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  1. Hi I am having an issue with KSP 2. When trying to use Maneuver nodes, The orbit lines always show crashing into the planet of Kerbin. This is incorrect as I can use the engines to raise my altitude in a vacuum by doing the maneuver without the node. I am using ion engines to get to Jool and am already in orbit around Kerbin. and am fully out of atmo. Without being able to see my trajectory with nodes I have no idea how to get to Jool. What is going on and how do you fix?
  2. Same here. Hopefully you find a fix. For the rapier engines me won't do anything when in closed cycle once you leave atmo they burn fuel but no thrust. But in atmo they work fine.
  3. I am having an issue with the game. I do have mods installed. The issue is that when I try to take a space plane to orbit it just falls apart when at about 20,000 meters. The ship I have tried is a space plane with hybrid jet engines. The plane is has struts and works fine in low atmo but once the jets don't have enough air and switch over to the rocket mode the plane rips apart. Standard rocket Rockets work fine. I have tried with no mod as well. Same issue. What is going on?
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