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  1. Please close my forum account.

    Despite the date listed when I opened >this < forum account, I've been with kerbal since harvester created it as nothing but blog posts you couldn't play yet.

    That said, T2 killed it. Not in the good way.

    Close me out. I waste too much time caring about this dumpster fire.

  2. I think a lot of people are wondering this. We're over 6 months since EA release, and basic things like reentry haven't been added yet. You're still discussing having discussions about plans for features.

    In the month of September 2023, how many people were working exclusively on KSP2 and no other title for 40 hours or more per week? Don't twist this question, it's a simple question the community deserves an honest response to.

    People deserve some honesty. What portion of the team has been allocated to work on a title other than KSP2?

  3. 13 minutes ago, Stoup said:

    I'm not one for throwing accusations around, but I do feel this is still a good point. It's hard to put faith in content that's in development, when a LOT of the content we've seen in development, over these past few YEARS still isn't in the game.

    They're still making videos about them discussing fixing things, and what routes they're considering taking with those fixes. It's laughable fraud and scamming.


    It feels like they honestly expected the modders to leap to the rescue and finish the game for them for free.

  4. 41 minutes ago, Delay said:

    Stuff that's worked on and not yet in the builds we have access to?

    You believe this? You must not have been watching since mid 2019 like many of us.

    They showed colonies, interstellar, tons of parts we don't have, etc etc etc. They made entire feature videos about it. Here we are in late 2023, and we don't have things they showed in mid 2019.

    Don't tell me about videos and supposed progress. They need to deliver it to paying customers, otherwise it's lies.

  5. 4 hours ago, Periple said:

    I think you’re drawing some very big inferences from, basically, lack of information. It would be just as valid to ”infer” that they’ve been quietly working on multiplayer, the new terrain system, HDRP, and all the roadmap stuff with one overburdened developer bugfixing 0.1, and will spring it on us next Tuesday. You can make up any story you like!

    Of course it isn’t! We’re only seeing a small part of the work — the work of the developers assigned to maintaining the 0.1 branch!

    They've had nearly a year to produce something meaningful.

    I've seen teams of ONE PERSON produce more over that timespan! That is not exaggeration.

  6. 42 minutes ago, Periple said:

    Do you have a source for this? If you don’t, then you’re just spreading misinformation and starting rumors and I don’t think that’s OK even if you are upset!

    Misinformation: KSP2 is being actively developed by a large team of talented developers intent on making it the best it can be.

    They aren't going to tell you that the team of 50 people is working on something else 97% of the time and giving KSP2 scraps of time as it earns money. You have to infer that from the rate of progress on KSP2, the knowledge that the publisher is working on another space game, and the insufficient job postings to support hiring a new team.

    Let me ask you plainly: do you think the progress on KSP2 since EA launch is the result of 50 full time employees? Do you really need to see a company-embarassing and shareholder value dropping press release telling you this?

    They want the investors to see profit at the end of the rainbow so they don't sell stock. You are not going to be told since it would impact valuations. You'll have to figure it out yourself.

    Let me also ask: What of their official information has proven reliable that you trust them to tell the truth about this now?

  7. What needs to happen is all of the "let them cook" and "it's crap now but will be good later" positive reviews need to go, then this dumpster fire will burn out on its own.

    The only people buying right now have to be uninformed kids dazzled by the salesmanship of Nate and the flashy-fun trailers. Almost nothing on steam gets as bad reviews as KSP2, it's really rare to see.

    Sales for this game should be suspended or it should be cancelled. It's the only good faith way of handling a game that they've apparently got a skeleton crew working on part time.

    Scummy company. Scummy management. Scummy marketing.

    Hey T2: that game you moved the devs to will be just as bad. 

  8. I hate to inform you, but KSP2 is not worth the time or money.

    You're going to be disappointed. Have you looked into the actual state of the game and the rate at which they're putting work into it? I'd just wait on KSP2 until you get out of college, assuming you're maybe 10 I'm guessing by the post. By then, it'll either be done or unfinished abandonware.


    Also, are you trying to solicit for someone else to buy you a computer? Cause that's what it sounds like.

  9. 16 minutes ago, HebaruSan said:

    That's not a source. In the context of the response you were replying to, a source would have been a link to an article or interview discussing project reprioritization and staffing changes at Intercept, not just more of your own interpretation and speculation.

    Sorry, I forgot the /s.

  10. 7 hours ago, Superfluous J said:


    The progress on KSP2. 

    It has been nearly a year (be pedantic about months if you please). 50+ people could not have possibly achieved so little in that space of time if it had been 50 random college freshmen staying up all night on drunken benders and partying all day, only to program during spare time when washing their laundry.

    Motivated hack-a-thoners have achieved more in the space of day than these clownshoes have done in 6+months.

    Be real.

  11. 2019 me seeing announce video: tear of pride and joys rolls down my cheek.

    2020 me seeing delay: me gusta, I can take it. Do what you gotta do.

    2021 me with more delays: ok.  Not ideal, but ok.

    2022 me with more delays: hmm. The heck is going on over there?

    Early 2023 me with EA "release": lol. The dystopian decay has spread to my favorite refuge. Not good

    Mid 2023 me seeing heat effect salesmanship: lmao. Nate's used car lot in full effect. "Drives out fine" for 2 hours until you're past warranty (steam refund period) then it's your problem, pal. 

    (Slaps hood) This baby can fit so much heat effects!

  12. Video: "Suffer with me."

    Me: "No."

    I'll buy it and play it when it's playable. At this rate, that'll be 2033. More likely it's being kept in the appearance of development for effect on shareholders and will be cancelled when t2 has more big-ticket releases upcoming to feather its cap with. Either the lack of tangible progress on critical bugs bodes  poorly for hopes of timely completion, or they've shadow abandoned it already.

  13. The fact that so many people who bought at 50 feel ripped off when price drops by less than the cost of a McDanald's "value" meal means they already felt ripped off deep down but justified it because "investment." Now, they're already underwater on the "investment" and have gotten little to no "value" out of it.


    When people buy a fantastic game st full price you don't see them storm into forums and get cranky at the first steam sale...

  14. 7 minutes ago, OhMahDan said:

    It’s because if you look at the actual positive reviews being made, most of them are agreeing that the game is garbage and you shouldn’t buy it yet, but they’ll give it a thumbs up because it’ll be great someday.

    Some people have just lost the plot… imagine anything being reviewed based on what it COULD be and not what it currently is… sigh

    I was just looking at the reviews seconds before reading this post, and you're 100 percent correct. Bunches of "I totally recommend this game, but don't buy it yet."

    It's either some kind of tribal allegiance-signalling display, or people trying to convince themselves they made a good purchase.

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