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  1. Hello there! I'm working at KSP mod that allows a player to upgrade parts. How to increase engine thrust by 15% or set a new value? Same with electricity generator. At the same time, also reduce fuel flow by 10% or set a new value. Here's an example: Basic engine Improved engine Thrust (kN) 200 230 Fuel flow (u/s) 16 14.4 EC generation (u/s) 10 12 Hope this information will be enough. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  2. Hello! I'm making a plugin and I've run into another problem. I want kerbals to turn into tourists if a player doesn't pay them a salary. How can I do this? Thank you for the answer
  3. Ok, I got it. Anyway, how can I know if the game was saved and then save mod settings into save file? And also load settings when loading save. Please reply ASAP, I wanna create my mod in a few days. Thank you.
  4. I worry about the file name because I'm making a salary mod and I'm afraid players will be able to bypass it. For example, a player quicksaved a game, paid to kerbals their salary and then quickloaded and saved funds. I'm new to mod development, so I don't know literally anything about saving data. Also, if a player loads a fairly old save, all settings should load too.
  5. Hello there! I'm making a plugin for KSP and I've run into an issue. How to get the save file game was saved to, like quicksave.sfs, persistent.sfs, etc.? For example, some settings need to be saved to SFS file, and when a player loads some save (persistent, quicksave or other), they'll need to load too. GAME { (some game stuff) } MY_MOD { param1 = 1 param2 = Some Parameter param3 = true } Thank you in advance for your answer
  6. Well, I've just solved my issue. I used HighLogic.CurrentGame.CrewRoster.Crew to get a list of kerbals. Anyway, if there are good answers here, I'll be glad to read them.
  7. Hello there! I'm writing a C# plugin to make player pay salary to kerbals. I'm new to plugin development, so, I don't know most of things that devs can use. Well, how to get a list of all kerbals and then get their roles (Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, Tourist) and XP levels? Thanks in advance for your reply
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