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  1. I'm not sure since it depends on which features you want to disable. You can't pull the contracts out of LRTR very easily since it's all tied together in a giant knot with the other parts of the mod. You could turn off KerbalConstructionTime (from the KCT control panel) and this would mean you don't have to worry about build or research times. This would reduce costs and 'Kerbalize' the experience a bit. You can disable the astronaut training from the KSP Settings window. There are still some 'monthly' costs baked into the mod that can't be disabled, but without KCT or astronaut training, they are not as much of a burden. Is this pointing you in the right direction?
  2. Sadly no. It's theoretically possible to adjust all the contracts but they are all hard coded so it would mean a complete rewrite of all those contracts. This is another case of using the original RP-1 code (see above). The mod will work in KSRSS, which is 2.5x, if that helps.
  3. I wouldn't say 'intended' but it is because LRTR using the RP-1 (old version) branch of KCT which does not integrate with ScrapYard. Unfortunately there's no good work around. It needs those RP-1 features and it's just too different to try and work ScrapYard back into this version of KCT. At some point I would like to revisit all of this, but I just don't have the time or energy to do a full rewrite.
  4. Honestly I'm not sure. One of the 'joys' of KSP dev work, especially one that uses so many other mods, is they are all moving targets. It's entirely possible that RealFuels has made changes that break compatibility LRTR. Unfortunately I now longer have the bandwidth to keep up with KSP stuff. If RealFuels isn't looking for the LRTR specific Kerbalism config, it may just assume Kerbalism isn't installed at all, so it won't be adding in standard supplies. This is something that could likely be fixed but I have no idea when I would have time to look at this. I know it kind of sucks but this basically means you would need to remove Real Fuels, Kerbalism, or LRTR. At least for now. I haven't abandoned KSP entirely so at some point I hope to have both the time and the mental energy to go through and fix issues like this. One fun but sometimes frustrating option is to dive into KSP modding yourself! The learning curve is steep but it can be done if you take it step by step. Most modders started by either trying to fix something they liked but didn't work, or adding in features they wanted but didn't exist. LRTR was a bit of both since I wanted to play 'stock' parts in the real solar system and the options at the time didn't really work for me. In general if you can play KSP you can learn to mod KSP.
  5. Hmm... you should be getting 1 day of consumables per seat for any crewed part. Do you have a mod that is adding the ability to add consumables directly to a part? It might be playing with existing resources on parts. NOTE: This is just a guess though since I don't know of any mods that do this. I didn't add MechJeb by default on purpose but there's a fairly simple mod out there that should add it in (MechJeb for All maybe?).
  6. Failure mods maybe, it forces redundancy, escape systems, etc. I use my own Less Real Test Flight (a TestFlight add-on for stock-ish games) but there are tons out there so finding one that fits your gaming style shouldn't be too difficult. It's still in 'beta' mostly because it needs a good optimization pass, but otherwise it's basically done.
  7. Version 2.0.7 is now available. https://github.com/pehvbot/LRTR/releases/tag/v2.0.7 This fixes tech tree issues with Kerbal Construction Time launchpad recovery as well as a tech tree fixes for MechJeb, RealFuel-Stock, and Procedural Fairings. It should now be possible to recover vessels launched from a launchpad once you have researched Spaceplanes Era Materials Science.
  8. Yep, it's broken, along with a few other things for the same reason. I made some changes to the tech tree a while ago but didn't update this setting so launchpad recovery is set to a tech node that no longer even exists. I'll post a fix as soon as I can. Thanks for letting me know, reports like this are very useful. It helped me fix a few other problems as well.
  9. It depends. Aircraft (things launched from the runway) should be recoverable right away, rockets launched from a launchpad needs one of the techtree nodes unlocked. I don't remember off the top of my head but it's one of the middle/late era aircraft nodes, Space Shuttles maybe. You should always be able to recover an unlaunched vessel.
  10. Personally I would either dive straight into the deep end and use the CKAN express install of RP-1 -OR- start going through your list one mod at a time to see how you like it. Just be sure to have only one life support mod and one failures mod installed at the same time, otherwise it things might go sideways. My favorites are Kerbalism and Dang It but really, it's just about personal preferences. History of Spaceflight + Kerbal Construction Time is a good combo and I like Strategia as well. A few items on that list are really just support mods. Contract Configurator and Custom Barn Kit don't really do anything by themselves but they are used by other mods. Another option is to use my own Less Real Than Real(ism) + Less Real Kerbalism It uses the RP-1 tech tree, science, and contracts, plus crew training stuff but with a much more 'Kerbal' feel. It works with both RSS and KSRSS and is pretty tolerant of other mods. I made the mod specifically so I could play a fairly 'light' game since it only needs stock parts and Restock+ to be completely playable. It pairs well with Near Future as well. I wrote a failure mod (well technically it's and addon for another failure mod) called Less Real Test Flight specifically for LRTR but can certainly be used without LRTR as well.
