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  1. Which version is better suited for 1.8.1? Anyone have experience trying 2.9 vs 2.10?
  2. So this fix i used was; Update ksp to 1.9.1 Install FAR with CKAN Go back into steam and downgrade to 1.8.1
  3. Having some problems with installing FAR. Ckan V1.27.2 KSP Version Far version Fresh install no other mods, refuses to install. Trying to install the More realistic pack which won't install without FAR. I installed manually and it works in game fine but then CKAN doesn't pick it up with the "AD" so i STILL can't install the realistic mod. I tried clean install, verifying game files, manual installation (see above) not really sure what to do from here. Here is the error code
  4. Was going to make a new topic for this but I just wanted to request the same thing.
  5. Thanks for the info I was a little confused. Is that a feature that you have thought about implementing?
  6. What are the requirements for contracts to show up, i've got several scan-sats in orbit but I have not got one comsat contract yet. Running lots of mods as far as contact related mods; Contracts window+ 7.3 Contract Parser 5.0 Quick Contracts 1.21 Contract configurator 1.22.2 Contract pack: RemoteTech 2.1.3 Contract pack: Basses and Stations Contract pack:Clever Sats 1.4 Contract pack: Kerbal Academy 1.1.5 All installed with ckan. Haven't seen any comsat stuff not even in "all"
  7. Open up the dark side calculator and enter your orbit in the provided box. Dark side surface = Landed on the surface of the planet / moon. Dark-side Transit is the dark side in orbit. The number you are looking for is "EC required for dark-side transit"
  8. Think I just found a bug. Tried to create a separator and i clicked move to top of list. ALL resources disappeared. If needed I can provide my mod list. Edit: How do I reset this...
  9. Starting a new game with remote tech and may other mods. "Enable Comm Network" is toggled on by default. Do i need to turn it off?
  10. Confused about respawn delay, what is it? Does it make it so that kerbals are comatose for a while and then die? Truthfully that's what i'm looking for. I would like to be able to send rescue missions for my incapacitated kerbals.
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