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  1. There is an experimental planet pack currently available. It's BepInEx based, just extract it in your game folder after installing BepInEx or SpaceWarp. More will be coming soon hopefully.
  2. A demo of the custom planet mod is available now. It doesn't allow for creating your own planets, but showcases one I made myself. I hope allowing new planets shouldn't be too long, but I will be quite busy this next week.
  3. I didn't try, but axial tilt is just one of the fields in the planet data struct, so I can't imagine it's difficult to do.
  4. I have successfully created a new planet, got to it, and landed. Full custom planet mod shouldn't be long now.
  5. I've successfully moved bodies around the system, and created new ones that are copies of existing ones. So it shouldn't be too far away now.
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