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  1. Ok I figured it out. Thanks for trying to help ^-^. The fairing was to small. But I fixed it by moving the eva chair so that the bottom barley sticks out of the fairing with out expanding it. This allows the kerbal to be occluded along with the chair. Tho also another bug is that quick saveing and quick loading in occludes the kerbal. Idk if actually expanding the fairing this time will fix it or not but I'm happy with this so far. Also if anyone else wants to attempt a mission like this using juno engines to get to orbit. Use oscar tanks instead of cubic struts to attach engines and air intakes. The cubic struts generate more drag even when it's nodes r occupied than the oscar tanks for some reason. I'm still having a bit of trouble getting past the sound barrier but this helps a lot. Also why did squad make the aerodynamic system so janky!?
  2. I found this when trying to replicate bradley whistances minimalist moho mission. Kerbals in eva chairs generate drag even when in a fairing. It seems to be a bug. Is there any fix or work around for this? In the original install I tried to do this in I had mechjeb, kerbal engineer, and some visual mods installed. I don't think any of them would affect them but either way I tried it on a fresh unmoded install and the same issue persisted.
  3. I never saw that on the far window, I'll have to look for that. I'll have to check it out, sounds promising. Accurate description. Thank you, you have answered my questions and now all I have to do is pray to the almighty kraken and the unity physics gods for safe flying.
  4. Thanks for the info but I still have a few problems. First of all I have installed KJR. What is DPCR, I looked it up but I don't think the answer I got was the right one? I know this but, how though. Do I simply have to slow down a bit before turning? I thought this might be a solution but is this the best one? Also you said "flaps, slats, and variable wing geometry can help with this to a point" but you didn't mention what types of flaps, slats, and wing geometry can help. Or am I just clueless and you just mean to use swept wings and bigger/more flaps? Thanks for the suggestion I will check it out, looks good. I am using realchutes but when I land at >80m/s and I use the chutes my craft usually begins to turn and roles off the runway. Is this normal and its just the the ksc's runway is to small? Because when I did this in stock ksp this didn't happen. Also speaking of KSP's wheel physics is there a way to make your craft not bounce or begin to spin randomly when landing. Also I am having problems with the small landing gear parts even in stock. When I use them it's like there is a bump in the runway and it causes the craft to bounce up when it hits it. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me? Thank you for the replies and sorry for the long response and the 5 million more questions.
  5. I am new to far and I have seen many tutorials and explanations for far but none seem to answer the questions I need answers to. So now I am here. Also these problems don't occur with just one craft, they occur with all crafts I make. 1. How do I make a craft that can land at low speed (80m/s and under) but also not get its wings torn off when maneuvering at high speeds? When landing at low speeds I can't pitch up enough to lower my vertical speed (I use the vertical speed indicator in kerbal engineer to help with landings, very useful). What ends up happening is that either I bounce off the runway then crash or the runway explodes. So I figured that this was a lift or/and not enough flaps. So on may of my crafts I tried to increase the size of the wings and/or increase the number of flaps or the size of them. Which worked but now all of my crafts explode or/and get their wings torn off at high speeds. So how do I balance them out? 2. How can you figure out if and at what speeds your craft will have its wings torn off and how to prevent it besides making the wings small (if that is a solution, I am not sure)? I am asking this because it is really hard to make a high speed craft if you have to launch your craft, get up to a high speed, turn, and then get your wings torn off everytime you make a change. Is there something in the far info screen, if there is I haven't seen it. 3. How do I make my crafts stop oscillating or "wiggling" when cruising at high speeds? Do I need more reaction wheels or is there something I can do design wise to make it stop. Thank you to all that help.
  6. I have already tried that and I can confirm that it is not better time warp causing this.
  7. In my 1.7.3 modded install when flying an SSTO when ever I have a trajectory to intercept any body in the game and I time warp the intercepting periapsis changes from any where between 40km to 200km or more depending on the body. This is really annoying and I would like to know why this is if that is possible. I have also determined that this is a mod issue, not a stock game issue by removing all of my mods and trying it then. Which worked normally. But I can't figure out which mod is the cause. At first I thought this was a problem with Interstellar Extended which is why I made this post: But no body responded and I have now determined that it is not Interstellar Extended. At least I believe so. Which is why I am making this post now. Here are my logs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WnishSS5k9PgsgRXS7n9Q0e6sxsqH7Du https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y2aUo8kiwO3rS96Sy8oBCOg6p7f0HaZQ https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xDqfHH_o4AW8Y6jwsedRlIgtBYllJoRj https://drive.google.com/open?id=16dN9jUFAl0om52x0H-5OONtaVHJdQ-8e Here is also some pictures showing the issue, my mods, and the SSTO I am using: The SSTO: Gamedata Folder: Before maneuver: After maneuver: After time warp: Thank you to anyone that can help!
