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  1. Ancient athens was a republic. They also got killed, and it wasn't till thousands of years later that democracy was given another chance. It is GOOD to be the king.
  2. I've talked to spambots that were more convincing than this. 2/10 Can a machine write a symphony? Can a machine make artwork? Problem is, most humans can't do those things either.
  3. Long live the king. *pushes everyone else over the edge*
  4. I still have archives of several old versions, including 0.13, 0.18, and 0.21 iirc. At the time we didn't know when an update would break our mods, so it was important to save a copy of the game and all of the mods used with it in order to write down the designs of old craft to re-create them in the new version. Would have to look at exactly which versions I have, and what mods I saved to go with them.
  5. The king has returned. All your memes are belong to us. I stood upon this hill many years ago and I stand upon it again.
  6. Banned because pictures of steam locomotives do not even come close to how amazing it is to see one in person. (I saw Nickel Plate Railroad 765 when it came near where I live earlier this month. AMAZING sight)
  7. Wow. I think this may be the first time in several years that I look in here and the hill is actually more or less intact despite being fought over. Don't mind me. I'm hiring Jeb and paying more than you do, then enjoying my time launching model rockets off the hill.
  8. Banned because I could tell you stories about way back when the bans were so real.
  9. I've not liked the MK1 ever since 0.16 or so. The user below me remembers what KSP was like 2 years ago.
  10. Granted, but its incredibly buggy and only operates properly for 2.25 seconds before destroying itself. I wish I had a freight train.
  11. Mind sharing some details? Any limitations on what we're allowed to use? Also, unless the standards for submitting challenges have changed it'd be helpful for you to show pics of your own attempt at achieving this. I'll look into it as well, using the mothership + landing miner approach.
  12. Putting an LV-N on the frame designed for my ion powered plane resulted in a very quick liftoff at about 30m/s, mind you an LV-N and 400L 1M tank is a lot heavier than an ion set. I think the issue is drag. The new parameters mean that you have to do everything you can to keep drag to a minimum. Edit: Ion powered flight IS possible once you get off the ground. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/44251225245006344/539F923052B81DB620AB99E5E35F4E19A9FB60BC/ I piggybacked this one using a jet-sled to place it at 15km, and once I got a feel for the controls have it simultaneously gaining speed and altitude. Just at ground level, the max thrust of the ion engine is not enough to overcome the drag of the wing and get it above stall speed, even if there was nothing else attached based on my stall-sled tests. Under the new aerodynamics model, airfoils must exceed approximately 20m/s just to support their own mass let alone provide any lift to a load, while the best ion-only drives I've seen are unable to exceed approximately 10m/s on the ground. I think my next attempt is going to use an ion-powered catapult to try and accelerate the craft up to liftoff speed, but even then it will quickly slow back down and stall on ions alone I think
  13. What's confusing me is the new aerodynamics- I need to figure out how much wing is required. Previously, my single engine craft was capable of leaving the ground at a mere 10m/s, although so far I haven't been able to get past 7m/s or so on the runway. I'm not ready to give up yet, but this is going to take time to figure out the new flight dynamics. Gotta take this one step at a time. First we have to figure out how to leave the ground again.
  14. I used the larger parts with the intention of keeping my parts count down, since I am still used to flying using the power of potato batteries. Also I was under the impression that there are no truely massless or dragless parts anymore, but perhaps that hasn't quite yet been fixed. I've been out of the loop for a good long while after all. So tonight I'll make a few changes and see if I can do better. But that trick with the gigantor is really convenient for people using a lot of engines, since as long as you retract it before making sudden moves you can have a ton of power supply in a compact space.
  15. There's a bit of an issue with this challenge as well. Unless it has been fixed since the last time I experimented with ion-powered planes, all control surfaces produce some infiniglide thrust. As such the scoring is a bit backwards. Having a reaction wheel probably shouldn't be a penalty, while having control surfaces probably should be due to the free thrust they produce. Here's my go at it. Note that my craft contains a reaction wheel in addition to the pod torque, but does not have any control surfaces- this flight is a flight purely using solar-ion propulsion. Album Link with additional in-flight images Prelaunch: Cruising Speed: Landing: Yes. the solar panel is intact. That trick with the solar panel is something I had figured out a very long time ago, I think it was 0.21 or so when I last experimented with solar-ion craft. What I found was that as long as the craft stayed within 15 degrees or so of prograde, the gigantor panel could be dragged along like so and would not break. So I couple that large panel with a decent sized battery bank, and I end up in a scenario where I launch the craft and reach cruising speed on battery, then extend the panel to recharge. If I need to maneuver any more than trim, I fold the panel again to protect it. Although I certainly didn't get best time, what I have here is a single engine craft with a launch mass of 2.8 tons and a top speed of 35m/s Reaction Wheel: -5 = -5 Two-Legged: +5 Single Engine: +10 Max Speed = 35m/s, = +35 Mass: 2.9 tons / 0.1 = +29 Time: 18:27 so 20:00 - 18:27 = 1:33 thus +6 for time Xeon Master: +3 Total = -5 + 5 +10 + 35 + 29 + 6 + 3 = 83
  16. Banned because you should take the time to give yourself a sig and avatar.
  17. Granted. It won't have a playable FPS until sometime around 2025 when computing technology has migrated to the next big architecture and there is enough CPU power to solve the N-body problem 120 times per second. I wish I had a vacation home on mars.
  18. Banned for not being fluent in the binary language of moisture vaporators.
  19. 2. I wonder if we could at least get 1-5 down without interruption.
  20. Banned because apparently the post of a former moderator made all the active duty moderators come out to ban me. Hats off to you guys. You have a lot of work to do. Edit: Wait what why is my name green I thought I resigned last year.
  21. BEHOLD! For I have risen from the ashes buried beneath the hill to reclaim that which is rightly mine! The hill, in all its grassy crater-pocked goodness of ye olde days, has been restored to the ownership of its rightful lord Odin. Shake in fear before my wrath.
  22. Granted. But its a region locked copy and you don't have a device set to the right region to play it, thus making it effectively useless. I wish I had a time machine.
  23. I rise from the abyss of the forgotten to strike you down with a mighty ban of ancient wisdom and forgotten memories.
  24. 1. The beginning of a very important luggage combination.
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