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  1. Please continue to make more of these. Excellent presentation, was very understandable. I thought the level of depth you talked about the physics and mechanical elements was great. Moving forward please maintain or go deeper on these subjects, don’t back off.
  2. The new closest approach icons for planets are much easier to understand at a glance, love it! Before I would have to double check I was correctly reading the matching icons, now it’s blazingly obvious what I am looking at. great job!
  3. Built an oversized multi-stage lander to the mun, had trouble landing because when the legs extended (THE NEW LARGE LEGS!!!) it would throw the ship into an uncontrollable tumble unless I time warped while the legs where extending (which just reduced the tumble to something manageable). Made a successful landing with the LG sized ship, planted a flag and then went back to Kerbin. Almost made it sadly to the ground, but then the capsule just got suck in the air at about 10,000m, but the menu said I could recover the vessel, so that’s what I did. Overall, a terribly buggy experience but it was a blast. A lot of the new little changes, sounds, engine exhaust and flame out/on animations and more just made it exciting.
  4. I am excited for colonies and the improved UI.
  5. But these aren’t the final hardware requirements, this is just for this 0.1 early access. Yes most of us will struggle to run the game, me included, but as it is optimized it will get easier to run. We just have to tough it out for awhile until things improve.
  6. Will purchase day one after work, hopefully it won’t take too long to download. Then I can spend one glorious Friday night pretending my body can handle staying up to unreasonably early hours without feeling like I’ve been run over by a truck the following morning. (Oh to the have the invincibility of a teenager again)
  7. Pretty sure that I remember hearing some of the solar panels will be procedural, opening up a wide range of possibilities and sizes.
  8. … picks up PA mic… Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that the hype train has only three more scheduled stops at the Monday station before EA. Wishing you all the very best in making it through another week of work or school.
  9. I noticed that too, it would be great if we can close them after landing in a situation like this for aesthetic reasons. (Maybe you already can in ksp1, I haven’t played for several years)
  10. According to the steam page there will be “More star systems and hidden anomalies” in addition to what is already listed in the roadmap. My guess is these will be at least part of the unknown roadmap. Very excited for what possibilities will be delivered as part of the “hidden anomalies” ….. rogue planet, worm hole, the occasional interstellar whale ….. opps, pretty sure that is spelled with a k, khale.
  11. Fairing are great and all, but this is much more emotionally satisfying. I hope it isn’t too much to hope for procedural bays!
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