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  1. The internet, where every action have an overreaction. No, I don't "want to pick nits". I just want you to understand that my comment was not about what you are nitpicking. Would you notice the kerbal not moving despite the reaction force from the wingnut? Most people wouldn't notice or wouldn't care (it's a game). But the devs made the effort to properly simulate it and the result: in some circumstances the wingnut don't move, that is not like it would happen in real life and most people do notice it. Personally, I found it funny enough to post a ironic remark. BTW we do compare KSP with reality all the time. You don't need to go far in this forum to find someone praising realism or complaining about lack of it in the game.
  2. Seems like the kind of problem the modlet ship save splicer is intended to solve.
  3. How you did it? Steering commands are not allowed, but If you used something other than pilot inputs for yaw/pitch/roll your entry is valid. rule 4: I'm not allowed to add extra rules.
  4. Don't get me wrong. I agree with your analysis. My approach is slightly different but that is besides the point. Is just that I'm wondering if can a squeeze a bit more into that concept without making it impractical.
  5. Except that you cant notice the subtle Dzhanibekov effect when the nut remain still despite the Torque exerted by the kerbal
  6. That is not important, however... that is getting into my head right now.
  7. Creative interpretation of the rules is part of the challenge. That is not strictly a "no glitches, no exploits" challenge. Just make it interesting.
  8. For a normal carrer Cheap&Cheerfull designing is more than enough. You can easily make several times the cost of the rocket in mission rewards without bothering to recover/reuse.
  9. Version release 1.xx.1 notes: "Fixed bug with bugs. Bugs should function properly now."
  10. If not said otherwise is allowed. So, yes, yes and yes. On the other hand, not using those may make things more interesting. Also changed the wording of the rule 1 for clarification.
  11. Your mission, should you accept, is to launch a craft from the surface of any planet and hit the surface of any moon. However there are a few condition: Any active engine should be at 100% thrust. You are not allowed to give steering commands You are not allowed to use thrust limit, deployment angle and authority limit to circumvent rule 1 and rule 2 You can report the success in any way you like, there is no "official" scoring, but entrants are encouraged to include images and statistics. And, for the sake of completeness, there is my boring entry: Hall of Fame: @QF9E Hit The Mun from Kerbin. In the face!! @xendelaar The gunslinger Hit The Mun from Kerbin. In the face!!
  12. So, does my tanker counts as a valid entry? Kataklysm Mass(launchpad/orbit) 6 164.9t/1 558.0t , TWR1.41, 324 parts total with 67 in the upper stage.
  13. That by default is control trim. And may be the reason why your navball is wandering around. Alt+X will reset trim. Precision control is now a mode, Caplocks toggle it on/off. Well, maybe cheaper, cooler or something but strapping a parachute to recover the thing is as convenient as it get.
  14. more than 14 fuel tanks if you mean Basic Rocketry or more than 5 science to unlock if you mean General Rocketry. In either case, can be done with very little science and limited by level 1 facilities. MOAR parachutes! ..or a bit of fuel reserved for the suicide burn. There are other issues, like depleting the batteries and turning into a lawn dart or tipping after the touchdown. But is quite doable. Probably more practical early on. If recovering near KSC is not required then you may not even need to adjust from a regular trajectory.
  15. The original deltaV map is quite old and apparently no one bothered to adjust it for each small change in the game if the difference is small enough.
  16. Unfortunately it is fast or cheap. Pick your poison. Eve is quite convenient for gravity assist, both for traveling to and from Kerbin. If you are feeling brave enough you may skim its atmosphere for further deltaV savings (granted that it will be tricky to manage both heat and drag for a useful trajectory afterwards, to say the last. However, capturing and refuel at Gilly may also be an option)
  17. Seems like i followed the link to ta different mod without realizing . It may take a while to look in each of those mods and decide which one better suits you. Personally, I settled for [x]Science, but I sometimes miss the option to review finished experiments from Experiment Tracker. We avoid such foolishness so we don't need to tell obvious lies about it.
  18. Sorry If I was not clear. By the seat of my pants, parts seems to make little diference but the spacing (offset) helps. In either case, more often than not I can use something else, circumventing the issue altogether. So it fair to assume that other may tun into situation where my solution don't work but something else does.
  19. Well, I don't see a question. Only the quote from the wiki. It seem you are, in a nutshell, attempting this: does it helps?
  20. In my experience neither the Thorougbred or the Clydesdale like radial attachment in general to a certain degree. I always associated it with the high thrust and the resulting flexing. Being direct attached or through decouplers (or structural parts) don't seem to make that much a difference. You are correct that the issue can be avoided (or at least remediated) for even bigger crafts but you may have hit some kind of bitter spot. What I can think is that shaking boosters attached to other shaking boosters may have triggered a feedback loop due to resonant effect. If that is the case, small adjustment to the boosters position or mass could be just enough to beak the resonant effect (off course, high speculative). Can't argue with style.
  21. Classic. some additional themes: Birds: Falcon, Pelican, Pigeon, Chicken Animals: Bison, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Jaguar, Tiger, Badger Mythological creatures: Sylph, Sphinx, Manticore, Dragon, Leprechaum Deities: Zeus, Thor, Isis, Amaterasu, Bachus, Aniger Climatic phenomena: Hurricane, Storm, Ciclone, Snow, Fog Abstract Concepts: Persistence, Fortitude, Amusement
  22. BTW, it may also be an idea to make a orbital refueling. Since it will be considerable simpler to put tha crat in orbit without the fuel.
  23. Too strong forces overcoming the structural integrity of the rocket basically. It may be exacerbated by glitches related with clipping and lag. Try to reduce part count, avoid clipping, use struts/auto-struts and go for a more vertical flight profile to avoid high aerodynamic forces. Unfortunately, there is not a single solution that works for every craft, u need to mix an match accordingly to the situation.
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