  8. KSP Version 1.7.3 For some reason when I have an encounter with a moon/planet and I start to timewarp the periapsis changes from anywhere between 200km to 240km. When I remove Interstellar Extended the affect drops down to almost nothing. I know that this is a lot like a stock game issue where your trajectory changes when you start time warping (Yes it has happened to me before in stock) but, in stock the bug rarely happens and is usually the change in trajectory is very minor unless you are encountering certain objects like Gilly, Minmus, and Duna for example. But on my modded install it happens 100% of the time when encountering any object (I have mostly tested this on the mun but have also tried it on Minmus, Duna, Sarnus from opm, and jool(The affect is multiplied when encountering gas giants)) and a change of 200km in periapsis when encoutering the Mun is a lot more than the normal stock bug. Prove me wrong if I am but I think this is mod related. Mod list: OPM USI suit Extrasolar FAR Mechjeb Kerbal Engineer Remotetech Interstellar Extended KWRocketry Kerbal Alarm clock module manager Kerbal Reusability Expansion B9 procedural wing decouplershroud b9 part switch kspAVC b9 aerospace legacy rcs build aid community techtree scatterer EVE EVA Follower Stock visual enhancements Capcom transfer window planner hanger extender lithobraking technologies near future solar navhud near future spacecraft near future launch vehicles near future iva props real plume real chute smokescreen tarsier space technologies xscience sciencealertrealerted KIS KAS Also I can't post the logs at the moment as I am busy right now and I am posting this on a different computer than the one with the modded install. I will post them as soon as I have time. Does anyone have a solution?
  9. I just tried it again with that smokescreen version. It still lags when below 8 km on duna. I am going to move this discussion over to the smokescreen forum when I have time, I am kind of busy with school at the moment. Thank You for your help and this is a great mod by the way.
  10. I just tried installing the 2.8.13 version of smokescreen but its not working. The game acts like it was never installed. Could this be a version issue as I am playing in 1.7.2 and the mod version is in 1.9.
  11. Thank You, I'll look into it. You make amazing mods by the way I am shocked with how good everything looks and works in your mods. You have done an amazing job.
  12. Hey quick question but is there anyway to make the Rhea Command pod from Near Future Spacecraft and the probe cores from Near Future Launch Vehicles work with Remote Tech? If there isn't that is ok I just see it as kind of cheaty that they work with no delay and without connection to the KSC so early into the tech tree.
  13. Just to be sure you want me to install the 2.8.7 version of smokescreen not the 2.12 version as I don't see it listed in ckan and you have the 2.8.7 version highlighted in the screenshot. Tell me if I am wrong but I think that was a typo. Also do you want me to send over all of the logs again like last time?
  14. Sorry I took so long to reply. I have done the experiment and the same thing as usual happened. It lagged to unplayable levels at below 8km on duna. I don't know what I am doing wrong, I guess I can't use realplume. Sorry I tried. Here are the logs plus one because I wasn't sure which MM log you wanted. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LLt9JG8veU2CV4FtFj7evE0bXSEE0aek/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SQyEBFc8QibWBx3EWw-vd_HUGByykGuf/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/13p9coopdTED58h-5D9NQhKSYdycpsU8D/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1r0IzNL-V8Z2b7Ox6c-Tn8IiItc_9da1H/view?usp=sharing
  15. Oh well sorry for bothering you I guess I can't use real plume. But, I would like to try one more thing before I give up though I need some info first. So, before I posted anything I tried to do a few things my self. One of them was when I uninstalled real plume with ckan and then uninstalled ckan and downloaded a new ckan (This was done on another copy of my game for safety). I then reinstalled realplume and tested the situation again. Apparently it fixed the lag but it also deleted all of the plumes on all of the engines. Now I know it probably (somehow) fixed the lag due to there being no engine plumes but on the off chance that that's not the case I would like to do the same thing but without uninstalling ckan and reinstalling it my self manually. But, I would like to know if I would just get the same result or that it might cause other issue, etc, before hand. So if you have anything to say about this it would be helpful. And after this, if it still doesn't work out I promise I will stop bothering you, sorry.
