add the link to IFS core into the OP.
  2. Version 3.4.4 is here: Stopped MM from adding IFS module when module is not actually available by DefiantZombie Updated EL to version 5.8.0 All the credits for update to KSP 1.3.0 go to @taniwha
  3. Heeeeeey! I've been quite busy lately, but I'm back for a brief period. First things first: @maja did a lot of work in improving the mod, thanks, pal! As I can see from latest comments all this "power production requirements" are quite confusing for lot of people. So I'm thinking about removing them at all and instead just change average speed of the rover depending on various factors. This will take some time as I plan to integrate @maja's improvements as well. Keep calm and drive safe
  4. Interstellar is cool, but pretty complex mod. USI Warp Drive is pretty cool, but does not allow you to time warp. Here's the intermediate solution: ISWD standalone - almost the same mechanics as in Interstellar, but in vanilla KSP. Space Dock Source Code Know how: The idea is that EM decays. So you need "Containment Field" to accumulate and store it. To activate containment field you need current power production 100 EC/s. Once activated containment field consumes 100EC/s and generates 0.01 EM/s. 100EC/s is not big deal if you use something like NFE, but really hard to achieve in stock, so I think it's a good value. If you initiate warp containment field becomes self sufficient, so no EC will be consumed, but EM won't be produced either. Such mechanics makes using warp drive not a piece of cake, but who said that travelling to the stars will be easy? Next, stats: Current Gravity Force - shows how deep you're in gravity well, the stronger the force, the lesser the speed you can warp with. Speed Restricted by G - ultimate speed limit of your warp, your warp speed will be dropped automatically as soon as you go deeper into gravity well, so beware, especially when approaching gas giants, as you may end up in sub orbital trajectory without enough EM to initiate escape jump. Current Speed Factor - currently selected warp speed, measured in fractions of C. !!!ACHTUNG!!! - C is "kerbalized" and equals to 29 979 245.8 m/s. Maximum Speed Factor - max allowed warp speed according to gravity well restriction. Minimal Required EM - minimal amount of EM required to initiate warp for the current vessel. Current Requred EM - amount of EM required to initiate warp with the current warp factor (see below) Maximum Required EM - amount of EM required to warp with maximum allowed factor. Current Drives Power - abstract value that affects EM requirements. Can be improved by unlocking new technologies (this part needs to be reviewed as current release may have bugs). Can also be improved with installing more than one WD on your vessel. The higher the factor the lesser EM requirements. Vessel Total Mass - no need to explain. The lesser the mass, the less EM is required to warp. Drives Efficiency - anothe abstract value that shows overall warp efficiency of your vessel. WARP FACTORS: You may think about warp factors as electron energy levels in atom, the "lowest" energy level is ONE C, that level requires minimal EM to initiate warp, all other factors will cost more and more. Here's how it looks like: 0.01 > 0.016 > 0.025 > 0.04 > 0.063 > 0.1 > 0.16 > 0.25 > 0.40 > 0.63 > 1.0 < 1.6 < 2.5 < 4.0 < 6.3 < 10 < 16 < 25 < 40 < 63 < 100 < 160 < 250 < 400 < 630 < 1000 So YES, warping lower than C requires more EM. That's current Interstellar mechanics that I kept with this mod. Increase Factor and Decrease Factor buttons increase and decrease warp factor. Reduce Warp Factor changes warp factor so that you go to lower "energy level". EM accumulation is done in background, so you can leave you warp ship on the orbit and continue building base on the Mun. Actually no background processing is done at all, instead you get "compensation" of EM according to time you've been away from warp ship, so this process does not eat your CPU time. Once in warp ship goes on "rails", that means your ship movement is processed by KSP itself and not by this mod, so you can go to tracking station and observe how you warp ship spikes trough time/space. WARNING!!! High speed warp (especially far away from Kerbol) is better observed from tracking station, otherwise you may wake up Kraken and your ship will be desintegrated. That's sometimes true while ship changes SOI, so quicksave is your good friend. If you loose your EC production containment field will continue to operate until EC is depleted. So you won't loose all your EM once you accidentally retract all your solar panels. EM decays with the rate of 100/s, be carefull. Launch scenario: Deliver your ship to the orbit, the higher orbit is better as G effect of Kerbin will be minimal, so you can warp with the lowest EM requirements possible. 10 megameters is a good start. Make sure your EC production is sufficient, otherwise you'll have really expensive satellite Activate containment field, you'll start getting EM immediately. Go and do something interesting like launching tourists to the orbit. EM is produced slowly. Come back to your ship after a little bit and see if you have enough EM. Pick your target and desired warp factor and initiate warp. Side note: I recommend using MJ Smart A.S.S to hold your ship orientation as stock SAS still not that "Smart". You can increase and decrease your warp speed while in warp, but that requires additional EM, so be carefull. If you go too deep into the gravity well, your warp factor will be reduced automatically until to 1 C and then you'll be dropped out of warp as moving slower than C requires more EM, so beware. Once you reached destination deactivate warp drive, but beware that containment field will start sucking up your EC immediately. I recommend using this mod for travelling to distant stars, for tactial "inside system" jumps USI Warp Drive is much better. License: KSPI-E Licensce TODO: Delay before warp, like you know: whoooooooo...booooom Integration with CTT Morph with USI Warp Drive Integrate with RSS, so that C becomes 299 792 458 m/s once it installed.
