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  1. Yeah nah I got JNSQ and that ruined my plans WAIT KSP 2 WAS MY CHANCE NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  2. The image should sufficiently illustrate the problem, I used CKAN to download the mod, and i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the mod but I don't know what other ways I should use to fix it.
  3. if I were to do this on kerbin At 8km I would need to maintain a speed of 10.4 km/s . . . what have I signed up for?
  4. I’m gonna try this. A very high-up launch clamp, a bunch of seperatrons to get it to a very high speed very fast and then a vector abusing KAL.
  5. My bad amigo I haven’t been here since the first KSP2 trailer was released
  6. I got bored doing one of my contracts. I decided to try to do the bridge run, but realized that it had much less clearance. This was the best I could do. I challenge all other kerbonauts to do the R&D Level 2 bridge run. Do the full one, and i’ll make you a badge with MS paint.
  7. I have EVE, AVP, Scatterer, Planetshine and Restock+ and waterfall. I notice other people’s games have trees and rocks and stuff other than the breaking ground surface features, but none appear in my game, and planets and moons look barren without them.
  8. It’s not as big as one and it’s really not an osprey in any other way than the tilt-wings but y’know https://youtu.be/BLYRMc8BTMw
  9. Some of the engines you use most in Restock+ got the most dramatic modifications, meaning the stock plumes which waterall changes do not match up with the nozzles at all, making poodles, mainsails and a couple others just SUCK. I don’t want to suffer with them both, but I don’t want to get rid of either. So yeah . . . title. or . . . I noticed the little tab on the right. Could I use that to mess with the plumes and make ‘em fit again? or . . . could I delete the restock+ engine retextures for the ones that get messed up and have the stock poodle and mainsail back? Is that possible?
  10. I realize now my go - to would have worked, I was just using the wrong fuel tanks. I’m dumb
  11. I’m doing a science mode run and already spent all my science points. The Mun would be my next destination. After a couple tests, I realized my go-to science mode Mun lander wouldn’t be able to biome hop, so I decided to do an Apollo-style with a really beefy lander. Except I didn’t have a Mk2 Lander can, so I needed to improvise. And so I improvised. His name is Timothy. Be nice.
  12. Made an X-15 or something like it. crashed it. SPIN.
  13. I decided to come back to the forums after a year. It’s just like I remember.
  14. I don't know what I did. I don't know how to fix it. Many parts are missing, most have their textures replaced. The thing at the top is a docking port.
  15. Good News: I got it working! Bad News: They're no longer working.
  16. Help I've watched so many guides I can't even add a couple visual mods
  17. Flew my first mission on PC. I still don’t know what the small throttle adjust/throttle all the way down buttons are so I did it all at full throttle.
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