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  1. These look fabulous! Anyone know if there will be one for nuclear pulse?
  2. Maybe this will tell me how to install lazy orbits.
  3. Disregard. Fixed the problem by logging into the launcher.
  4. Sure. I made a large rocket and went to save it. It said something about overwriting but it had said that the other times. When I went to load a different ship, It was no longer there. Due to autosaves of the rocket, everything had been overwritten. Not sure if I need to log in w/ my private division account to have more than 5.
  5. Why am I only able to have 5 saved ships on KSP 2 steam edition? I have a friend who has the same problem for KSP 1 steam edition. Wondering if this is some sort of feature or a bug that needs patching.
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