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  1. i only found 2 benchmarks for this topic 5800x3d vs 5900x: ("craft explosions") https://github.com/xxEzri/Vermeer/blob/main/Guide.md 3700x vs 5900x3d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExjLSWCz3fA&ab_channel=ReidCaptain i was asking myself same thing, really hope they will optimize the physics engine.
  2. https://imgur.com/FsotWQf I have a mothership with three probes. I thought it used to work clicking "control from here" in the tooltip to select what side of the vessel will be controlled after seperation. of course it could be one of my mods... is anybody else having this issue? P.S: the 'same interactive vessel' button doesn't do anything either Edit: i think i found the culprit... i was using docking ports as seperators. changing to stack seperators fixed the issue.... but knowing this i was not able to make it work with the docking ports (tried all the buttons in their tooltip)
  3. fantastic, must have mod! thank you so much!!!
  4. is there a trick to prevent it from clearing your target when you left-click one of the buttons quickly?
  5. the staging gets screwed up pretty frequently for me, i think it's almost always fixed by pressing space twice - still pretty stupid that the game doesn't simply activate the last stage that only has parts that were not activated before it seems like the game goes by ids and counts down some integer instead of dynamically looking what the last stage is and just activating it. but i knew people would immediately jump in and tell me all these things were not so bad. the point is that this is not a very polished experience tbh it's far from being polished. and i didn't even mention the borked physics, unusable airplanes, mods getting broken with every update, bad graphics, balancing, unnecessary loading times etc. these were all real issues that could easily be polished. no idea why you are defending the current state or tell me its my fault. and to be honest some of your workarounds are really ridiculous.
  6. - there is no way to tell the game what part will be controlled after seperation if you have a drone mothership. you can bind "control from here" to an action group but that doesnt do the same thing as clicking it in the tooltip and you couldnt bind it to a specific stage anyway. the only way is doing it manually. - when bruteforcing timewarp (spamming the button) while entering the influence of another body, the game might get confused and you wont get the predicted result path - kerbin -> mun -> minmus -> ... who in their right mind would say "eve" in this order? - when rearranging stages in flight or manually activating some, you cannot activate the next stage with the space bar - when you have any tooltip or context menu open, all keyboard input gets ignored.. often causing you to miss the right moment to cancel acceleration or timewarp - your landed vehicles start jumping when their physics get enabled (and even if they just jumped by 1m/s, since they are suborbital now they will get destroyed when you leave (eg. to space center) that moment) - it's insanely difficult to select one of two very close vehicles in the orbital view (making switching vehicles very annoying) - the manuever planner should also show the next orbit's intersections as this can often be a huge hassle - please add radial seperators that don't leave behind any weight on either side - gamepad support is pretty awful https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/207229-gamepad-support/ - atmospheres dont dampen signals https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/207222-atm-occlusion-setting-pointless/ i know "gamebreaking" might be an exaggeration but the sum of all these problems can create a pretty bad experience
  7. - to change your keybindings, you have to quit to the main menu (!) - i couldn't figure out how to bind both my analog shoulder buttons to stepping up and down acceleration because the game recognized both as a single trigger. (ds4windows pretending to be an xbox 360 controller) - different profiles for airplanes and spaceships please
  8. riding the frisbee - survive a reentry while performing an eva
  9. less read-only properties. let me just edit data of a contract when i access it...^^ simplicity is key, even when they still use c# and you have tons of unity dependencies, i had a really bad time figuring out what contract the player is currently looking at something like lua might be better though, so modders don't have to recompile their mods for almost every update...
  10. you mean like some kind of "ingame event" ? how would you time such thing? since ksp involves a ton of timewarping... i like the idea of bringing more "real life facts" into ksp though.
  11. update: it seems like there actually is a bug or two: the atmosphere occlusion modifier only gets applied when you enter a vessel, you won't see an immediate effect if you are already flying something. also: when i set it to 10% (what cancels the connection to my satellites), i still have a 3% signal to my carrier. but when i set it to 99%, i loose that connection - while my satellites work perfectly when they are in range. edit: the tooltip says it's applied on the "size of the object"..... kinda doesnt make any sense, why is there no setting for how strong atmosphere is dampening the signal?
  12. i tried playing with the atmosphere occlusion modifier but it didn't seem to do anything. thank you for the mod suggestions, i'll take a look into them,,,
  13. in ksp 1, the signal was completely unaffected when passing through atmosphere. (except when you went fast enough to cause a plasma failure) it would be cool if the signal got dampened when it passed the atmosphere. i'd also suggest specialized antennas that can penetrate atmospheres better, so you have more reasons to use orbital satellites. (just atmosphere/interplanetary, not as complex as the real antennas mod) while you're on it, please include the overlay from the "antenna helper" mod tbh building a satellite network is my favorite task in ksp1
  14. since i misunderstood the whole plasma thing from the beginning, i guess just as it is now. i just hope they take atmosphere into account in the next game (when you are not under plasma). it seems crazy that they simulate that but not the general atmosphere dampening
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