  11. RP-1/RealismOverhaul is the gold standard and combines most of the other realism mods available. What types of mods are you interested in. E.g. life support, part failure, fuel types, contracts, etc?
  12. Use CKAN to install and manage mods. It's not perfect, but it's much better at keeping track of dependency mods, applying updates, and avoiding conflicting mods. You will want to start with a completely clean install to avoid hidden issues from previously installed mods. https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/releases
  13. Word of warning: KCT is fully integrated with LRTR (as it is with RP-1), so deleting it will break other things as well. You'll need to replace it once you are done testing. Beyond that, there's nothing else in LRTR that touches launches. What happens if you remove LRTR entirely?
  14. No clue but the only thing that messes with launching is Kerbal Construction Time. Because it's a modified version of the RP-1 version (e.g. not the stock version), it's certainly possible this is the cause. Does it still do this if you disable KCT?
  15. Version 2.0.6 of Less Real Than Real(ism) is now available: https://github.com/pehvbot/LRTR/releases/tag/v2.0.6 This adds CryoEngine and DeepFreeze support (thanks mateusviccari) and ORANGES support. Fixes biome issues with Phobos ROC features. Cleans up some unneeded warning messages.
  16. There's a bug in KSP where having a CrewCapacity of more than 0 while having a ModuleCommand (the module that allows you to control a part/vessel) with a minimumCrew = 0 will give you full control without a connection needed. You can exploit this in your game by simply adding a seat onto the probe core you want to use. For example if you want to give using ModuleManager a shot (google how if you need to) you can use this: //selects the HECS2 large probe core @PART[HECS2_ProbeCore] { //changes the crew capacity to 1 %CrewCapacity = 1 } The (fairly big) down side is you may find Kerbals sneaking into the probe core when you build your vessel.
  17. In Basic config, no. It just won't support kerbalism experiments or allow you to include rackmounted kerbalism modules. I'm hoping to add support in the advanced config, but that's a while away.
  18. Version is now available for download https://github.com/pehvbot/RackMount/releases/tag/v0.2.0 This is a substantial update and basically refactors the entire mod. It adds two profiles the default basic profile as well as a (highly!) experimental advanced profile. There are some notes at the top of the thread but basically this adds in most of the parts I was planning on adding for the basic profile. This now includes command parts, SAS, reaction wheels, Kerbnet Access, and probe control points for crewed parts. It also includes configurations for adding reaction wheels and resource converters to command parts. The experimental advanced configuration strips out basically everything form command parts, turning them into empty shells. You can then add in any parts you want for that specific load out (seats, controls, airlock(!), resources, etc).
  19. That should be doable. i won't have a chance to look at it for about a week though.
  20. Absolutely, the default placement isn't great. I'll be back in the real world in a week or so.
  21. Unfortunately I won't have time to work on this for a while so I would say give it a shot. I don't know where CryoTank changes the dry mass but it may be basing the numbers on a stock sized tank. If you can find where it does this you might be able to adjust these number either directly or using a MM patch.
  22. There may be two things going on here. One is that mechjeb is removed form most parts and you need to use the mechjeb part itself. The other (and I'm not sure if this is a problem in sandbox) is that the techtree info is somewhat broken. Try removing GameData/LRTR/support/mechjeb.cfg to see if things work as expected.
  23. If you center click on a part in the VAB it will give you the TF stats. The expected run time tells you how long the engine uses the nominal failure curve, but once you exceed that time the chance of failure goes up pretty quickly. If you open the TF menu in flight you can see how the chance of failure goes up dramatically once you exceed this time. It's roughly modeling things like engine burn through or parts wearing out. A better understood engine can certainly be 'over burned' more than a new one, but there are limits.
  24. The TF 'failure curve' is hard wired but each flight moves you along this curve by collecting 'data units' (du), so each flight improves your chances. Each part will have it's own failure curve but as far as I know none start at 100%. Typically they start at a 70%ish chance of failure and go down to 1% or so. These ignition failures also give you du and if it's an ignition failure you can simply roll it back and try again with a better chance of success. You won't get du from reverting the flight though. You can disable failures in the TF menu if you like, but honestly this is doing exactly what it's supposed to be doing.
  25. Have you enabled Advanced Tweakables in the main Settings menu?
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