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  1. This is a thread for independent project! Be it games, series, shows, etc. Here is the first in my series! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bIP_BVA2ghs&t=7s
  2. The main source of income for the project is still probably ksp sales; so open sourcing it could destroy that & dissuade people from getting ksp2
  3. As cool as I think this would be KSP1 is still most likely the main income source; this would bottleneck any future KSP2 development.
  4. Add your rules to ðe list please.
  5. Don't forget to add ðem to ðe list! See, ðis is muc better now, zylophone is spelled much better, and cax looks Kool now.
  6. Side note, make sure to put all ðe rules in ðe same place so if ðe rules get really high we can use AI for simplicity and because reading hundreds of rules is hard(people seeing ðis in ðe future will thank me)
  7. ADD THE RULES TO THE LIST IN THE SPOILER ON YOUR POST. The rules are simple, you start by adding a rule to the new rule list and follow all other rules and the new ones I will add the first: Make sure to include ðe character you added if you added one so people can copy it!
  8. Deddly wins Rock-paper-scissors-shoot, anything you want to do!
  9. M. Russell Ballard passed away last night. https://www.ksl.com/article/50784094/president-m-russell-ballard-of-the-quorum-of-the-twelve-apostles-dies-at-age-95
  10. 1: 100% robotics 2: some sort of monetary system for trade and construction 3: life support, A built in planetary system/mod editor 4: VR builder and flight, a programming system for automation 5: planet and system discovery with telescopes and other instruments 6: more wing customization i.e. bending them halfway through up down sideways ya know the works 7: A way to turn off that infernal PAIGE Like I get it my 4 hour mission fail stop being so condescending and snarky 8: cities where Kerbal live 9: Kerbal being awed when around a planet with stunning visuals. 10: caves and oceans to explore
  11. Share your Halloween costumes! Here is mine:
  12. I can feel my frame rate dropping.
  13. I think it would benefit the forum if we had the ability to add reactions other than just likes to posts, I think it would be beneficial to the over all dynamic. It doesn't have to be many but I think, especially for more serious things, liking it feels awkward, if we try to show support for something. For example if an update is delayed when you like the post are you liking that the update is delayed or supporting the devs?
  14. I came back to the forums...
  15. Ryaja

    Shower thoughts

    People with short arms have an advantage in arm wrestling, the shorter arm acts as a shorter lever which favors strength rather than distance. Peta in a nutshell?
  16. Reading old forum posts and getting nostalgic for a time on the forums before you even joined:
  17. This is awesome, I've been waiting for this as career is my favorite in ksp and so this should come close(an actual career mode with money would be cool but that can be modded in.)
  18. I just got my first few images, I think they are pretty good! I used a t3i a star adventurer 2i and a sigma 70-300mm lens. https://astrob.in/gpssgx/0/ https://astrob.in/tsonfj/0/ The second is a gif, click the link above it to see the animation.
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