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  1. I've looked in settings. Either i'm missing something obscure, or i think you're incorrect. for example, in the settings.cfg file there's configuration for UIMODE_STAGING, UIMODE_DOCKING mapped to Insert and Delete, respectively. But nowhere in the game configuration, while at the main menu or with a save loaded can I reconfigure these buttons, among many others as well.
  2. Didn't know this was a thing I play mostly on mac, don't have an alt key, but I can figure out which key is the replacement. So, I'll amend my request to say that all key functions being programmable/indicated from the game, not a text file would be nice. and not having to leave game to do it. Edit: it's the option key on mac, figured it would be. Works like a charm. Second thing i've learned recently because I haven't read much of the online instructions but instead just what's in the game. I should probably go do that after all these years =P
  3. I guess what I meant is, consider this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxZP5HPAP78 I currently have a "dart" engine 'grabbed'. If I held a button, for example, control, and then i just clicked directly onto the green/black bubble that I wanted it to be attached to. Instead, as I rotate the camera round and move the mouse on, it gets all distracted by the many possibilities. This video example isn't too bad, but with bigger/more complicated designs, it can be really challenging. Not the fun kind of challenging. I don't know a lot about how this kind of thing is programmed. I probably don't understand how difficult it is to build something like this, but I've played other, 'build things' games where it's not that difficult. Things that come to mind are like the 'theme park' games where you build roller coasters, or even the sims, building houses and placing accessories. I haven't actually played the sims in 10 years or so but I don't remember having problems placing objects in ridiculously large houses with lots of crap everywhere.
  4. Awesome, thanks guys. I'll play around with this more and see what I can make work.
  5. Kraken? Are you talking about a literal giant space squid? or is this analogy to which you mean bugs? I think i'm in over my head. I'm trying to figure out how to use this new expansion and I'm completely lost.
  6. So, I'm pretty confused with this expansion, documentation for it, and bug behaviour along with it. I spent hours trying to make a moving engine system work, only to find that using autostruts were causing it to break. But then I watch @GoldForest's tutorial on a gravity station where he (or she? sorry idk lol) uses autostruts without a problem. So can you do autostruts or no? or can you but things like 'root part' vs 'heaviest part' matter?
  7. I'm kind of at that frustrated point with ksp1 that I don't want to play anymore. I hope ksp2 fixes it. I've been taking notes for this list for a while. Hope it doesn't come off too much like a rant with the base thing. I have to start over and it sucks. I've been searching about some of these but I'm kind of burnt out right now and need to take a break from the game. Editor: - I'd like to be able to build not based on a tree of parts. Actually design and build. Use square and rectangle designs properly. - It would be great if I could just click the places i want things attached instead of having to manipulate the camera angle to weird angles so that I can line up the connection of this and that part. - Include measurement and alignment tools. - Add an option to re-add to symmetry after I click 'remove from symmetry' Gameplay: - I want to not load my save and watch the otherwise previously structurally sound and stationary mun base explode before my eyes. I quicksaved at the base, load:: boom. Tried loading persistent save, then flying a ship, landing at the base and as soon as I'm about 100m away, it all just explodes.The base, the rover that was docked at the base. all: boom. I spent like 19 hours on that and I can't make it not explode. Reverted to a save from yesterday, still boom. I loaded quicksaved/loaded multiple times yesterday with no boom. Why's today different? It's literally the same save. On the other hand, watching it all boom is a fun fireworks show. Parts go everywhere, it's kind of impressive. - controls/keybinding editing in-game without having to exit back to the main menu. - the robotics/moving parts thing is great, but I can't get anything to work. It works in the editor, then I 'launch to test' and only one side moves, or I move the slider on the left side, the right side moves and the left side doesn't. - a wind tunnel would be awesome for testing aerodynamics and getting drag statistics back for build design comparisons. - first person eva/kerbal views would be awesome, especially running around bases and ships.
  8. woah nice, i didn't realize that is what that option was. I thought it was more about the response to landing or something.
