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  1. And then have Colonies and Interstellar as paid DLC.
  2. I know, it's just so agonizing to be where we're at, in regards to the game. At least, it is for me. Colonies was the main thing I bought the game for. New parts and better graphics were brought into KSP1 by modders. A Colony Editor, and Spacedock? That was what I really wanted from KSP2. Multiplayer never interested me. Interstellar would have been nice, but something of a pipe dream. Colonies were what I really wanted. The only thing worse than having the game cancelled before we got there, would be to have the game cancelled when we were so freakin' close.
  3. I imagined news of all kinds in the leadup to this. Good and bad. Amazingly, absolute silence was not on the list.
  4. May 16th, huh? Well, it's the first indication from anyone of a specific date when we might hear something official. it's even fairly close. I'd like to think that if it was dead and buried, then at least someone over there would make a tweet before they turn out the lights. If they're dropping it, then our guys have until the 16th to shop it out to a new studio before it's officially dropped. Presenting the fans with a fait accompli has happened before in this game's development. We live in hope, but I dread to think how toxic and hate filled the community may become over another week of silence.
  5. For over a week, it comes back to the same problem: We don't have any information beyond a tweet and and a news story. The only thing that's come out since then are goodbye messages from two or three people. No disrespect to them, but that's about individuals, not the project, or the rest of the company. There's clearly a reason they aren't telling us more, and the only reason that makes sense to me is that something is still 'in play'. It's frustrating, but to me, no news means there's still hope.
  6. If it's over, we never get Colonies. Hand on my heart, I never cared about resources, multiplayer, or interstellar. Colonies I was looking forward to more than normal. Even if we can reverse engineer the graphics, music, anomalies... we'll never have stock Colonies.
  7. It's not mine, but I had to share this. All glory be to AnimatedK
  8. Yup. That's why I'm not angry about any of this. As bad as it is for us, these guys are playing for their livelihoods.
  9. The previously announced update is still coming. My hope is that we'll get more information at that point, or soon after. This *might* all still be in play. They *might* even be handing off production to another Subsidiary, or even another Developer, like they did a few years ago. My guess is the reason we haven't heard anything is because the Devs themselves don't know yet. 70 layoffs are announced, but how many of them have been decided? How many of them have been told? We can't expect them to tell us what they don't yet know themselves.
  10. All the news sites and all the social media, and pretty much half the traffic on the Forums/Discord for the last day and a half has been based on the same three facts. We've gotten exactly one tweet from official KSP channels. The uncertainty is driving everyone to assume the worst, and in the absence of anything to contradict it, it just sounds more and more likely. That being said, we can't be sure of anything yet. If the Devs knew anything for certain, they'd tell us so, if only to kill gossip. Sooner or later, we'll know everything they do.
  11. I'm Choosing to hold onto the 'Still Hard At Work' tweet until we hear otherwise. My thing is this: Are all the people who put their reviews through the floorboards on Steam going to update them back to the way they were if this all shakes out okay? Because right now, the Steam Store Page is a sea of Red Marks.
  12. If memory serves, this kinda chaos with the parent company has happened before. We all thought KSP2 was going to be cancelled then too. It's a truly despicable process to have people lose their jobs and find out about it from the internet. So far we're hearing from people who *have* been laid off. I'm content to wait and hear from the people who *haven't* been before arranging the funeral. We live in hope. But I will say this: I'm hoping there'll be a Dev Update PDQ.
  13. External Pressure isn't part of the game. Just atmo-temp.
  14. We knew it would be incremental. We know there'll be another between this and Colonies. "Soon" is a relative term, especially around here. The steps don't have to be big, they just have to be in the right direction.
  15. Much Obliged. Turned out I had almost 800 quicksaves stored up in that campaign. Workspaces are there too. Means when i start a new campaign for Colonies, I can bring my already tested craft over with me.
  16. I've been noticing a framedrop when I quickload. It would make sense if it was this, since quicksaves and autosaves are all included in the list. Must be hundreds of them by now. Anyone know where the saves are located in the file manager? It'd be a hell of a lot faster than going through the menu and deleting them one by one.
  17. For me, the time when I started investing time in gameplay was the Science Update. A few mods for Maneuver control and an Alarm Clock, and patience enough to close/reopen the game have taken care of most of my problems with playing this game seriously. It's close to KSP1 parity as it is. Colonies will be icing, because it's the only thing I wished I had in KSP1 and never got. I was actually shopping for KSP1 mods to provide Colony Mode when KSP2 launched.