  5. Rushing somewhere? Versions and (for KSP 1.2.2 and KSP 1.3.0 respectively) are released: Experiments for the part are not available until part is purchased Fixed dmlaserblastscan and dmNAlbedoScan descriptions Check for null experiment ids by @linuxgurugamer List of excluded experiments is stored in plain text file by @linuxgurugamer List of exlcuded manufacturers is stored in plain text file
  6. I doubt that KSP API (and even Unity itself) will permit such distortion
  7. In my Arch installation native KSP starts with 4-5 FPS, so I'm playing winduz build with WINE. Anyway send me your log with NREs.
  8. Hey, man! I know that it might be not actual already but while I was diggin through KSP API reference I found that Vessel class has public bool directSunlight property
  9. Here is the link. Exactly the same as in the post above taken directly from my GameData.
  10. I'll revise your changes and port 'em into the source once I have time.
  11. There is no such mod. Believe me I looked hard before I started BV development (and I overlooked Autorove ) MechJeb rover autopilot has an option to build routes with the set of waypoints, but this does not guarantee safe voyage as even a single crack in the ground may send your rover into orbit. And that's not only the problem of MechJeb, cause even if you drive your rover manually you may end in a situation like this. Driving faster than 20m/s on top of The Mun is a suicide mission. I tried that twice: once 110 kilometers, second time 65 kilomters to navpoint and back to base (130 in total ). Each voyage took 2-2.5 hours of real time with countless amount of quickloads. That was booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring. Such a big areas to cover make rovers completely useless as now I can drive no more than for 15 minutes. BV solves that problem for me. It tries to be as less CPU consuming as possible while still tries to keep some sense of realism.
  12. As far as I can remember if BV moved PRELAUNCHed vessel it status did not update, and MET remained still. Also in tracking station and space center those kind of vessels were marked as "Landed at Runway", so you could not launch any other vessel (game complained that runway is blocked). Who knows what other consequences there're, so I decided to restrict BV activation for prelaunched vessels. But forcing it to landed might be a good idea. With new biome I'm not sure. Vessels are usually landed at celestial body and this status is updated forcefully each cycle. But there's serious speed penalty Your job is pretty cool, I'll see if it can be merged successfully into the mod. However this'll require some serious revisions, as I plan to add a lot of things too. As soon as I finish Yet Another Warp Drive mod I'll come back to Bon Voyage.
  13. Hey, man! Pulsar looks cool and black hole is even better. And if you put your system to a higher orbit, then my new warp drive mod will become more usefull Just sixteen kerbal days and I'm at Valentine
  14. I can push it to CKAN, but @avivey is around here somewhere, so maybe we'll see official notice soon.
  15. Only after seeing this mod in the list I understood what I was missing for the last week. That what happens when you don't play for more than three months
  16. I've created a Github repo and released unofficial recompile.
  17. @MatterBeam complained about lack of time for development and even passed pleasure of supporting Simple Construction to me. The mod itself is a set of MM patches that use USILifeSupport.dll (available for 1.2.2) and CivilianManagment.dll (outdated but there's a Revamp). So might be not hard to revive.
  18. This one was updated on CKAN and Github. Unofficial build that works.
  19. OMG it's also available on CKAN. How could I pass it by??? I'm off! I wanna try it now
  20. Yeah, I'm aware that you revived the mod. But I'm seeking for alternatives also, I have some options here: FTL, Warp Drive (either standalone with KSS Asimov chassis or based on IXS Warpship) and ESLD that looks pretty interesting I never tried it as it's not updated since 1.04 which I never played.
  21. I can confirm that IXS Warpship by @Denko666 is pretty good. I tested it yesterday as I wanna add it to my career play
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