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  1. doing a bit of rehashing on an old project, I had this 1976 ford front end laying around so i asked around to see what i should do, and the answer was bronco. technically they only went to a full size body in 1979, but im not remaking this grill For reference, below is the original grill i'd made over the summer, I didnt put too much care into it, the new one is above
  2. im goin back in on the klond v12 after so long this one isnt quite as fast as the old air frame, but it looks heaps better
  3. im not dead im just not playing ksp much '70s trans-ams are bad to the bone though, so i have made some time to fiddle around a bit with grip pads and join the 21st century
  4. i'm not dead im just bored been working on a flag remaster of my B-24 for a bit, goin pretty well
  5. please help me i'm building an entire plane bit by bit oh and the engine's exhausts will fire in the correct firing order, as if i didnt have enough work already
  6. Test Pilot Review: @Rocket_man1234's K-400 of C-7 Aerospace (Flight incident report 0513996) Figures as Tested: Price: 36,343,000 Fuel: 520 units Cruising speed: 250 - 268m/s Cruising altitude: 4km Fuel burn rate: avg 0.02 Range: 6968km Review Notes: The boys in the shop were happy to hear a familiar name, they've been working on the smaller K-300s in our fleet and gathered around like kids in a candy shop. The Combined powerplant had them concerned over maintenance costs for large-scale operations but that remains to be seen. Out on the runway, the preflight was simple to understand and similar to some proprietary aircraft we have on hand. She was a little reluctant to get airborne but did in fact, lift off at the designated 60m/s. Once in the air, it was very light on the controls for an aircraft of it's size. As we accelerated to cruise, the aircraft tracked very straight and true, making prolonged flight a breeze. I was a bit surprised when I saw the needle climb slowly past 250 and hold steady at 268 for the majority of level flight. One issue that was encountered, was the inability to easily make small roll adjustments. The electronics seem overly reactive and only serve to bounce the wings during such scenarios. During one approach, while testing the glide slope, A sudden headwind pushed the aircraft into a nose-high attitude, inducing a stall and destroying the tail section entirely The Tail skid might as well have been cosmetic, but the other safety measures such as the wide set landing gear, and bumpers installed on the wingtips ensured that passenger compartment was completely undamaged. The Verdict: Overall, The aircraft shows promise. For cargo operations to short fields in remote areas, this aircraft would excel. It's high speed handling is superb and is easy to control. I can see the company purchasing at least 10 for such operations. Our engineers are currently running the costs of keeping 4 engines inspected and ready to run on such an aircraft. It is a concern but not a deal breaker. Lastly, the astronomical range is what makes me confident We'll buy at least a few. The extra maintenance is more than worth it when considering the fuel savings against using a competitive, solely turbojet aircraft. our suggestions for improvements, would be to include a more substantial tail skid, (one that doesnt break in the event it's used) and to automate the process of propeller pitch adjustment through the use of KAL units
  7. On today's episode of Cars Take Forever the Ford GT40, with 41/2 hours on the clock
  8. right on the money. the santa cruz is a recon plane that has both floats and wheels. it runs off of hydrogen, which is convenient when your world is mostly ocean like in that universe
  9. some more progress today still no guesses as to the name? well, i guess the pilot's name is charles karino if that helps you guys at all this'll probably be one of the planes i consider my best work, providing i dont screw it up and get it to work
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