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  1. ... Is this where I finally have to uninstall a game I paid money for after being shoehorned into a new license agreement (which this redshell thing certainly seems to operate under the purview of)? I don't want this info being collected. Out of curiosity, does anyone know about any other similar programs/utilities used as widely as redshell? Or is it pretty much the go-to standard for companies trying to collect info like this, given how many games are using it? I have to say I've kinda tuned out of KSP ever since the EULA update and this hit me like a slap in the face. In the meantime is there a TTI email I can contact? I'm honestly not expecting a reply or even someone to physically read the thing but darn it I feel like I need to do something.
  2. I know it's randomly selected-- that is, it should be. My issue is that I only ever get the one with the three floating in space, never the one with the mun. It's kind of perplexing.
  3. I use BetterTimeWarp and I've experienced this a few times myself, but never quite that bad.... that's insane. Usually I'd get a couple of meters per second per second at most. If this is an issue with BTW, do you have a suggestion for an alternative timewarp mod?
  4. So on the title screen there's either the background with the crashed ship on the mun or the one with three kerbals floating in space. I haven't seen the former in quite a while. This is hardly a new issue for me, and I suspect it is mod-related as if I uninstall every mod I run I'll get both title screens again (this worked a couple months ago when I tried this last). Furthermore, wracking my memory I think this started happening around the time I started modding KSP about 2 years ago. However, I finally figured I'd ask about this curiosity and see if anyone has experienced it themselves and if they know what mod/mods might cause this, or even how to fix it. I'm not invested enough in fixing this problem to physically check whether each one of my mods is actually causing it (I'm running a lot of them) and I'm not asking that of any of you either, but if you've stumbled across this before I'd greatly appreciate a nudge in the right direction. I'm running 1.3.1 on this save, and a painfully comprehensive list of mod folders is below (GameData folder screenshots). Brace yourself, there's a bunch. https://imgur.com/i2pIONY https://imgur.com/cnOW8Vd Cheers, DarthKozilek
  5. I went and asked Angel-125 to triple check, and you're right, apparently this isn't possible. That incompatibility was what I was initially worried about, although maybe I can bootleg a solution in-game with IR (never used it before, can't say for sure). Thanks for the help though, definitely learned a bit about how parts go together.
  6. Progress update: I have an attempt at a config file and a screenshot. The config is spoilered below. Below that is the current unity setup. Does the hierarchy look right? BaseSegment is the bottom half of the part with its collider as a chld, with sunpivot being the upper half of the mesh (called by the WBI module) and its collider and the suncatcher empty as children. root is the empty everything is a child of (for PartTools to work). To clarify further, I've intended this as a purely structural part (probably with an on-board battery), so it will not generate EC on its own, simply rotate anything on the end of it to face the sun. (Ergo I shouldn't need the stock deployable panel module?) On the note of the config, do the node-stack entries define the unity coordinates where I want the stack nodes to be? I haven't updated those numbers. Other numbers (cost, etc.) are just random placeholders, no thought given to balance. I'm still working out how to correctly call the dualAxis module.
  7. Excellent explanation, and thanks for the other thread reminder!
  8. I have a basic part modeled and textured and brought into Unity without issues. I've got two truss objects (a base and a rotating segment) and a basic mesh collider for each. The issues I see going forward are making the rotating collider match the rotation of the rotating truss, and actually incorporating some of the code mentioned above. I'll ask the authors of the above mods for some advice when I get to that point. Generally speaking, would those pieces of code go in the config file where the kspwiki tutorial says "PART MODULES AND RESOURCE DEFINITIONS GO HERE"? or do those get directly incorporated into the unity file somehow and exported as part of the part? Is Notepad going to be sufficient for stitching code chunks together? Or would anyone recommend something else? Finally, how do I post screenshots? I realize I'm leaving people in the dark here without specifics on the unity hierarchy, etc.
  9. Hi Everyone, New to posting, been playing KSP and lurking on this forum for 3 1/2 years or so. Super Basic Question: How do I post an image like a screenshot? I only see what looks like an imgur link button and I'm praying that's not my only option. What does "Insert other media" actually do in terms of local files/images? I'm trying to put some modeling knowledge to use and make a part mod so figuring out basic forum controls is a must.
  10. Hi All, A complex first post, but I was building a station the other day and it struck me that I haven't seen a mod that adds something like the Solar Alpha Rotary Joint of the ISS (That is, the mechanism that rotates the outermost truss segments while the panels themselves rotate on their own axes for 2 total alignment axes). For the record I am completely new to KSP mod creation (although I have read the kspwiki guide "Making an Asset"), so if you see something I'm suggesting that's completely ridiculous, I apologize in advance. My main question is, is a part like this even possible for KSP? (Additionally and perhaps more importantly, have I somehow missed a mod that adds this?) I'm imagining something like Near Future Construction's Octo-trusses with stack mount nodes on each end, one of which is the stationary end, the other the rotating end, with one side of the rotating end somehow determining solar exposure and rotating accordingly (rotating joint in the middle somewhere). Can a part be attached to a piece that rotates as such? I feel like there's a reason that I haven't seen parts surface mounted on panel wings (i.e. a rotating part) elsewhere in-game, and I don't know if that's a limitation of the engine or a choice I can make. The modeling seems straightforward enough (although I'm not sure how the rotating collider/mesh would work), and I've got 6 years of using Blender under my belt, but before I even attempt this I'd like to make sure Unity will allow me to do so. Could some piece of code or a config file that governs stock solar panels help me out here? Any tips on achieving the same effect with less effort? Generic common knowledge I should know but clearly don't? Additionally, if this is in fact impossible for whatever reason, I would appreciate you taking the time to explain why so I can learn any quirks of Unity/KSP I may be dealing with here. Thanks for reading. DarthKozilek
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