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  1. I’ve seen the target ship start to rotate annoyingly, making docking impossible (used up all my MP futilely trying once), due to a botched docking attempt were my ship knocked into target ship. I’ve learned in those cases to abort the attempt and leave that ship - go to Tracking Station or choose another ship to fly. Then go back to the original and reattempt. This seems to reset to target ships stability. I’m not sure if a certain amount of time has to pass though.
  2. Yeah, I figured it may get be worth mentioning, since it’s kind of a show-stopper if you’re trying to get somewhere on foot on the Mun. @Adenosine Triphospate Nope, no time warping. In fact, it won’t let me. I’ve definitely tried to time warp while walking both on the Mun and on Kerbin. Also, I’ve confirmed that the twitching doesn’t happen on Kerbin, so that reinforces my theory that it’s related to the lower gravity of the Mun.
  3. Not so much of a question as a comment: I’ve noticed that while a Kerbal is trying to walk a distance on the Mun, they will sometimes take a few steps then middle-step will begin to twitch, which slows them down to nearly a stand still. It’s extremely annoying when you’re out of MP and trying to hump it to location (in my case making it to a rescue vessel after I survived a crash). I’ve found the fix is to look down toward the ground as you’re walking, far enough until it stops twitching. You can zoom way out if you lose sight of your destination tag. I suspect this may have something to do with them trying to walk in low g situation. I don’t recall if this is a problem on Kerbin. Of course the best fix is to unlock the Probodobodyne RoveMate and build a Rover.
  4. Awesome! Thank you, sir. Yeah, I’ve been exploring the world of mods (something new for me). I’d previously put together an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my science experiments. A lot of work, but I learned a lot about how science works in the game. Now I find out there’s a mod that does it all for me! Now I have many mods loaded.
  5. Hmmm, ok thanks. Yeah, I’d suspected just that. So I’ll stop using it as much on rockets.
  6. Yeah, I’ve been using them both. Before discovering them, my rockets where all over the place. After, they’re totally solid. Total game changer. I haven’t tried leaving rigid attachment off to see if there’s much of a difference.
  7. One of the best tips I’ve come across is the “Advanced Teakables” Under main menu settings that enables auto struts and rigid attachments. This has vastly improved my experience and has prevented me from raging quitting this game for good (why something like that is obscurely titled, hidden in the settings and defaulted to off is beyond me). Anyway, I get the auto strut concepts, but what exactly does the rigid attachment do. I’ve just been turning it on for all my parts, but is there a time to use and a time not to?
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