  18. Also, remember that they announced Science Mode a month before it launched. Factor that in however you like.
  19. It suggests the progression continues with the new Releases. Rockets gets you orbit. Orbit gets you interplanetary. Interplanetary gives you landings on other planets. Landings give you Colonies. Colonies get you Resources from Multiple Worlds. Resources gets you an Interstellar Craft. You fly to a new system and land, you return to Point A and start building again. And Science Points is the currency that unlocks each step on that progression. And if Colonies are saved for Tier 4, then it means they're likely following the 'Game' Progression of: "Do it for the first time, which is hard. Do it three times to get good at it. Then you Unlock something that makes it so easy you only need to worry about the next level." A 'fly and forget' model that will make automated flights easier to live with in 0.4. This also gives me hope about refuelling, even in a small colony.
  20. Okay. So I've been experimenting with 'Kerbal Movers' for the Eve Mission, and Future Colonies. Spaceplanes have been the bane of my existence in this game. I've never managed a SSTO that works in atmo, and vacuum. Not even in KSP1 have I managed it. Yesterday I came up with the Mk3, which wouldn't even get off the ground. So today, the MK-4. Now I know what you're thinking: There's a hole in that plane. But it kept the weight low enough. The 'Passenger Module' up the front can fit 20 Kerbals. 16 Passengers, 4 in the cockpit. Jets and Hydrogen engines are the most efficient in the game. Using the girders instead of a fuselage, I was able to lay some small methane tanks down the middle. The question i had to ask: Why do I even want air-breaking jet engines, considering this is going to be primarily a spacecraft. The answer, of course, was for landing, back on Kerbin. But it has to fly first. It was weaving back and forth on the maneuver node for the last of the flight. With the hydrogen tanks emptying out, it was too 'front heavy'. It used almost all the fuel the thing had, but I got to a circular orbit of 120km. Finally achieved the goal that's been eluding me for hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay across the entire franchise. And amazingly, as I was looking at the view, I had notes for the MK-5. For instance, I didn't need the shuttle passenger section. If I used the smaller 4 seater sections, I could have secured them in the trusses, and mounted them further back, the way I did with the methane tanks. Solved the weight and the balace with one change. (Smacks forehead) Duh. But, this is proof of concept, so I keep going. As well all know, the only trick of spaceflight in KSP is getting off Kerbin. Long have I used 'Drive Sections'. An XXL Hydrogen tank, with a Hydrogen Engine. Standard Drive Section for all my interplanetary transfers, but this one is modified with a L-Sized Methane Tank on top. The reason for this is two fold. 1) It lets me refuel the jet engines, as well as the Rocket engines on my Spaceplane when they dock together. 2) It extends the medium docking port out forward. You can't really see it with the SWERV engines blazing so brightly, but between them, on that truss, is a Docking Ring. It took a stupid amount of effort, but the docking is complete, and the plane is fully refueled, witha drive to push it out of Kerbin's SOI. I'm going to make a run for Eve, eventually. I might save that for the MK5 after all. But in the meantime, a version of this craft is going to be making landings on Duna, Ike, Gilly, Moho, and Dres, as well as the Moons of Jool, to gather samples taken, and return them back to Kerbin. Remember what I said about how the 'Transfer Stage' is standard issue, for all my flights to other planets? That means I've got hydrogen tanks floating in orbit around several other planets and moons, waiting to pass on their remaining hydrogen to this one. And with that, the return flights can finally be made. Once I kick out the Eve passengers, I can load up the one-way trip Kerbalnauts, leave the landers and labratoies behind, and bring them all back in this passenger jet.
  21. Well, there's always the '10 Kerbals to Eve and Back' mission.
  22. All good points. I need teachers, more than I care to admit. Most Spaceplanes I've seen are long and thin, and mine is short and wide. The thing is, I really want to keep the docking port in the centre rear. I plan to dock it with a 'drive section' for a Grand Tour. With the exception of Eve, the only thing the jet engines are useful for is getting off Kerbin. I'm giving serious thought to just mounting it on a rocket booster. It's just infuriating that I can't seem to make an ssto successfully.
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