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  1. I just update KSP and my mod... I'll find time to test this week end !
  2. I try to play with the land_atmosphere function now
  3. Great ! Is it possible to have, once the body is fully scan, the geo on mouse over ?
  4. ok for the alt calculation, Thx for adding comment Alt seems OK ! The time to burn is not Ie : Mission: To Minmus! t: 52:06 body: Kerbin msl/ter: 200.43 km /200.18 km atm: (in space) v: 1,868 m/s Node Burn: 0.0 s (41.1 %) dV: 0.10 (41.3 %) throttle: 0.01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- eject at phase angle 114.7 ejection angle -1.0 dV: 844.93 m/s Maneuver: dt: 15:41 dV: 844.9 m/s stages: 1 burn: 49 s burn: 49 s stages: [#1 dv: 845 m/s t: 49 s 1x Methalox] Burn is planned in 15:41, but we miss Minmus. If I use MNC to adjust, it's more 14:20 to enter SOI (without changing the dV needed, with circular and good inclinaison 6° starting orbit)
  5. Thx, I'll try to undestand the math I'll test today i think. It's just a feeling, but, all node is not as precise than KSP1
  6. yep, i see the soi_adjust, but even at 1, I do not see anything better const t = Transfer() t.planTransfer(mission,"Minmus", 1) const n = t.getTransferNode() mission.addManeuver(n) mission.burnNextNode()
  7. Is it possible to add the coord of the mouse when we are on the map ? it can be use full to plan our landing site
  8. It was not intended ^^ I try to go to minmus (from a circular orbit in the same plan). For now, i have a issue with the planransfert. It's too "short". I try to compare it with the intercept from the basic .to2 I'm not used to do this sort of math so first i have to understand ... i make go and back from the docs and the scripts
  9. I just change the landing site to the monument, and it's just crash on it . (just a probe ^^) I'll try with Minmus
  10. thx I can play with now... VScode plugin is very helpful
  11. Hi, How do you use the code done by @appenz ? Kontrol system was not able to start with ... I'd like to try to do some scripts, but if I'm not capable to simply use one, it will be hard ^^ Thx ;)
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