  9. When it comes to building vehicles that line up with things that sit on the ground, is there an easier way to do it than try, go back, move, try again, repeat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJLGhtflPp4 I spend a stupid amount of time going back and forth, only then to find out once i get it on the mun or wherever that the ground is slightly less even than where I tested and it wont line up.
  10. On linux, I've tried everything I can think of, the game ignores the modifier key. Yes, I know it's right shift on linux not left-alt. I've tried remapping it in settings.cfg to some other key, doesn't work. Game seemed to reset it back to right shift, so I changed the file to root only permission and changed it to what i believe to be the only unused letter key, "Y", still no luck. I've searched a bit and only found people reporting that they should use right-shift. Anyone else have this issue? running 1.9.1 Ok, i'm dumb. I was trying to test, building a new ship. I was in a hurry and trying to "modifier key click" on a root piece to try copying. I later read that you can not copy a root piece. The letter "y" does work. disregard
  11. i'm referring to whatever url the game itself takes you to when you click 'addons' from the main menu. probably curseforge. I didn't realize that wasn't a 3rd party resource. idk what a ckan question is, either. i'll look at spacedock. that's new to me. Like i mentioned before, i've only ever used whatever resource i thought was built by the game, in the games menu. thanks.
  12. I haven't played in quite a while, I maybe am missing something. I just installed, am running version but none of the addons are for anything newer than 1.8, including my beloved mechjeb. is there a new mods page or something?
  13. Thanks for the welcome. I'll check out the videos.
  14. Thanks everyone for the advice and feedback. I will ditch Mechjeb eventually. It has helped me get a feel for the mechanics of the game. I did try a large number of hours solo and after about 10 hours of unsuccessful launches (I hadn't figured out SAS was a thing yet), I started researching mods. For now, though, it lets me focus on other parts of the game. For example, my need for 6 large orange tanks! I'm designing and building a fueling station. the idea is that I can launch into orbit with a bare minimum of fuel, empty tanks, and heavy rocketry. Once in orbit I'll fill up with fuel then launch outwards from there. I was attempting to do this docking with only a primary engine. No thrusters or monopropellant. Also, I will take a look further through the forums and sticky posts later today. Can't Kerbal 'too' much at work, but does anyone know if there is a glossary posted here somewhere?
  15. Hello all. This game is great. It tugs at that little kid part of me that wants to go out and fly into space and be an astronaut. I keep trying to design rockets, bases, and space stations and I keep failing miserably. I don't say that because i'm asking for help or because I'm stuck. I'm just taking a break from blowing up my space stations and venting a little. I'm sure you all know this frustration. I'm playing with mechjeb. I've got the rendezvous pilot engaged and I watch it drive my rocket carrying 6 nearly full rockomax jump-64 fuel tanks right into my refueling station and suddenly the dark side of the moon is no longer dark. This thing is huge and it doesn't turn around very quickly at all so if it gets going too quickly towards the station it's game over. I've got to line them up like 1km away and then crawl in at like .5 to 1m/s because there is no turning around to correct and I've tried some mono-propellants but the mass of this just makes it complicated as all heck. I've spent the last 4 hours trying to get fuel up to the space station around Kerbal so i can move the fuel transporter to the moon to resupply my first command center and pick up the science they're holding onto. I would absolutely love to see this as a multiplayer game. How nice would it be to communicate with your friend that's driving the OTHER ship and they can keep it on target while approach to dock. I've got ship 1 set to track the target then I switch to ship 2 to set the same but since i've left ship 1 the command seems to drop so she just starts floating off track. Time for bed, i'll try tomorrow.
  16. thanks, I did see the age but for some reason I thought the part would still be relevant. I get it now haha, thanks for pointing it
  17. Hi. I'm a little bit new to this game. I'm 'only' about 100 hours in. From what i've read that's just the beginning. I've played career mode through once to unlock almost all of the sciences. Currently I'm watching my DVD screensaver hoping that the stupid logo that is always bouncing from corner to corner actually hits that perfect corner. I mean, I'm trying to rendezvous and dock.
  18. What is a "Large ASAS"? I am in sandbox mode and there is no such part. What does it do?
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