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  1. Any info on what Unity version KSP is updating to in 1.4? :-)
  2. 55fps max with a three part craft, when i unlock the unmodded version I'm getting over 100, seems a little off. As a soft dev, i'd have to mark this as a problem! EDIT: I'm more than happy to mark this as my hardware getting old, but there's no way a 30% increase in CPU usage is realistic, and it seems others with similar configs are not getting this problem :-)
  3. Lets not ignore the fact if Obama said it, this thread would contain discussions on how we could do it, rather than why it's stupid.
  4. Here is an album link to an EVE on/off - it's the only mod installed here (might want to open each pic in separate tab and zoom - couldnt display CPU data on OSD: You can see a small bump in GPU, 10-15%+ with EVE installed, but CPU being used a LOT more (1GB RAM increase seems normal). Am I just having to face the fact is the CPU is getting a bit too old now?
  5. GTX 1060 6GB, older i5 3330. GPU usage never goes above 50%, however at certain angles (horizon really stood out) the CPU usage can double/triple. I'll do some more testing when I'm home in a few hours. It really made frames tank, and I had to uninstall :-(
  6. Hi Waz, Am I going mad, or does EVE cause some crazy crazy CPU usage when looking at the horizon? Going from ~15% usage to 65+% CPU usage making frames tank. Problem isn't present without EVE installed, GPU usage always below 50%. Cheers
  7. @Waz Disabling layerVolume helped - managed to consistantly pull 60fps below the cloud layer, however as i went above it GPU usage stayed under 70% (CPU and RAM both roughly 50%) and frames dropped to 40-50fps. If there's any other info/logs that you need i'd be more than happy to help, or accept that this is normal! Thanks for your work :-)
  8. I'm struggling to pull 57fps (i5 3330, 750Ti) at the space center with only this installed - is this normal? :-)
  9. If you look at the steam hardware polls, this thread didn't need to happen - amd's market share has gone down the toilet - their cards don't have much place in the markets and their APU's are meh. Of course, this could easily change, and i'd like it too - nvidia are coasting right now.
  10. There's little to no point in having more than 4 cores for gaming, and currently the majority of +4 core 'gaming' pc's are sucky 8*** chips
  11. You're really a power user then, what makes me go crazy is an average gamer buying it, and never going above 6 or 7! People using 30gb of ram actually makes me happy.
  12. I honestly don't care, I don't see why it needs to change. Also, Americans wont change to metric so good luck.
  13. Linear


    Previous generations haven't been a million miles away, and the a9x is a good improvement upon their own hardware so I don't see why it would be far off, the 'shop display was impressive, yet their price point is still too high.
  14. I do compare it to the price of E:D and go 'ehhhhh, this is getting iffy', I really don't think another price increase is fair without a substantial update, but the current price is fine.
  15. Linear


    iPad Pro would probably be fine, I imagine it sits somewhere around the same performance level as a high-i5 to i7 surface, which runs KSP 'okay'. - - - Updated - - - Be realistic, you most probably could. The new ones are effectively surface tablets which run the game. Coming from a non-apple consumer, just somebody who reads device specifications.
  16. 20 tabs, edge is using 250mb. I can't see why you'd ever need 32gb for even heavy gaming unless you're photoshopping a 1000000000mp picture...
  17. porting to more systems --> terrible ports --> I would rather not write this, but we all know games like this. And how it ends.
  18. 70% - agree that most features are in, but I think there's a good amount of time that needs to be spent on polishing, finishing main features and adding smaller ones.
  19. This would be my suggestion. To be honest, I'm struggling to see how FT are going to simultaneously develop the three ports (okay, It's Unity, but still) without significant help from the KSP development/testing/experimental(?) team. And if they do do it themselves, I am worried. Saying this just in case Squad want to do something else. PLEASE DON'T. NOT YET.
  20. Tri-core under developed processor with 2gb memory, running a game that's struggled/failed to keep to 60fps on modern core i5 desktops with 4gb+ ram, unless U5 is a crazy performance, it must be a very different game. As much as I'd hate to see that.
  21. Wow, game must be really well optimised to run on that piece of crap. Congrats, Squad/FT! :-)
  22. If this saves a lot of time, then great - but I can't say I prefer this.
  23. Why on earth would you need it with dds textures?!?!?!??!?!?!?
  24. People hate change. OP: I would recommend learning the new aero system. I know, it takes time and isn't fun for a while - but when you get it down, it's amazing.
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