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  1. I cannot load a quicksave, whether it be an F9 quickload or a ''esc menu -> load game'' quickload. I can quicksave perfectly fine, but when I press and hold F9, the green message appears but the game just doesn't load from my last save. It pauses for about 0.1 seconds but the game carries on. I tried remapping the buttons, but it did not fix the issue. I reinstalled the game, and quickloading worked..... for about 10 minutes as I took a break and when I came back it refused to quickload again. I cannot test or properly complete any crafts/missions and it's becoming really annoying. This issue only ever started once I installed KSP 1.8, and I didn't have this issue in any other versions.
  2. Looks really good! Just one thing though, will the main fuel tank be able to be switched between orange and white?
  3. I was on the verge of suing (not really) but this helped me a lot, thanks!
  4. Im sorry for bothering you, it turns out I installed the mod incorrectly. I've fixed it now though.
  5. Half the sdhi parts don't appear anywhere in my parts list, and I have all the depencies installed? Why is this and how do I fix it?
  6. I'm looking for an Orion mod with an SLS (as says the title) and I can't really find much to my liking. Anu suggestions would be good and if there is a compatible Altair lander mod too that would be helpful.
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