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  1. This is the"eternal engine Mk1 prototype" I found this whole "eternal" events when I was makeing this bucket wing craft. And I think it isn't so hard to make stable effect
  2. Well,I aleady made some"eternal engine" crafts year ago. https://mobile.twitter.com/seiryu_ksp/status/923428492141723648/photo/1
  3. Working remake of my old work. The helicopter that has tailrotor and mainblade with rotorhead on it. It can move but it's won't fly. (Mechanics of rotorhead is too heavy) Well still it's looks great I think.
  4. 30t縛りが厳しかったものの無事珍妙な機体で宇宙到達。本当は非対称期にしたかったけど15トンほどおもすぎた。
  5. Yep, My other friend launched non-fuel first stage rocket. It actually worked!
  6. Testing canon knockback absorber system Mk2. Result was great!! Here is the movie of test.
  7. I think it's infinit as long as your PC can go. In theory, more gears you put ,it simply become faster and PC gets slower. So,to shoot asteroid in light speed, you can just put tons of gears.(I think most of PC will stop around 300~500 large landing gears.) I never tested that big projectile so, it is just a theory
  8. My word isn't enough . My bad. Yep my PC isn't so much hi-spec. So that was my best. But my friend have nice PC and he sent me screenshot of near lightspead. And he also said he was able to have a speed of 2700000000m/s. ↓[screenshot that my friend sent me]
  9. Well, it have been already built... still I made canon knockback absorber system. it made this canon capable of fire on the tanks/cars
  10. well it's driven by the power of landing gears. one on the picture are driven by 90 big landing gears. to build one:put tons of landing(legs/gears) :put bullet on the were those legs/gears suspension can go back. :set suspension parameters to the max. :go out side, decouple bullet and have fun !! : ) by the way, if someone use this technologies, if possible pleas write my name or something. it will make me more happier. ; )
  11. well, I already posted on WIP design thred. but i'll post it here too. I made newtype full stock gun that won't use engines or decouplers. I never seen this type of gun so, I think it's new technologies If you have enough PC specs, you can go faster than lightspead!!
  12. In these days, I made full stock canon. That has capability of launching bullet in 745km/s. It doesn't using decoupler or engines. So, I think it's new technologies. By the way, my friend also made canon with this technologies. He said he was able to fire bullet in 9 times faster than lightspead.
  13. well, dose legs are working as springs. to unlock,just push unlock lever.
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