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  1. I feel like it does not, knowing that your ship and a flag are separate entity's. But before you terminate your ship, if you want a fail safe, copy your save file somewhere so you can replace it should your flags decide to vanish.
  2. Welcome to the forums, I look forward to getting to know you!
  3. To be truthfull, you can simply not use timewarp, and thus be always playing in real time. Also, the day-night cycle on kerbin is not the same as earth time, so in can not be synced with real time.
  4. Congratulations KasperVld and Odin!
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  6. Granted, but as a cost for your better memory, you forget how to turn thoughts into reality. And you forget you have a better memory. I wish I was batman!
  7. 6/10 Ive seen you once or twice....
  8. Purchase a tent in camping, and then put it up in electronics, with the cover story that your waiting for half life 3 (boxed edition).
  9. While I cant answer the first question very well, I can say that a 1000part station will not lag the rest of the world if it is in orbit, and not loaded. Only what is in several km is loaded into the game, and thus creating lag. the rest is on rails and unloaded.
  10. Do you play EVE chobit? I see a character with that name....... Dont know if its you
  11. 195) Pod didn't blow up? Mission success. 196) Just about out of fuel? Not going to make it to jool? Lets go to Duna instead. 197) Ya know what, lets go to jool anyway. Insert devhacks here. 198) Pods are overrated, lets strap a man to a seat and send him to duna.
  12. Because I care not about your world views, and more about your art, swastikas or not? Its really nice in my opinion, and I have several as backgrounds for my computers, which is a lot considering I change my backgrounds once every several years. Its really good stuff, and I feel its a shame to stop just because others don't agree with your world views, or your pictures with symbolism that was terrible in its day. I don't want to lose that just because your discouraged, and feeling ripped off. Even if you did step over a line for some people, your art still speaks for its self.
  13. Cant wait to see the WIP stuff, it all looks really cool. and it is kinda weired the way you have scroll, but I would rather new pics over fixing it
  14. I don't remember if test team existed at this point. but im sure all the test team will need to be re-added to the group.
  15. Im happy that I didnt lose my post count, but I feel worse for you. Good bye, 10 thousand posts.
  16. RIP: Lost data. I like your works, didn't post before. Guess I can be first now.
  17. Um, once in orbit you cant use physics warp?
  18. NIN3

    Skunky is back

    Ok, I lost that one. Just never seen him before, so I wasent sure.
  19. NIN3

    Skunky is back

    Congrats skunky. May I ask, who is adnonimon? I cant remember ever reading the name...
  20. Wait why did he quite? Anyway, I would love to take on his projects, but I cant code :C
  21. Far as I know, yes. I used it to modify that value, and im not dead yet.
  22. Ive seen that avitar somewhere before, thamecraft? Dunno... are you that person? As for the mod, interesting chalange, I just might try it.
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