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  1. New to the forums but I made most of these during the first few days of launch. So for Ive built the Su-27, Su-33, F-4E Phantom II, Mig-21 Bis, Mig-29S, F-18E Super Hornet, Ho-229, E-3 Sentry AWACS, Ja-37 Viggen, SR-71 Blackbird, RQ-4 Global Hawk, and X-3 Stiletto. Most of these with exception of the SR-71 were build with 2D schematics for reference so they are mostly accurate visually, I scaled them based of the canopy size so again, most of them should be about the right size compared to one another. Plan on making more in the future hopefully with each being more and more accurate to the original aircraft. Atleast for the the F-15C/E, Mirage 2000 C-5, An-225, KC-135, and many more are on the list. Su-27 Su-33 E-3 Sentry Mig-29 S F-4E Mig-21 Bis Ja-37 Ho-229 RQ-4 F-18E X-3 Sr-71 [and a U-2 that accidentally got deleted ;(]
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