  16. Sorry I took so long to reply I got slammed by school. Here is the new log. I did check it is different now (I think). Also yes I was getting the wrong log. I was getting it from the KSP_Data folder in the main game files. sorry. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QFG5pv46Oy3svAGonfBt-Y18xqb39pwI
  17. I just tried the same thing two more times and have compared the two logs to the last and they are identical to this one to. I am not sure what I am doing wrong for the logs. I load up the game to the main menu. Then I loaded my save file, then I loaded my quick save were my duna ssto is aerobraking into orbit/landing (it somehow does this all in one). I then go down to past the 8km mark with physical time warp. Then I kill physical time warp and as usual the fps drop to sub 5 fps shows up. I let it go for a bit to try and make sure it would show up in the log (I don't know if that helps anything). Then I pause it and exits to the main menu and after a long load time I quit the game. I promise you I am not making this stuff up to waste your time. And from what I can tell the only thing that fixes the issue is removing your mod and smokescreen (although I really want to use your mod and that is why I am still here). I could be wrong though as I don't know much about modding and the log and the game file and ex. The only thing I know for modding is downloading and installing ckan and then letting it do the work. But, from every thing I have tried it all points to your mod. I don't know why or how but I know your mod is doing it. I don't mean to be rude if I am but I assure you I am not making this up and I love your mod and I want to use it. Sorry if I was being nosy, sorry I didn't compare the two logs which are different logs but with the same content for some reason, sorry if I am adding to your busy life, sorry if I am an idiot, and sorry if I am being overly apologetic and weird. Also could the log issue be connected to my fps drop?
  18. Sorry if I am being nosy but are we still working on my issue or have we stopped because your as clueless as I am? I have already sent you the new log file as you requested. Also I am not making this up this is really happening in my game. I enjoy your mod and wish I could reinstall it to my save but every time I do the same issue appears. If you can help I would be very grateful but if you are as clueless as I am on the matter, I will understand as well.
  19. I am as stumped as you are about this. Here is the new log file. I did as you asked. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1T_iL9-e6DTfxJod3EHjwKoPADAjlL7VR/view?usp=sharing Also, a bit more information I just saw if it helps: When you enter the atmosphere with physical time warp on the lag doesn't happen until you kill the time warp. Then it goes back down to 5 fps. Just so you know before I posted anything on this forum I tried removing and replacing all of the mods I have. And the only thing that got rid of it was removing real plume and its dependencies. I put them back in and the drop to 5 fps happened again.
  20. If your referring to real plume it was installed. What I did was immediately after I loaded my career mode save was loaded I opened a quicksave with my SSTO aerobraking and deorbiting at duna. Then I waited until I was below 8 km to see if the lag came up again. Which it did, then I quit out of the game. I don't know if that was the wrong thing to do. Please tell me if I am wrong. The engines that were on the craft were 8 nervs, 18 to 23 rapiers, and 3 radial aerospikes (for "VTOLish" assisted style landing). The reason for the amount of engines was that it was a MK3 space plane with science equipment and space for 15 crew. Also I don't know if this helps but, I have landed on Duna in this save in this install of KSP using rockets only. In my tests though the fall to 5 fps below 8 km only happened when I had wing parts on my craft. I don't know if that helps but hopefully it does. Also, incase you ask I don't have any mods that I think would change the aerodynamics ingame like FASA. Also I don't have any part mods other than Mechjeb and Ampyear so no modded wing parts.
  21. I think the log is on public now. Also, here is the MMPatch.log and the modulemanager.configcache. I think they work to now. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KP-pVjPr18JMnO8wawfj2merS4sUzvGW/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k37vXiaO1mwinUJWIiuDuRBYlZdqYNwL/view?usp=sharing
  22. Sorry you are so busy and sorry for giving you more stuff to do. I think I know where the modulemanager.configcache is and I will post it and make the log public as soon as I get home from school today. Also I don't know where the MMPatch.log is. Sorry I am new to KSP and Modding. Also I don't know if this information would help but whenever I removed real plume vessels already in flight before the removal had there nerv engines half covered in there shroud which are impossible to get rid of. Also when I tried manually installing real plume along with smokescreen and the stock configs, all engine plumes were gone. Even the stock ones. I don't know if that helps hopefully it does.
  23. I actually figured out what was causing the lag in another forum post. Apparently it was real plume. I am contInueing the discussion on Zorgs Real plume mod post to try and fix real plume.
  24. I just tried installing it manually to no avail. For some reason there are no plumes at all now. help please
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