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  1. I thought this mod was causing me massive stutter at high speed and low altitude, because of my GTX 1060 6GB VRAM being close to full. The issue was caused by TUFX Ambiant Occlusion. (preset from Astronomer's Visual Pack (also, disable their chromatic abberation, who use this crap in 2023, makes everything blurry) The more zoomed in on my spacecraft, the worse my fps get. When really close, I have like 5fps and stutter ... But at +50m away from spacecraft, I have 45-60fps. I would advise anyone to stop using AO from TUFX for everyone without a RTX 4080 ^^ The AO isn't even that precise and good tbh. I would probably try MXAO from qUINT in ReShade, as it's way more precise and not that heavy in term of perf. Now I can finally enjoy Parallax + Scatterer + eve redux at good speed.
  2. New AO has insane perf usage. With astronomer visual pack preset (so AO quality 3) I have 5fps when I zoom really close on the base Aeris plane (small craft).. I get 20 then 45-60fps the more zoomed out (+50m) my camera is. (Not more bc I use Parallax and I have a GTX 1060) If I disable it, I have 45-60fps regardless of camera zoom on my spacecraft. I get that AO is expensive, but from 50fps to 5fps, there's something really wrong. Also zooming shouldn't affect it that much (10m away =20fps vs 2m away =5fps, being farther having more perf makes sense though) imo all presets should make that disabled by default, bc most users can't use it at decent speed. Also it's not even the best AO out there. I bet MXAO from qUINT with ReShade looks better, if it works with ksp.
  3. Thanks for looking into high VRAM usage issue. There's a lot of stutter for me when flying fast at low altitude and more trees etc get loaded and rendered. But doesn't happen as much on planets that just have parallax and a few rocks there and there. Feels like every tree being loaded is actually reloading the entire texture and model into ram to vram, instead of reusing the data already there, idk tbh
  4. On another note, It works well, really well, but I have a lot of stutters because my 6GB of VRAM are full I use AVP 8K +43k clouds addon. I can see that AVP textures are basically just Skybox ... No need for 8k... I'll try 4K and with/without cloud addon to see VRAM usage. If you have any idea how to reduce VRAM usage Also looks like enabling in-game AA produce weird white dot on grass. Or at least happens when you disable then enable it while flying. edit : Ok so don't use ModOrganizer2 with KSP ; I have random mods files/folders disappearing ... (their VFS is cool for Skyrim modding, but that's all) How can your mod (+ Restock, Scatterer and EVE) uses 6GB VRAM ?? (deleted AVP entirely, I don't even have any EVE configs (BoulderCo) at all) Running this mod on a "GT 960M" like you say, is just wrong. At least since 2.0 (and if you use ultra quality (why would you use anything else, this mod add tesselation, that's like the whole point?)
  5. So the error message is caused by Distant Object Enhancement (DOE) /L, removing it remove the error message. Though, as I said above, I tried with only your mod (+ Kopernicus and ModuleManager obviously), and it still doesn't work.. Here's a log with just your mod : https://we.tl/t-c3838mAbQi I was able to use your mod a while ago (pre 2.0) and I had 0 issues, on a large modlist, with same HW. Any idea ? In any case, please add in your post that "Distant Object Enhancement (DOE) /L" is incompatible with Parallax (and Restock apparently) EDIT : Ok, I don't know why, but ModularFlightIntegrator.dll was not there ... ? I reinstalled Kopernicus and now it works... FML
  6. Hey, My game tells me that your Grass.dll file is not compatible with the version of my game ... I don't get why. Latest Steam version, verified files. All settings at max (except light cascade whatever) Also the rest of the mod doesn't seem to work ? ksp.log : https://we.tl/t-yBPPZAK8kC (too large for Pastebin ...) modlist : (I tried with only your mod too, no changes) R7 3700x, GTX 1060 6Gb Thanks for your awesome work
  7. Looks really good! The only thing that "bother" me is that the textures of building looks like plastic (well it's the case for every building in the main game also) Would be really cool if it could be compatible with Textures Unlimited, but I guess it would take a lot of time to redo basically everything. I'm thinking of the polished metallic look that this mod adds to some parts (I don't even know if this mod is compatible with building, it's designed for parts AFAIK)
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